Is A Fraud That Tricks Men Into Upgrading To A Paid Subscription

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  • $1.00 for a 3 day trial membership to this site.
  • $34.95 for a month subscription to this site.
  • $74.82 for a 3 month subscription to this site.
  • $107.70 for a 6 month subscription to this site.
  • $155.40 for a 12 month subscription to this site.


  • My Home Page:  You can get access to the whole site from the home page.
  • In Box: You can read all the emails through this section.
  • Online: See who is online at the same time that you are.
  • Search: You can search for women based on a number of criteria such as age, location, etc.
  • Profile: You edit and update your profile through this section.
  • Live Cams: See women nude through the live cams section of the site.


This site is associated with, as well as which a few months was fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and then settled for $616,165 because of their use of fake dating profiles to lure men into buying membership. Surprisingly seems to be running the exact same con even though they got a $616,165.00 fine! Read the full investigation below.


This site uses fake automated emails and the site send those emails to members who have a free account. When we tried to reply back to the fictitious emails we were informed that our messages were not sent and we needed to upgrade in order to send any private messages. So far we have received 24 email messages (see evidence below), all of them are completely fake. The email messages are used as a deceptive marketing tactic to trick you into upgrading and purchasing a paid membership. As we mentioned you cannot send or reply to any emails on the site unless you have an upgraded account and this is why they send out fake emails. You could be in a town of 100 people and you will still receive countless emails from attractive looking local girls (all of them are "Virtual Cupids" of course). This just proves that this site is a complete scam and the emails are used to get people to upgrade so the site can make millions of dollars off of gullible men.

fake emails

(winks we received from "Virtual Cupids")


Every single email we received was sent from a "Virtual Cupid". We received 24 emails and every girl that sent us an email had the exact same small logo that is is shown below in a Red Square. That VC logo signifieds a "Virtual Cupid".

What Is A Virtual Cupid?

The number one reason that this site uses fake dating profiles aka "Virtual Cupids" is because this site does not have enough legitimate women who are looking to meet up with men. A dating site doesn't work too well if there are no women on this site so to make up for this problem the site simply creates fake profiles that uses images of good looking girls, fake location, fake age etc. This makes it appear as if the girl is a real person who is seeking to hook up with men when she is really doesn't even exist as a member of the site. The truth is that there are very few real women who are registered members on

As part of the evidence we have included just three of a fake profiles (see evidence below) that sent us email messages. As you can clearly see in the Red Square every single profile then emailed us has the VC logo. This signifies that this is a fictitious dating profile that has been created by the site.

fake Virtual cupid



This site admits to creating fake profiles and all the evidence is available for you to read on the terms and conditions page located here. We have included the most important of the terms below.

A breakdown of what a "Virtual Cupid" is according to the sites terms and conditions page":

  2. The VC services may include the posting of information, pictures and communication directed to the user, Member and/or Subscriber's Account. Such messages may take the form of any communication currently permitted on the Website.
  3. You further acknowledge and agree that any information or pictures displayed to you via a VC's profile does not relate to an actual person.
  4. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that, the VC may contact both free Members and paid Subscribers via text based communication either within the site and/or via email notifications.

Hosting Server Info:



  • Address Of Host: 215 W. Ohio St 5th Floor Chicago IL 60654 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,,,,

Contact Information:

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Station House, North Street, Havant, Hampshire, United Kingdom, PO91QU
  • 33 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2BR
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

This site is run by the same crooks who own and still run and, 2 well known scams.

Search For Women

If you want to search for real females, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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