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Website Details:


  • 200 coins costs you 9.
  • 300 coins costs you 19.
  • 900 coins costs you 49.
  • 2000 coins costs you 99.
  • 6000 coins costs you 199.


Are you looking for an honest review on you've come to the right website then! In this investigation we break down all the reasons why you shouldn't trust Juicy Fling, why it's not a legitimate dating site and we also give you all kinds of proof that shows you piece by piece why this is the truth.

Juicy Fling Is Connected To

The first thing that we realized is that is connected to a few fake hookup site called, and FoxyOnes. This is a website we reviewed a few weeks ago and both sites look exactly the same. These are identical websites owned by the same people, both sites operate exactly the same which is fraudulently.

Fabricated Messages Used To Mislead Members Into Buying Coins

One of the main methods used by fictitious dating services to make money is to send you fake computer-generated messages. This website is sending people pretend messages when they join their website. They even admit to it in the terms and conditions page where they state that they use fake "system profiles to communicate with users on their website". That information is found in the terms and conditions page. We've done hundreds of reviews and two things fake dating sites always do is create pretend dating profiles and they send their members computer-generated fictitious messages. When we say "computer generated" we mean that messages on this website (and hundreds of other fake dating sites) are sent and created by automated software programs called bots.

 Below we've included a screenshot showing the 3 messages that we received that we believe are bogus. First of all if you take a look at the profile pictures of the women sending us these emails they have images of themselves in lingerie and in some instances nude. This is odd in our opinion. Why are random women in lingerie and nude sending us emails?. What women would do that? We never spoke to these women before, we've never sent them a single message ever but we are to believe that these females are sending us messages for no reason? It's a little bit ridiculous if you think about it.

If you've ever been on other websites like PlentyOfFish you will know that you never get emails from women on the site unless you make the first move. Even then women are bombarded with hundreds of emails per day and you might very well not get a reply back.

This is why we believe that the emails are fake and are being sent via phony women that are actually bots. Why would women in lingerie send us emails? We think that the website is behind these emails and they send these messages to deceive us into buying coins. Communicating on this website isn't possible unless you purchase coins.

(A screenshot of fictitious messages that we received.)

Why Would Any Women Contact A Guy Who Has No Photos On His Profile?

Why would any girls initiate a conversation with a man who doesn't have any photographs in his profile? The first thing anyone does when doing a search on a dating site is to look at dating profiles with photos. If there's no photos in the profile you just go on to the next profile (that has photos), correct? It's very strange that we would get messages from women scantily clad in lingerie meanwhile our profile doesn't have photographs in it. What reason would women who are half naked have to contact us? If you think about it logically it really doesn't make any sense. Like we've already said if these were real women they would be getting hundreds of emails every day so they wouldn't have to bother emailing our profile which has no pictures in it.

Would you ever contact a girl who doesn't have any photographs in her profile? No of course not! You would just go on to the next profile with pictures in it. It's just logical sense.

(Screenshot of the empty profile page we use for this review.)

Fake Profiles Using Stolen Photos From Porn Sites!

One thing the website does admit to is concoting virtual female profiles. In the terms and conditions page of the website they state that they may use "system profiles at their discretion to communicate with users to enhance their users entertainment experience". What this means is that they create fraudulent profiles that are used to communicate via fake email and instant messages with real members on their website to entertain them. Fake profiles are used to send phony messages to entertain people. Do you now understand why this website is a scam?

Below you'll see circled in red 3 different examples of fictitious profiles that we found on the website. These are far from being the only ones. These are just a small sample of who knows how many bogus dating profiles on JuicyFling. Below the photos we've included links where you can see those exact same photographs on the original websites. These are the sites where the images have been stolen from.

How it all works is this. They take pictures of attractive looking women, many times nude or in bikinis or lingerie. They copy those images and save them to a hard drive and from there they create fake profiles on their own dating site. Then when you as a real user go to the site and do a search these fake profiles pop up and you think these are real women looking for sex. The truth is they're totally phony profile pages created by the site.

(Screenshot of a fake profile using profile picture stolen from other websites.)


(Screenshot of a fake profile using profile picture stolen from other websites.)


(Screenshot of a fake profile using profile picture stolen from other websites.)

(fake profile using a photo of an amateur pon star.)


Any Evidence In The Terms And Conditions Page?

Below we've included the sentence from the terms and conditions page where they admit that they create fake profiles that are used to communicate with real users on their website.

  • We may use system profiles at our discretion to communicate with users to enhance our users' entertainment experience.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1-888-218-8610
  • Addresses: Svippy Limited, The Courthouse, Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone ME18 5BZ, UK
  • Email:
  • Online Form:
  • Billing Support:

Final Decision:

Hopefully you appreciated the amount of time and effort we put into creating this review on Juicy Fling for you. Do you have any thing to add or any information? If you'd like to post your own review please leave a comment below and we will add it to this report.

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