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Website Details:


  • 200 coins costs you 9.
  • 300 coins costs you 19.
  • 900 coins costs you 49.
  • 2000 coins costs you 99.
  • 6000 coins costs you 199.


If you're looking to get an honest review on, you're in the right place. We left no stone unturned, no holds barred when doing this investigation. We registered on Foxy Ones to see if the site was legit and what was really going on here. All the evidence, any type of information that we think you should know about is all available in the full report that you can read below.

The Site Admits To Creating & Using "System Profile" (Virtual Profiles) uses something called "System Profiles". This is the terminology that they give for fictitious dating profiles that they're fabricating and using on their own website. There is no way to which profiles are real and which ones are "System Profiles"aka fake profiles. That being the case we have to assume that almost every single female profile is in fact not real. We should explain why only female profiles are not legitimate. It's because on all hookup sites there are much more men compared to women. These companies build armies of phony female profiles to snare and bait men into joining their dating service. Without the phony profiles there would be no female profiles on Foxy Ones. They need to make phony profiles to make it seem like there's thousands of available women looking for casual sex and quick hookups (but there isn't).

 There's another reason they create pretend profile besides trying to fill up their website. The second reason is that they want you to try and communicate with these bogus profiles because you can't communicate until you purchase what they call "coins" with your credit card. This is how they make all of their money. It's in their best interest to get you to buy as many coins as possible. For the record there are hundreds and probably thousands of other fake dating sites doing the exact same type of deceptive business tactics.

 We know for a fact that this website is using "System Profiles" because they talked about it in their terms and conditions page in section 2.

Bogus Messages Used To Mislead People Into Buying Coins

We receive two messages from two different women, these messages are misleading and are used in our opinion to get people to buy coins. If you want to communicate with anybody on the website you need to purchase something called coins which allows you to send and reply to messages.

(Screenshot of the bogus message we received.)

(Screenshot of the bogus message we received.)

Our Profile Is Empty But Women Are Emailing Us, Why?

Take a look at the screenshot that we provided below. Circled in red you will see just a gray icon. This means that we haven't uploaded photographs on our profile. The reason we're pointing this out is because we still received email messages even though we didn't have any pictures in our profile which makes absolutely zero sense to us! Why would any women want to contact a man who doesn't have photos on his profile? The answer is that there aren't any female contacting us. The website is sending us pretend messages to make it seem like women are contacting  us in order to mislead us into buying coins!

(Screenshot of the empty profile page we use for this review.)

Negative Reviews From Real Users

 We're not the only ones that think that this website is misleading and deceptive. Scouring the internet we found many review sites that have reviews from FoxyOnes users. Below we've included screenshots of those real reviews to show you what others are saying about the website, and all of it is of course negative.

The first reviewer states that "Foxyones must be getting desperate. They have an offer of 300 coins for 6 pounds but it is just a way to get you in and scam you because they are fake. Fake fake."

( Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

This reviewer gives the website a one out of five star rating. He goes on to state that's its "a very glossy site… but it's just a money-making scam. Profiles are mostly enticing". He goes on to state that "I'd advise anyone to stay well clear, unless they fancy scrolling through a mishmash of fake profiles with most of the pictures obscured."

( Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

This reviewer call the site "totally fake all the women answer the samerword for word and will not take the chat further as they say they need to get to know you more plus I stumbled across a friend's picture and when I showed her she was mortified and is taking legal action as this site is full of fake accounts and Foxy ones do not care when this isn't mentioned. Avoid!"

( Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

This reviewer said " = Fantasyland. The same person chats with you under different names. They do anything to keep you staying there and keep chatting and pain. As soon as you ask for number or email it will be like all I need to get to know you and the language exactly the same across all the female users. The more attractive the picture the less likely it is genuine. Fact. Stay away unless you like being a citizen of Fantasyland." This reviewer gave the dating site a 1 out of 5 star rating  like all the other reviewers.

( Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

Fake Profiles Using Stolen Photos From Porn Sites!

Below we've included links to bogus profiles that we found on the site. We've included these profiles and we've also included links where you can see where the fake profile photos has been taken from. Warning many of the websites are adult image sites. This is just more evidence showing you that the fake profiles are using pictures of non-existent female members. They just go on the internet and grab images of attractive looking women and then make fake profiles that you think are real women looking for sex when they're not even members of the website.

Most of these women are adult porn stars, why would any adult pornstar join Foxy Ones? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever! But what does make sense is that phony profiles are being created using images of amateur pornstars (taken from porn sites) and then used to build fake profiles using those photos.

(fake profile using a photo of an amateur pon star.)


(fake profile using a photo of an amateur pon star.)


(fake profile using a photo of an amateur pon star.)


(fake profile using a photo of an amateur pon star.)


Other Sites Connected To This One

The company that operates Foxy Ones is called ChilliBoot. During our research we found many other websites that ChilliBoot operates. We are listing them just so you're aware of them if you run across them in the future. The sites include,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Okiidoki.comand many others.

Any Evidence In The Terms And Conditions Page?

In the terms and conditions page they admit to creating "System Profiles". System profiles like we've already explained are fictitious profiles that have been created by the website, they also admit to using these system profiles to communicate with real users of their web service. Everything you need to know is in section 2 of the terms and conditions page.

  • We may use system profiles at our discretion to communicate with users to enhance our users' entertainment experience.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Chilliboot Ltd., Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. England
  • Email:
  • Online Form:
  • Billing Support:

Final Decision:

Unfortunately from our due diligence and research we have concluded that this site is a misleading dating service. The fact that they admit to creating system profiles / fictitious dating profile should tell you all you need to know about this website.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Tech says: is the chat support for most of these site (like mysecretfling,,

    Note that men are NEVER talking to the same person. Its like a call-center, a message is send to multiple Moderator, the first one that reply to the message gets paid for it. They keep logbook of the target and moderator so to track what a moderator previously told a target (guy) so its it more believable. I can even provide you with a login if you want.

    The were recruiting me to be a "Moderator"

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