Red Alert Warning! Is Fake We Have All The Proof You Will Ever Need!

 Mar, 01 - 2018   8 comments   ReviewsScams

We've already done a full investigation into The purpose of this new post is to shine more light on this phony hookup site. We don't want anyone to get ripped off so we're creating a secondary warning as a red flag alert for every consumer to stay as far away as you can from this fictitious dating service.

XAttract is knowingly and systematically scamming as many web users as they possibly can. By using many deceptive tricks including creating an army of fictitious profiles and use of utilizing computer software bots this website has been created to scam you. There's no way you can ever meet legitimate females on the dating site because the whole thing is a rigged system of lies and deceit

This is indeed a massive scam and our short video explains exactly why X Attract is fake. We strongly urge you to read our full review which took us many hours to write that explains detail by detail why this is fake. Read the full detailed review here it shows you all the proof that you need about this nasty fraud.

Please share this video review on social media, help us and getting the word out about exit rack.Com so we can help our fellow internet users stay safe and not falling prey to online scammers

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  • Richard Dillon says:

    To anyone who happens to see this, pIease forgive the following angry statement I'm not trying to offend anyone. But seriously I wish there was a purge, so all the scum fuck piece a shits who creat fake dating sites would get tortured slow and die in agony. I will freely admit I got scammed by two different app/sites before I knew about them in 2016 and havn't been since but its still just as fucking annoyin having to try to joing a site then realizing every single site or app is a scam every single app you can find.

  • Cliff says:

    I got scammed byxattract too, countless broads wanted to meet me, then stupid me joined and tried contacting them but that was the last I heard from them.

  • Martin Stahl says:


    adultcrush and are all fake,bogus scam sites that are designed to take advantage of lonely and or sexually frustrated men by luring them in with hot looking women to get to them to suscribe and make those poor dudes part with their hard-earned money. Enough said

    • Peter says:

      Thank you for this post… you saved me more heartache and money..was about to join when it showed a girl from my area…i thought…..thank you bro !

  • steven says:

    I have to agree, i joined xattract amd granniesmeet, the 2nd one does not live up to their title, before i. Bought a subscription i was getting dozens of messages daily, when i paid for a subscription and replied to the messages about 75% replied back asking to contact them at myfreemail, citymail,and a couple of others that had been checked as scams the other 25% wouldn't reply back,some profiles have one location with their pic and another location in their profile, just too many red flags, even had one say they had a profile on another site which is full of women from the ukraine, the last person that contacted me, i did research on the message source, their domain was in dublin, why would someone in the U.S. use a domain from ireland? These sites have nickeled and dimed my account daily to where the bank froze my card

  • Peter says:

    Thank You Dating Busters … You guys deserve a Medal ! Thank You !

  • Joe says:

    I made the same mistake and cancelled. I don’t think Taylor Swift is looking for a date. I can’t believe they actually used an old photo of her and two other entertainers.

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