Our Review On MilfsUnlimited.com Explains Why We Don’t Trust It

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Website Details:

Why MilfsUnlimited Is Shady:

When we started investigating MilfsUnlimited.com we thought that we could give you a  comprehensive report breaking down piece-by-piece their fraud. Unfortunately we couldn’t even  gain access to the members area like all the other sites that we have reviewed. Milfs Unlimited doesn’t allow anyone into the members area unless they purchase a membership right off the bat. We’ve only seen this happen a couple times before one of the times was on a dating scam called BangLocals.com, and another site was called SlutIndex.com. Both of these sites looks similar visually to MilfsUnlimited. We have reason to believe that all three of these websites are connected together. And just like SlutIndex and BangLocals we can’t get into the members area of this website. In order to get into the membership area they want us to pay $39.95 per month! We can’t even take a single free peek into what we’re supposed to be getting.

(Screen shot of the $39.95 membership that you get charged right away.)

We Advise Not Use This Site

How are we’re supposed to review this website if we can’t even see what features or functionality or anything about the site has to offer? We can only conclude this website is a scam, we’ve never come across any legitimate dating service that asks to bill your credit card information immediately. This is only happen with known scams that we’ve already reported on in the past.

Something else to note is that we created an account on MilfsUnlimited.com then we clicked on “finish sign up” which took us over to a secondary page on a website called SlutConnect.com. This is where they wanted us to pay $39.95 per month.  We have added SlutConnect to the list of fake hookup sites since they are also involved in this fiasco.

 We can’t actually come out and say that Milfs Unlimited is a scam however what is the reason for asking for your credit card information even before letting the person look into the members area? There really is no reason unless you have either nothing to offer, or the whole website is a scam and you just want to make the $39.95 right off the bat.

We have to wonder how many people actually fall for this blatant scam since they’re asking for your card information immediately.

Other Scam Advisory Sites Agree With Us

According to scam advisory sites such as Scamner.com and also ScamAdviser.com they both don’t recommend buying on this website. And they stated that the website may be “related to a number of high-risk websites” most likely (SlutIndex.com and BangLocals.com).

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns-1349.awsdns-40.org, ns-139.awsdns-17.com, ns-1782.awsdns-30.co.uk, ns-881.awsdns-46.net

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Based on our own personal investigating, our opinion and the opinions of other website which we strongly suggest that you think twice before giving your credit card information to MilfsUnlimited.com.

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    Tendersingles & Tendermeets are SCAMS

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