Our Investigation Shows That OfferSupply.com Is Promoting 4Club.com, A Known Scam

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Website Details:

Offersupply.com home page


Offersupply.com is buying ad space on various adult chat sites such as Chatroulette.com. When we clicked on there banner ad we were met with the screen shown above. It says "You're lucky, at the moment registration for men is open for another 5 minutes and 41 seconds. (Please check back in June if you are late)." This is all a gimmick that is used to make it appear as if you need to act now! The truth is that they want you to sign up to their dating site, that's how they make money. If you don't join the site, then they don't earn a commission.

Offersupply.com is not the dating site, it's merely the site used to do the marketing for the dating service which is 4Club.com. No stranger to us at all 4Club.com has been exposed for being a con months ago, when we did an investigation into how their site operated.

How Does 4Club.com Con People?

I received numerous women who viewed my profile as you can see from the evidence below. This is all a trick. No one is actually viewing our dating profile on 4Club.com, it's a marketing gimmick. The marketing gimmick works like this, you think an attractive looking girl has viewed your profile so you check to see who it is from there you are most likely going to email that person back. But the trick is you cannot email anyone on the site unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. This is how the con works and 1000s of male members fall for this deception.

who viewed you
(fake views to trick people into buying a  membership)

The email receiver also for me. You can see from the evidence below that we received email from women who want to see our photographs and they want us to see their photographs. This is all a con once again. It's all based on you trying to communicate back to these users. When you try to communicate back you're asked to upgrade page and buy a membership. Its the same scam over and over and over again that trick thousands of men into upgrading on this site. No one is actually sending us those emails, its all automated using computer software programs. If you want to see other cons they use, read the complete review of 4Club.com here.

(phony emails from automated bots.)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:NS-600.AWSDNS-11.NET, NS-1492.AWSDNS-58.ORG, NS-133.AWSDNS-16.COM, NS-1834.AWSDNS-37.CO.UK

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 33.170377666
  • Address: Obfuscated whois Gandi-63-65 boulevard Massena Gandi-Paris, 75013 France
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

We can't recommend Offersupply.com since it's promoting known scams like 4Club.com.

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  • […] of dating sites from the same people that promote dating scams. The list includes StuntOffer.com, OfferSupply.com, YouGetLaid.com, Budbi.com and YeahWeWin.com. All of these sites are known to participate in […]

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    I want to 20 to 28 age. And I want hard furcked for that



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