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LustyCanadians The Deception Explained it’s not a hookup site to meet any real Canadian women because the website is all fake, it’s a scam! LustyCanadians has been created for one reason and that reason is to make as much money as possible off of your ignorance. They make money by deceiving as many men as possible into purchasing worthless credits.

At the bottom part of the front page of Lusty Canadians it states that:

“The service profiles are fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.”

(screenshot of the front page of showing the evidence of fake service profiles circled in red)

What does that tell you? They are telling you that the profiles on the website are fictional which means fake. Meeting up with the women on these bogus dating profiles for a “physical arrangement” aka physical hookup is not possible.

Why Is it Not Possible To Have A Physical Arrangement?

You can’t have “physical arrangements” because of course the profiles are not real! The photographs in the dating profiles are all attractive women but the females in the photographs haven’t actually joined the dating site. The photos are taken from other sites and then used to build fake profles.

What’s actually going on here is the people behind are the ones behind the faux profiles. They are the ones that created the hundreds of bogus profiles to make it appear as if the website has tons and tons of Canadian women looking for hookups. The truth though is that it’s all one big sham.

They go onto say:

“We firmly advise you to read our terms and conditions before using the service.”

In Section 1 on the terms page under definitions they talk about service and it says:

“The digital fantasy chat service for adults contains fictional profiles.”

You need to really look at the terminology that they use on their website. What is a “digital fantasy chat service”? is not a dating website, it’s a chat service to have fantasies on nothing else. There is a big difference between a real dating site and a fantasy chat service.

Under section 4.1.3  they want you to acknowledge that:

“the profiles on the website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible.”

They are admitting directly on their terms and conditions page that their site site does have fake fictitious profiles and the reason that these profiles have been created is simply for you to receive messages and to reply to messags from the fake female members.

(circled in red they admit the site uses only ficticious profiles)

When you join the website and you start getting messages you have to pay to read and reply to messages. You must purchase credits in order to chat with fake women that you will never meet in person!

And oo course they hide all the truth in the terms and conditions page where they know  99% of people will never go.

In section 7.1 it states:

“The service is a digital fantasy chat service for adults the profiles are solely provided for the entertainment of the user, this is not a dating platform and it is not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person.”

Once again they’re telling you this website is not a real dating site, it’s a fake digital fantasy chat service and you cannot meet the fake profiles in person for real life hookups.

 In section 7. 7 it goes onto say:

On one or more occasions digital fantasy profiles make contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further and broader participation to service. The messages may be transmitted to multiple users at the same time.

They’re admitting to the use of computer software programs to send people computer-generated fake messages. The phony messages look like they’re coming from real girls who want to hook up with you but it’s not the case. The reason they send phony messages is to trick you into upgrading. That’s what they mean when they say “to encourage further or broader participation in the service”. These messages are sent at the same time to multiple people! You think you’re getting a message from a girl who wants to have a casual encounter with you but that exact message is being sent at the same time to who knows how many other guys on the website.

I received over 100 email messages

I’ve got over 100 messages on Lusty Canadians, but now I know by reading the terms page that all of the messages that I have received are computer-generated (NOT real women). The bogus messages are being used to trick me into purchasing credits on their website . FYI, if I was going to reply to those 100 messages it would cost me $220.00!

(screenshot showing the prices to send messages to fake women)

I don’t have a picture on my profile but still I’ve got over a hundred messages. The reason is because they want me to spend over $220 to reply to all the fake messages that I received. Imagine how much money they take in if they get thousands of guys to buy $220 in credits to respond to phony messages! is associated with many other fake websites,,,, and all of which have the same exact front page and the same exact scam. Both operate in the exact same manner and are exactly the same cookie cutter website designs. The only thing that changes is the name of the websites. Stay as far away as you can from Lusty Canadians, it’s one big fat fraud.

How To Contact Them To Cancel Your Account Etc:

E-mail: [email protected]
Website Billing support: CH-Tel. communication
Phone For Credit Card Billing Questions: +31.20.5315777
Online form: 

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