Is Really A Legit Dating Site? Find Out In This Updated 2019 Review

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If you’re here looking for information on, you’re in the right place. We did a review in November of 2018 on this website. We joined Loving Feel so we could see if their site was a scam or if it was real. Part of the process is joining the site, reading through the terms and conditions page and documenting everything that we then post as a report on our website. In the review we explain why the site in our opinion was not real. From their on the their terms and conditions page they explained that they actually buy dating profiles from other companies called “Validated Members”.  The women that you see on the website are not real profiles in the sense that these profiles have been bought from another company. On top of that we highly suspect that the profiles themselves are simply created to lure you into using your credit card and joining their website.

The big question has anything changed in 2019? And our answer is NO. The website is still operating exactly the same. Their terms and conditions page reflects the same information as it did back in 2018. So if you want to know if you should join this website our answer would be no. But as always it is your choice what you do with your time and your money. If you want to see the review we did just last fall in 2018 you can click on this link and be taken directly to the original review.

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    • fbyvugbhkgnj says:



    • Nolan bolding says:

      The woman promise me they be here in October last year,2019, she toll me one of friend got sick, she promised she be here in February 2020 , I take week of work to meet her at airport did not show up

  • Danny m. Evans says:


  • Manolo says:

    I definitely agree that LovingFeel is one of the biggest scams of recent times. 

    Yes, a potential class-action lawsuit waiting for this new brave world.

  • Susan says:

    Do not download this Site!! I accidentally did and had to get all hell off my phone.

    believe me,it was not pretty!!!


  • Susan says:

    Do not download this Site!! I accidentally did and had to get all hell off my phone.

    believe me,it was not pretty!!!


  • nick ford says:

    I didn't even join the site! an I'm retarded! whats your excuse? broke, brick, brocoli, dog ate it?

    it dont matter! just stop! i already tried all the excuses… THEY SIMPLY WONT GIVE YOU A FREE PASS for any reason



    It' not funny! this is serious! 


    why cant we all just.. get along… i give up… ice cream but still just no hope  …. good ice cream, little tear'drop

  • Brad Coulter says:

    It’s not just a loving feeling. The loving feeling is pulling profiles from the same database as the Qpid network which has a family of sites, including Chardate which has duplicate profiles as a loving feeling. If you get on both sites, you can find duplicate profiles, If you bring them both up you will quickly see that you are talking to an operator and not the real person. In chatting with both they had no idea I was taking answers from one and posing questions to the other and they couldn’t match up the conversations. In addition to that Charmley and have duplicate profiles and are running the same scam. Every dollar you spend you will be flushing down the toliet.

  • Dr. Aaron Milavec says: is a scam. Granted it is a hightly professional and seemingly secure scam. In the end, however, my extensive study of the site demonstrated that is a scam.

    “Whether is a trustworthy dating site?”
    5/13/20 promises to be an ideal platform enabling Western men to date Asian women. profiles contain high-quality photos and videos. You are free to review profiles that include public images and personal details. Members must buy credits to view private pictures and videos.

    Female members must get validation status which provides assurances to the men that the pics displayed and the profile data are scrupulously reliable. This validation is optional for male members. Having been burnt by web sites that feature profiles of women who are inactive or even dead, it was a relief for me to know about their validation procedures.

    When I first set-up my profile, I received five invitations to chat and four emails within the next hour. In the days and weeks that followed, I received, on the average, eight new invitations to chat and four new emails every day. What I noticed immediately is the high quality of the email pics. Three out of four pics were the product of a professional studio. Each woman had between five and twelve pics. While the pics were very attractive, the profiles were thin and centered on standard biographical details. Room was given for a lengthy self-description, but I noticed that almost all the women avoided using this. The reason for this will soon become clear.

    This dating site requires that men purchase credits to participate. 10 credits for an initial email; 25 for subsequent emails. Chatroom participation is computed at 2 credits per minute. Initially men receive 20 credits free. From that point onward, one has to pay roughly 1 rmb for every credit. Women, in contrast, have no fees. [Note: exchange rate is 7 rmb per US dollar.] I soon bought 750 credits for $125. Overall, I would rate the endless nickel and dime fees as producing a pricy dating experience. Here are the current discounted prices:


    50 credits for 28.99$; discount price – 19.99$

    125 credits for 64.99$; discount price – 44.99$

    250 credits for 99.99$; discount price – 69.99$

    750 credits for 214.99$; discount price – 149.99$

    After one month, I had developed a strong attraction to one of the women. We shared a lot of personal history and arrived at the point when we were ready to meet. I commend the designers of this site for providing a safe mode whereby women have a safety net when it comes to dating. I vigorously oppose, however, the requirement that a man must have spent 3000 credits on a woman before he (with her permission) could discover her email address or phone number. My Chinese gf and I were ready to take this step after having spent 525 credits. At this point, we had nearly five hours of sustained chatting, and I wanted to introduce my gf to some of my short stories (since I am a writer and publisher). This was impossible. So I began to initiate strategies for giving my gf my private email address. The software successfully blocked all my attempts. In effect, therefore, this dating site requires that I spend $428 on my gf before I could give her my email address. Gasp! This can now be seen as a pricy experience. Be forewarned. The managers of this site intend to pick your pocket even if you don’t succeed in making a love match.

    At just this point, I received a racy email for two different ladies: Lishuang Wu, 33 [ #20780923] and Lu Lu, 39 [ #20038826]. Here was the content:

    We can try all the [sex] possitions together, and we will cuuum so many times together, we will have so much pleasure together too. That would be a wonderful life, do you think so? [The deliberate misspellings of sexy words is calculated to avoid blocking out such words by the software.]

    What caused me alarm is that both of the women used the exact same words, including the same spelling and grammatical errors. This requires some explanation, don’t you think?

    Explanation #1: Did LW [abbr. For Lishuang Wu] copy from LL [abbr. For Lu Lu]? Did LL copy from LW? Not likely. Neither woman had visual access to what the other was typing. All chatroom conversations are “private.”

    Explanation #2: Both LW and LL are living in Beijing. Perhaps they are good friends. Perhaps they decided to work on their dating site together in the same place. Perhaps LW wrote the text, read it to her friend, LL, and her friend asked to borrow it. So LW copied her text in an email and sent it to LL. LL then opened the email and copied and pasted LW’s text into her chatroom. What neither of them noticed, however, is that both of them were sending their shared message to the same person, namely me [aLong]. Explanation #2 is very conjectural. What is nearly impossible to contemplate is the improbability that they were independently responding to my chatroom input AT THE SAME TIME.

    Explanation #3: Did both LW and LL share the same list of 20 or 30 chatroom responses? If so, this could explain how the word-for-word text was offered to me by two women who did not know each other and surely did not work side-by-side. The directors of some dating chatrooms do deliberately circulate sample responses to their female clients. In other instances, the women themselves create their own lists by visiting other dating sites. Even if such lists were in use, however, it would be highly unlikely that two women operating independently would somehow select to send me the identical same response at approximately the same time [plus or minus 30 minutes].

    Explanation #4: Does hire women or men as paid “avatars” who stimulate chatroom exchanges by maintaining 3 to 8 female profiles at the same time? Dating sites who engage in this practice must, by law, alert their clients that such “avatars” are in play. I have not found any such admission on the part of But let us allow, for the sake of argument, that was willing to work outside the law and that one such “avatar” hired by them was assigned both Lishuang Wu, 33 [ 20780923] and Lu Lu, 39 [ 20038826] as their “fake identities.” The directors of could claim that both of these women have “verified identities” at some point, but, for one reason or the other, they left Rather than deleting their inactive identities, the directors of might have decided that it would be in their interest to assign such inactive “identities” to a hired avatar who worked behind the scenes to maintain their pricy communications with “fake women hiding behind verified identities.”

    If one looks at the words sent to me, it is clear that LW and LL were intent upon my “sexual arousal.” If you read my own previous comments to both of these women, you will not find me so orientated. Hence, since many dating sites do hire “avatars” to promote the sexual stimulation of their male clients, it is not unthinkable that might be tempted to do the same.

    It is furthermore quite possible that a lazy avatar would write a stimulating text for one client and then turn around and use it for three or more other clients as well. Since the men have no way of seeing texts written to persons other than themselves, this lazy “cut and paste” shortcut would never be noticed. However, a lazy avatar who was assigned both Lishuang Wu, 33 [ 20780923] and Lu Lu, 39 [ 20038826] as his “fake identities” might carelessly have sent the same identical words to dozens of their suitors and, in the process, they might have lost track of the fact that the same erotic words were being inadvertently sent to me [aLong] by two unrelated women: LW and LL.


    As it turns out, I am a professional investigator. I have spent four years investigating fraudulent practices used by dating sites, and I have published two books designed to give the average online dater the tools for detecting various forms of fraud and protecting themselves there from. In interested, go to True Confessions = or Mary Schuster Sex Slave =

    I came to with the hope of having a pleasant experience in meeting, in understanding, and in dating Chinese women. I am bitterly disappointed in finding that fraudulent practices have severely worn down my trust. Based upon my own personal experiences, I would judge that only 20% of the women’s profiles are legitimate and are being operated by the woman shown in the profile. My two favorite women were “online” in the chatroom ten hours every day. If they weren’t talking to me, then I must presume that they were communicating with other men. This was the case even when one of these women assured me that I was her “exclusive gf” and that she spent her days “constantly thinking of me.” Hence, even among the 20%, there is the suspicion that the women are not playing with a full deck of cards. My suspicion is that the management of offers women a portion of the fees being paid by the men; hence, even the “honest women” are being systematically corrupted by the system in place. Needless to say, I was not able to confirm this.

    When I did challenge particular women to post a pic of themselves holding a sign saying “aLong Woda Baobei” [aLong is my treasure]. This msg was in Mandarin so as to make it invisible to 95% of the men seeing it. Even my special gf was unwilling to do this as a favor for me; hence, I leave it to my readers to draw their own conclusions.

    Visitors by Country [from].

    Users% Pageviews% Rank

    United States 27.0% 19.9% 51983

    India 4.8% 9.0% 74668

    France 3.9% 3.9% 46753

    Brazil 3.6% 19.7% 33352

    Ethiopia 2.3% 1.1% 5023

    Bangladesh 1.7% 1.0% 14761

    Algeria 1.2% 1.0% 19178

    Indonesia 1.1% 0.7% 50106

    Egypt 1.0% 1.5% 36003

    Uganda 1.0% 1.3% 4450

    South Africa 0.9% 0.3% 59315

    Sri Lanka 0.9% 0.6% 11351

    Tanzania 0.7% 0.7% 7291

    Ghana 0.7% 1.0% 5456

    Conclusion: When I did searches for women, I chose “Chinese women” and received more than 20,000 hits. 96% of my emails received were from women in China. Yet, in the “Visitors by Country” table above, no visitors from China are even listed (meaning it is less than 1%). Something is wrong here. At least 48% of the visitors to this site should be located in China. But clearly they are not. The only way to explain this is to conclude that the vast majority of “certified women” are listed as being from China, but, in fact, they are not. They are from the USA or from India. This helps me understand why my two favorite Chinese women used and understood American slang so well. They WERE, in fact, Americans disguising themselves as “Chinese women.” I am living in Shanghai. I am sensitive to how careful an American must be when using English slang. I have a Chinese woman teaching me Mandarin who professionally functions to train Chinese teachers to teach English at the high school level. Her use and understanding of American slang is very limited.

    Better yet! Try using some Mandarin words in the chatroom. I dare you. Try asking your Chinese gf how to say “telescope” or “raining cats and dogs” in Mandarin. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.


    Aaron, Online Investigator of Fraudulent Dating Sites

    My email = *******

    PS: I just now did a Google search and found a site that provides a balanced and trustworthy confirmation of the scam being perpetrated by the directors: “ Admits To Creating Fake Profiles & Deceptions Exposed In This Review.”

    Lovingfeel.Com – Info receives about 10,859 unique visitors and 36,921 (3.40 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $118.07/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $48,181.59. According to Alexa Traffic Rank is ranked number 98,115 in the world and 0.00064% of global Internet users visit it. Site is hosted in United States and links to network IP address 104. 19. 177. 131. This server supports HTTPS and HTTP/2 [from].

    Email = ******* I just now did a Google search and found a site that provides a balanced and trustworthy investigation of the scam being perpetrated by the directors: “ Admits To Creating Fake Profiles & Deceptions Exposed In This Review.”


    Aaron Milavec

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