Is Really A Legit Dating Site? Find Out In This Updated 2019 Review

 May, 21 - 2019   10 comments   ReviewsScams

If you’re here looking for information on, you’re in the right place. We did a review in November of 2018 on this website. We joined Loving Feel so we could see if their site was a scam or if it was real. Part of the process is joining the site, reading through the terms and conditions page and documenting everything that we then post as a report on our website. In the review we explain why the site in our opinion was not real. From their on the their terms and conditions page they explained that they actually buy dating profiles from other companies called “Validated Members”.  The women that you see on the website are not real profiles in the sense that these profiles have been bought from another company. On top of that we highly suspect that the profiles themselves are simply created to lure you into using your credit card and joining their website.

The big question has anything changed in 2019? And our answer is NO. The website is still operating exactly the same. Their terms and conditions page reflects the same information as it did back in 2018. So if you want to know if you should join this website our answer would be no. But as always it is your choice what you do with your time and your money. If you want to see the review we did just last fall in 2018 you can click on this link and be taken directly to the original review.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Danny m. Evans says:


  • Manolo says:

    I definitely agree that LovingFeel is one of the biggest scams of recent times. 

    Yes, a potential class-action lawsuit waiting for this new brave world.

  • Susan says:

    Do not download this Site!! I accidentally did and had to get all hell off my phone.

    believe me,it was not pretty!!!


  • Susan says:

    Do not download this Site!! I accidentally did and had to get all hell off my phone.

    believe me,it was not pretty!!!


  • nick ford says:

    I didn't even join the site! an I'm retarded! whats your excuse? broke, brick, brocoli, dog ate it?

    it dont matter! just stop! i already tried all the excuses… THEY SIMPLY WONT GIVE YOU A FREE PASS for any reason



    It' not funny! this is serious! 


    why cant we all just.. get along… i give up… ice cream but still just no hope  …. good ice cream, little tear'drop

  • Brad Coulter says:

    It’s not just a loving feeling. The loving feeling is pulling profiles from the same database as the Qpid network which has a family of sites, including Chardate which has duplicate profiles as a loving feeling. If you get on both sites, you can find duplicate profiles, If you bring them both up you will quickly see that you are talking to an operator and not the real person. In chatting with both they had no idea I was taking answers from one and posing questions to the other and they couldn’t match up the conversations. In addition to that Charmley and have duplicate profiles and are running the same scam. Every dollar you spend you will be flushing down the toliet.

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