LocalAndLucky.com In Bed With Dating Scams Like BoneAMilf.com

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Website Details:

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LocalAndLucky.com is operated by the same people behind LocalSexToday.com. Sites like this continue to pop up because they are working. If you want to learn more about LocalAndLucky.com you can read the full review below.

What CheatWithHer.com Is All About 

The first thing I'd like to mention is that LocalAndLucky.com is not a dating site. This website is used to funnel web users to the actual dating site. You may have run across LocalAndLucky.com while watching adult videos. You probably have seen their banner ads and then clicked on one of their banner ads at which time you would have been sent to the LocalAndLucky.com website. At that point you will be met with a phony questionnaire. This questionnaire is all a marketing gimmick. The questions can be answered anyway you want and at the end you're always congratulated and then you are redirected to the actual dating site. This marketing gimmick makes you feel like you're special because you have gained entry and have been chosen to be given access to the dating site. Don't fall for this little trickery because it's just used to make you feel special and from there you will be much more inclined to join the dating site which is what their end goal is. The dating site in question is called BoneAMilf.com. We have done an extensive investigation and written a review on Bone A Milf and you can find here. Something you should know right off the bat is that BoneAMilf.com is not a legitimate dating site. It has absolutely no real female members, it is just the shell of a dating site and a very orchestrated fraud.

BoneAMilf.com uses a multitude of different techniques to deceive you, trick you and eventually get you to buy a membership on their faux dating service. Please read all about it so you don't waste time and more importantly you don't give these shysters your credit card information. Giving them your card info will then result in automatic rebilling every single month of a useless monthly membership to the BoneAMilf.com website.

How Does The Partnership Work Betwen These 2 Sites

We would like to explain how this all works and the connection between LocalAndLucky.com and the site they are promoting which is called BoneAMilf.com. These are two different entities working together to achieve a financial goal. Local And Lucky is being used to direct people to Bone A Milf . The people who own LocalAndLucky.com use their own money to purchase banner ad space on adult video web sites. Since they are using their money to purchase ad space they want a return on their investment. Their goal is it to get as many people as possible to register and purchase a membership on BoneAMilf.com. LocalAndLucky.com is responsible for getting people to the phony dating service and from there they receive compensation for that.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1 Fanatical Place, Windcrest, TX, 78218, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: dns1.stabletransit.com, dns2.stabletransit.com

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

The owners of LocalAndLucky.com could be promoting any dating site but they chose out of the thousands of dating sites available to promote a dating scam (BoneAMilf.com). For that simple reason we suggest you not do any business with them. Obviously they could care less about you, all they care about is making money, you getting ripped off is the least of their worries.

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If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 34 comments

  • Me says:


    GODDAMN them!


  • Mo says:

    please stop sending these sites to my email drmotabaie@yahoo

  • Gary luckett says:

    Hook me up with a fast one

  • Eric says:

    Stop now please not don't want

  • Kash Mil says:

    Local and Lucky Yea!!!!!!!!!! They canFuck off cause they distance and shitty to me I want a real site with real women haven't found any yet?????????

  • Cielies says:

    So fake, not a person on that site is real 100 percent fake.dont make the mistake of giving any real information

  • Bart Phillips says:

    Can  someone e please tell me what site to look at . thanks BP 

  • Cunt says:

    This site isn't fuckin real so get fucked you fuckin dogs

  • Chris smuth says:

    Stop sending me txs.please

  • Brent says:

    I would really love to fuck a girlfriend so Please get in contacted with me as soon as possible and I'm in Kelowna BC and my cell phone number is 250-300-7830 OK so Please call me tonight OK. PLEASE. Thank-you very much 

  • Amy says:

    Stop sending me texts….. Thank you

  • Mr Philip George Morris says:

    Very open to the vulnerable and desperate. Money can also be asked for at times. Which can surmount to 'prostitution'. And possible harm when meeting someone one may not know. Especially when cheeting. It iis called a scam.

  • Lewis says:

    Please tell these weird women to stop sending me nudes.

  • M. Lyon says:


  • Ronald Harris - 9183251046 LOOSE MY NUMBER says:

    Stop sending me text don't know how you got my number but I dont want any of you messages loose my number

  • Ellie Robinson says:

    Stop fucking sending me these emails and texts!!

  • Me want says:

    Fuk be offered all games instead  truth gets a yes everytime stupid why all the games lets do this by now

  • Me want says:

    Did he know

  • Markb says:

    How do I unsubscribe from local and lucky. They send pop up messages to me every day. I'm sick if it  I want this crap to stop piping up on my phone

  • Brian says:

    I'm getting real sick of this shit you popping up evert dam time I open my phone I want it stopped now maybe a big law suit would work you have no right to do this to people we didn't go into your site and sign up anything most of these sites are b******* anyway

  • Beau collins says:

    Stop sending this stuff to me it's disgusti2

  • Jeffery zinck says:

    I don't know how u got my number but I'm tired of the notifications plz stop

  • Chelsea says:

    Please stop with the notifications unsubscribe me!!!

  • Kj says:

    Just block the notifications. In thebGoogle "Chrome" browser, 3 dots on top right, go to Settings, Site Settings, Notifications.  See their URL in the "Allowed" area, click it and select "Block" and it'll move to the Blocked Notification area.  I'm sure other browers have similar choices in the Settings within the browser.

  • Zepherson says:

    Beautiful ladies

  • cedd 875 says:

    hay ced need mature female from mississipi

  • Rasec U says:

    i just want to fuck tonight, can somebody point me to arite site, it gotta be in and around my area 25 km radius, anybody who wants to make money and enjoy it give me buzz or text me so we can talk on how to do this;Ra

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