Is Still Scamming People 4 Years Later? Find Out Now In This Updated Review

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We wrote a review on almost 4 years ago back in November 2014.The big question is Quick Flirt still a scam? The answer is yes,, they're still using the same tricks such as getting phony emails, and bogus instant messages. At the end of the day the results are the same you will never meet any real women looking for casual hookups and all that kind of stuff. The review that we did in 2014 still holds true today, 4 years later. You might be asking yourself how the hell can this dating site that's not even legitimate still be operating four years later? That's a great question unfortunately we don't have the answer to that. All we can do is warn people about this site and you can help by spreading the word share this on social media and help get the word out so they can't hide in the shadows any longer.

QuickFlirt will continue duping and conning as many people as they possibly can. It's hard to understand why the Federal Trade Commission has allowed this fraud to go on for at least 4 years (if not much longer). Government agencies are supposed to be there to protect their citizens but many times it seems like they do absolutely nothing to stop criminals, corruption or any other forms of deceit on the general public.

So, for the record we ordered you not to use If you have any personal experience with this site please leave a comment below so we can help our community gain knowledge from your experience with the site.

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  • Randall Griffith says:

    I know what you are saying. I think it is true on all the sites they own and they put up shell companies as their parent companies. Like IWantU in the British Virgen Islands. or Together Network Holdings Limited in the British Virgen Islands. I got suspicious on Friday when I got a wink from a girl I liked at 1:05 PM and I went to another site and she wasn't even on line. I also suspect a lot of the guys and ladies pictures are not real. They found them through an agency and they make up a profile on them to draw you to the site. A lot of the girls don't want to just talk to you they want you to talk dirty to them. Now the naked pictures I don't know about because they are too damn gruesome. But I found myself chasing one lady from site to site. I would wink at her and then about 3 hours to a day later she would leave a message for me. I would go on the site and answer her and she never came back for a reply. After 3 times I stopped Paying for the sites. I try to cancel and they extend you one week. On 2 sites they extended me till the end of November. I went in today and she was gone. I thought she started on October 7th. So she should have 3 days left. But maybe the 7th was when she posted her picture and she signed up on the 4th. I don't know. I will be cancelling probably around thanksgiving. I think all the sites are scamming men and women into thinking there is a real person out there who actually cares and gives a damn about them.

  • Joe says:

    Quickflirt is a pile of horrendous crap, fake profiles, fake people, fake fake fake! Stay away and sue these bastards!

  • Greg says:

    Got suspicious when it kept directing me to the visa pay page and wouldn’t let me see any messages, I got the link from a girl on tinder telling me to talk to her on there so I googled it and found this… Its still very much up and running in 2019… Be warned

  • Dom says:

    Yes total waste of time like many sites now.
    Junk & trash.
    Just chat chat and now trying to move users over to other pay websites.

    No reality or actually meeting anyone.

    And never give the site your payment info.
    They will offer a very cheap entry then charge the card for much more money.
    Try to cancel and the button ‘link’ to do this of course fails to work!
    I had to cancel my entire card and get another from the bank to prevent the site rebilling.

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