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  • $29.95 for a monthly paid subscription.
  • $59.95 for a 3 month paid subscription.


  • Messages: View and send emails from this section of the site.
  • Matches: See matches of local girls here.
  • Shortlist:
  • You Viewed: See who you have viewed in the past as a reference.
  • Online:See who is online  right now
  • New Members: Browse the newest members of the site here.
  • Live Cams: See web cam models live on camera.
  • Search: Search for people based on age, location, if they have pictures and if they are online now.

How The Scam Operates

Most of the dating sites that we have exposed for scamming people run the same kind of the deceptions to trick you into buying a paid membership. This includes fake female profiles and sending phony email messages that appear to be coming from real women. is unfortunately no different than the other sites that we have uncovered for deceptive business practices. In this review we will show you exactly how they run their operation.

Girls Everywhere

When we created our profile for this investigation we logged into the site and right off the bat you notice a large amount of beautiful women. This obviously in itself is not a scam but after doing so many reviews and investigating so many dating sites it becomes quickly clear that this site is not operating in an honest manner. And to back that up we went to the terms and conditions page and found a paragraph which actually states that they "post fictitious profiles". This means they actually create fake dating profiles that are used in order to make the site appear to be full of attractive looking local women who are seeking a good time just like you are. This of course is used to push members into upgrading to a paid monthly membership. When it boils right down to it, you can never and will never meet any of these women from these fictitious profiles in person. How can you meet them, when they are not actual members of the site? These profiles are strictly created to visually attractive male members into joining the site and that is it.


Another Deception, Getting Emails From Hot Girls

If you look at the image of our email inbox (see below) you will notice that all the women are attractive. What they don't tell you is that all these fictitious images are part of phony dating profiles that are created by the staff running the dating site. So what you are really looking at is just an image gallery and nothing more than that. These women are not members of the site and you can never meet them in person because they're not registered as members on this dating service.

And of course if we try to reply to any of these email messages sent to us from fake women we are automatically are redirected to the upgrade page to purchase a paid membership. It's all about money and them trying to trick you into buying a monthly membership. Of course there is absolutely no reason to upgrade when none of the email messages are of course real.




The Girls On The Site Could Be Employees

And the last piece of the puzzle is that this site uses paid employees to communicate with you via email and instant message on the site. So not only do they use fake dating profiles and fake email messages to trick you, they also employ people to interact with you. The reason for this is of course money. They want you to pay a monthly membership and by paying employees to interact with you, then you are more likely to continue purchasing that monthly membership. It's all part of the master plan to keep you paying the monthly subscription fee for using their sham dating services.

The Corroborating Evidence

We backup our claims with corrobrating evidence and this is very easy since everything is available for you to read directly on the Terms page on their site. Specifically they state the following, "we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs are scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your renter communication with another human being no none really exists and any dialogue is generated by programming, and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment."

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2410 Terry Avenue North Seattle WA 98109-5210 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-1416.AWSDNS-49.ORG, NS-775.AWSDNS-32.NET, NS-231.AWSDNS-28.COM, NS-1641.AWSDNS-13.CO.UK

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (661) 705-3864
  • Addresses: FH International Limited Island House Grande Rue GY4 6RU St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Obviously this site uses every means necessary to deceive and trick people so they purchase and upgrade to a paid monthly subscription. That is the only goal of this site, they offer no value at all to anyone paying for a membership. Once you realize that everything is completely fake then there really is no point joining the service. We cannot recommend this site and suggest you stay away from it.

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 Comments 25 comments

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    • lh says:

      Yep got me to, suppose to be 29.95 and got debited 44.21?? Exchange rate? Apparent interest from hot girls only to fade when payed up and the gaul of the pricks was also getting emails from Xcheaters, Xmeeting and Hornyafffairs which when looked at links to these sites for more alleged activity and further offers of subscription. How stupid do they think people are , well shit really suppose they only have to get enough people once. Deleted my pic (cant remove entire acccount, red flag!!) cancelled my card and wont be getting any further funds out of me. How do we spread the word, its straight up robbery! Who regulates this shit?

      • Private Investor says:

        Who regulates this are you kidding me…it is the free market baby…buyer be ware!!  !caveat emptor!!!

        only a fool gives these clowns access to you cc#…


        • Admin says:

 uses very elaborate scams so it’s hard to know it fake, but yes eopel should be aware on their own as well.

      • scamhater says:

        Those bastards got me to. They hounded me,with so called messages of local women.soon as I upgraded haven't got any messages from them. Except confirmation that they took my money. Tried to log in for a couple of days now can't even get the home page to come up. I'm doing what one the guys did. Cancel my card &delete profile. 

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  • Brian McNees says:

    I have been on flirthookup. Many emails at first, then you subscribe and nothing. When the term is up, they start talking to you. I have unsubscribed 3 times and taken off the auto renew. They still charge me. It must be if you are in contact with anyone on the site it goes back to auto renew. My term is up again and I am getting many messages again. I do not go to the site. I am not giving them any reason to charge me again. This site is definetly a scam.

    • amaroo says:

      Brian how true I wish I had read the review before I gave them my card number last week you know I had a funny feeling they were probably the office girls now what how can I stop them from tskibg money from my account other than getting my bank to give me a new card any other idears do they keep taking money from ones account or do I have to give my card details ever time…What can be done about these people as we now live in a world of greed I ask you

      • Aaron says:

        If anyone thinks there is a legal claim, such as a class action, let me know. I have evidence of illegal solicitation for both money and sex. I have received solicitation from females for prostitution directly from the site. Also, had a few try to scam me into buying more subscriptions. If you me, there needs to be a movement to end this illegal solicitation. Yes, it would be quite difficult to gain any monetary value from them. You would definitely cost them money shutting down their sites. Solicitation under false pretenses and prostitution would fall under the United States wire fraud act of 2005. It does not matter that the site is overseas, if they operate communications in the United Syates, it is illegal. 

        • Jess says:

          Me too. It has cause so much grief in my marriage because there is a member page for my husband who claims to have never made the page. No credit card info or anything has been given to them just a page with no pic or really much info. Can they actually create a page with someone's name. I'm not stupid just trying to figure things out on this topic.

          • Admin says:


            They can get email adresses then randomly email people and when you click the link in the email it automatically signs you up to the site. I’m not sure if your husband signed up or it was done for him.

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  • Terry L Bateman says:

    I thought that this was scam because I was nieved into thinking that the women were real so yes I paid for 1 month I am not doing it again.Yes I am a shy single maN.ld like

  • Al says:

    Wish I read your review before I gave them my money iam going to report them to the Australian Federal Police/ AFP will it do any good if so should I keep all the emails they sent hiw do we get rid of companies like this where greed is their only concern and no thought for who they hurt as long as they get your money should I get another bank card are the payments on going or a once only lucky it was only $30 could have been hundreds

  • Jack wright says:

    Ok I'm another dunce, checked on a lady that was supposedly from my town an the next thing they said was to show that you were 18 , to do this you must give credit card at no charge, should have read further as it stats that if you don't call them, you'll be charged an amount, in my case it was 59.95 .. I'm 76 an can't afford that so who do I notify to help stop these gangsters. 

  • Paul Jacobs says:

    Something else I noticed is that I only created a profile on 1 site yet receive messages from several. Once I subscribed to reply to 3 messages, all communication from three women and this site halts and they are attempting to solicit me to join the countless other sites. What first struck me to think it's a scam is because only young and good looking women are members. This is so unrealistic because fat, ugly and anything but attractive women would make them more realistic. Another site of their just solicited me to like a member. Within a minute, her reply was received and it would have been impossible for her to compose this message and for me to receive and read it. STAY AWAY. This is a low level scam, preying on people's trust  with absolutely no worth to anyone subscribing and this is assured.  

  • JustDoIt55 says:

    You are 100% correct – a scam. I became suspicious when the same sentence was used by 2 different woman responding to my post. I only question now is do they try and debit your account not again once you have terminated your subscription?

    They "got me good" – I took out a 3 month membership. Nothing like a good hiding to bring you back to reality.

  • watersnake says:

    I too am guilty of being conned….signed up…got a message from a very beautiful young woman who said she was into older men (me 62..she 31) and would be coming to my home town in two weeks….paid for one month….answered her back…and that was it….never a reply….commented to a few more profiles…nothing….UNTIL…my renewal was coming up and I stopped the auto-billing…I received a reply from one of those profiles….when I challenged her as for being real she didn't really respond to my questions…just a unrelated comment. So I did a search of her profile name and found the identical picture and same profile name on two other sites stating different locations, ages and countries. When I confronted her with this information she just replied  "Tell me what are you really thinking" …not even the slightest hint of class in the deception.

  • Andy b says:

    Thanks people unlike some men on here I did a little research before I joined. Been burnt before. Was ready to join flirthookup. Sounds like I should get the lighter out and just burn my cash:)

    • Admin says: uses virtual fake profiles, watch out!

      • james gilmour says:

        Me to joined FlirtHookUp n got messages frm 30yr olds sayn they were into my age 49,then stopped mesaging,i foned and asked if they paid any money out,they havent bv id been billed for 29.95 and 16.99,i didnt join a fee Subscriptin they also says i Upgraded did i fuck,i was careful not to press certain Bank to keep checking,mb theyll try n get money at end of Subscriptn month,Well,im changing my mney to another bank.These cowboy bastards cant get away wi it.Cum To Glasgow ya Bastards,i"ll give U a FREE SUBSCRIPTION!

  • Mer says:

    i actually found a real very attractive girl in this site without having to subscribe to a membership. She had her name in her profile description box and her last name in her profile username. So i looked her on facebook and found her. Sent her a friend request on facebook and she message me asking if checked her out on flirthookup. I as thought she also thought everyone in there was a bot. She told me she wasn't getting any response from guys. Still i wasn't unsure i thought maybe this is some fucking catfish but we meet up and she turned out the girl in the pictures, we hit if off pretty quick. Pretty surprising. There's gotta be a ton of bots in this dating sites and also legit women looking to date or simply hookup in there. You gotta do the work to find out if the girl you talking to is legit. Another way to find out if the girl you talking to is legit is by copy the username and google search it. I found a tumblr of girl doing that and same thing we talked, meet up, and she was the girl in the pictures.  Good luck. 

  • stacy barron says:

    im so relieved that these websites are fakes ive been so mad at my boyfriend second guessing my own identity because i think hes on them all the time which he is he says he never has met anyone i dont believe him but now i think i just might not believe it, im going to tell him later about it being a joke but its leading our relationship in a bad direction no doubt 

  • Mark says:

    Great dating website with ‘live’ profiles. You can trust this website for sure.

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