Our Review Explains Why Get-A-FuckBuddy.com Is Being Used To Promote 4Club.com

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Website Details:

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Get-A-FuckBuddy.com isn't an actual dating site, they are being used to promote dating sites like 4Club.com. You may be wondering what the relationship with Get-A-FuckBuddy.com and 4Club.com is. The owners of Get-A-FuckBuddy.com purchase ad space on various adult video sites. These banner ads are then clicked from the various users on the site and from there they land on a fake questionnaire page that they need to fill out. You have to fill out the questionnaire and then you get congratulated and you receive access to whatever dating site they are promoting. In this particular investigation they are promoting 4Club.com, which we have reviewed in the past and have determined to be a scam.

How They Con People

We have determined that Get-A-FuckBuddy.com receives financial compensation for every new member that registers on 4Club.com. The problem is of course is that 4Club.com is a scam dating site. This is not a legitimate place to meet and interact with real individuals. Unfortunately 90% of the dating sites we have exposed use as many different methods as possible to trick people into purchasing monthly memberships to their sham dating services. Some of the methods this site uses include using female profiles that have been created by the employees of 4Club.com. These profiles contain everything you would see in a legitimate profile, the only difference is that these profiles are controlled, created and used by the dating site to make you believe you are interacting with a real female.

4Club.com also uses fake emails that are sent to members with a free account. The fake emails try to get you to reply back to the emails at which time you're asked to purchase a monthly subscription to their dating service. The end game is all about money, and they use every trick they can to get you to pull out your credit card and buy a monthly membership to their site. Read all the tricks they use in our full review of 4Club.com here.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1025 Eldorado Blvd. 9958 Crescent Park Drive, West Chester, OH, 4506
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 507-836-5503
  • Address: P.O. BOX 0823-03411 PANAMA PANAMA 00000 PA
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Get-A-FuckBuddy.com has the choice not to align themselves with shady dating service like 4Club.com. For this reason we suggest you stay away from Get-A-FuckBuddy.com.

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