As We’ve Show In Our Review Is An Outright Scam

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If you're looking for honest information on FindMyFling we've done all the homework for you. We took quite a bit of time to do a deep investigation that you can read by here, clicking this link. Below we've also included a video of summarizing what's in the written review. But, we strongly advise you to read our written review because it goes into every little detail point-by-point explaining why it's a scam and how the whole scam works.

Some of the things we encountered included receiving hundreds of email messages, all of which were fake. We were also contacted by many hundreds of fake women and all sorts of other deceptions and lies.

If you want to read our investigation with all the evidence we have on FindMyFling please click on this link.

Below is the video we've done summarizing what we wrote in the scam report. Just click on the video link and you can watch the video and it tells you everything you need to know about this dating service

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  • Alistair says:

    This ongoing scam, along with probably one hundred others continues to fool people.

    The first, major flaw or trap into which the seamsters fell was a simple enough one.

    Kettering Business Park is not a residential area at all. It is what it says it is. No-one actually lives there.

    People do not live in villas in the United Kingdom. The last people who did that were the Romans.

    Stealing someone's photo can't be that difficult, can it?


    Gosh! I nearly forgot about one other thing. Several occupants actually mentioned how good they thought my profile was.

    Only one tiny problem. I left it blank. Or do people get a thrill out of reading blank profiles?


    Well done in your exposure of their real skullduggery.


    It must be impossible to bring these people to heel.

    • Les says:

      Last night I bought a bundle pack of $34.99 and it was not added to my credits so the next $34.99 went through so I bought 4 $4.99 which didn`t go to my credits and I am disputing those charges as of February the11th of 2020

    • Bobby says:

      Thank you but I’m mystified as to how these so called women reply to my posted profile?! They say they’re in my local area and even reply back whenever i don’t respond. I have NOT attempted to purchase any credits from this site

      • Al B says:

        Me too, can say how many replies, but in a couple of days I have over 8 pages of replies. I have a herd time believing this.

  • DAVID says:

    iam a member of this siteand it does leave a lot to be desired-ihave put up about 20+decription of myself allof which were removedthis last on has managed 2 days sofarwherei stated it is overrpriced in the last week I have deleted over 4000 messagesmostly from 19+yo kidswho are so experienced I will not believe it-and even though I stated on my profile I am in a wheelchair I have been asked if I like dancing, long walks, plus the latest – will I have sex with a man because it turnsher on or climbing mountains – the owners are only interested in money

  • bill ferguson says:

    I don’t understand I signed up for this site about three weeks ago; I’ve had seven very fulfilling "dates" and have received over 4000 messages. I think you have to stand out and be a little classless to get laid but there is a recipe that works, the smile on my face proves it!


  • Roy says:

    Beware of Allyj17 She won't give out any personal details or make any dates. Just a comission seeker.

  • clint says:

    Bill ferguson you are full of shit

  • Samson says:

    I bought a bundle and had some issues. Took about two days for it to be corrected, but it was corrected eventually and I was given additional for the inconvenience.

  • Henry Followers says:

    It’s so funny how it says click her to find out how this is a scam… I’ve not had an issue on this site . @Jessica : I don’t even think it’s they are rude to women, I think they are just a bunch of wine bags. Hell if I was a woman I wouldn’t want to hear a grown ass man complain like these jack asses either! This site has gotten me laid ever time I’ve wanted it and you really don’t need to make that much effort. Just don’t be a pussy and chicks will talk to you!

  • Rome says:

    Find My Fling is definitely somewhat of scam. Yes they tell you they have women with a heart on their profile which indicates that they are fictitious and for entertainment only if I want to spend money on “entertainment” where I only get messages and cannot make actual contact with them. The HUGE problem is that every woman on the site has that heart on their profile. There all no real women. IF you say you have dated women on this site either you are confused by what site you are talking about or their site has changed over the years…as for me i am just pissed they cannot admit they have no actual women to meet even when I complained. All they said is that when I signed up I was told about the fictitious women. They will not tell you they are all fictitious. Call me PISSED OFF !

  • Herman says:

    Rome is right

  • David says:

    Figured it out pretty quickly. First of all, there is a little heart next to the fake persons name on their fake profile. When you hit that heart icon a box appears which states “ physical contact not possible”. Second, I noticed that sometimes in their messages to me, where they would have been saying the name of the place where they lived, there was a code rather than a name. This indicated that they were simply sending a template of a message and failed to properly fill in the name of the city. Or else the the message was in all upper case, but the name of the city was typed in lower case, so whoever was doing this was careless not to match the type in the template. Third, because I kept my so-called membership on this site purely for entertainment purposes, I received over 10, 000 flirts in a span of 1 year. At least half of the flirts stated they lived in the same area as me. So based on this, 5,000 women in an area with a population of roughly 50,000 people (25,000 females) belong to this site and messaged me looking for sex. 20% of the entire female population wants to have sex with me! WOW!!! I believe that this would be considered a statistical impossibility. Fourth, when I first joined the site a bought some credits to see what would happen when I messaged someone. The first thing I noticed is that the other person seemed to used tactics that were designed to just keep the conversation going (thus using more credits on my part). So I experimented with messaging women who seemed very nice and conservative and tell them what I wanted to do to them in terms that were as explicitly sexual and “dirty” as possible. They were never put off by this and still tried to keep the conversation going. It was kind of funny and I have to admit, very entertaining.
    This site is obviously just a money making scam. It also has several similar sister sites that use the same profiles.

  • Mike F says:

    Straight from their Support Department… “The persons depicted on this site are fictional and for entertainment purposes ONLY” It is written in the Terms and Conditions. If you look, there are NO cities listed in the “fake” profile. “Members” can’t list tie profile without listing a City. I received a message from a “female” where they forgot to populate the “State” and the “Member Name” Like others, I have had messages stating that they kept coming back to my profile to gaze longingly at my photo… except there is no photo posted anywhere.

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