As We’ve Show In Our Review Is An Outright Scam

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If you're looking for honest information on FindMyFling we've done all the homework for you. We took quite a bit of time to do a deep investigation that you can read by here, clicking this link. Below we've also included a video of summarizing what's in the written review. But, we strongly advise you to read our written review because it goes into every little detail point-by-point explaining why it's a scam and how the whole scam works.

Some of the things we encountered included receiving hundreds of email messages, all of which were fake. We were also contacted by many hundreds of fake women and all sorts of other deceptions and lies.

If you want to read our investigation with all the evidence we have on FindMyFling please click on this link.

Below is the video we've done summarizing what we wrote in the scam report. Just click on the video link and you can watch the video and it tells you everything you need to know about this dating service

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  • Alistair says:

    This ongoing scam, along with probably one hundred others continues to fool people.

    The first, major flaw or trap into which the seamsters fell was a simple enough one.

    Kettering Business Park is not a residential area at all. It is what it says it is. No-one actually lives there.

    People do not live in villas in the United Kingdom. The last people who did that were the Romans.

    Stealing someone's photo can't be that difficult, can it?


    Gosh! I nearly forgot about one other thing. Several occupants actually mentioned how good they thought my profile was.

    Only one tiny problem. I left it blank. Or do people get a thrill out of reading blank profiles?


    Well done in your exposure of their real skullduggery.


    It must be impossible to bring these people to heel.

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