4 Shocking Reasons Why FindMyFling.com Is Fictitious From Start To Finish!

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits lets you email 10 messages that will cost you £15,00.
  • 25 credits lets you email 25 messages that will cost you £35,00.
  • 50 credits lets you email 50 messages that will cost you £ 65,00.
  • 100 credits lets you email 100 messages that will cost you £120,00.
  • 200 credits lets you email 200 messages  that will cost you £200,00 .


  • Members: The Members section lets you search for members based on their gender, as well as age and location.
  • My Profile: The My Profile section lets you update your profile including changing your description and uploading photos of yourself.
  • Messages: The Messages section shows you which members have sent you messages and you can also reply to emails from this section of the site. 
  • Flirts: The Flirts work the same as messages, you can reply to Flirts in the same manner as you would an email message.
  • Favorites: The Favorites section shows you who you have added to your favorites list.


FindMyFling.com Is operated by Midsummer Online B.V, a company directly responsible for a multitude of cons such as ShagPlace.com, HornyUKGirls.com UKSexFlirts.com, UKFornication.com, UKSexMatch.com, and ShagLadies.com. These people never seem to stop and they always have a new trick up their sleeve. It's not only frustrating but very time-consuming chasing after the same corporations day in and day out. With millions of pounds at stake it is inevitable that these people with their corrupt morals would create new dating sites on a constant basis to scam people. And that's why we took the time to investigate FindMyFling.com, you can read the full report below.

They Admit They Use Fake Profiles!

Directly on the front page of the site even before you register as a member there are two paragraphs in red text that you should have read. This would have saved you lots of problems and possibly lots of money (if you purchase credits on this phony UK hook-up site). As evidence we took a screenshot and included it below (circled in red). In the screenshot it says "I acknowledge that the website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the website that may communicate with me for promotional and other purposes. I acknowledge the individuals appearing in photos on the landing pages or in fantasy profiles might not be actual members of the website. What does that tell you? It tells you the website is responsible for creating fake profiles that are then uploaded to the members area of their website. These profiles don't look any different than legitimate profiles. They have photographs in them and all the personal data filled out. There's no way to tell if it's a legitimate profile or fake.

(Screenshot of the site admitting to fake profile pages.)

Proof Of Where Some Of The Artifical Profile Photos Are Taken From

FindMyFling.com has hundreds and maybe even thousands of female profiles. Tthe website is admitting that they're responsible for fabricating profiles on the site. Who knows how many of the profiles are even real members.This is a real problem and really it makes FindMyFling useless for any person seeking real individuals to meet. The fact that they put the information telling us that they're responsible for fabricating fake profiles on their homepage and their website is still operational is flabbergasting. Where are government officials and law enforcement to shut down the scam.

While digging around even further we started doing reverse image searches on some of the profiles on the website. What we found was more evidence proving the illegitimacy of all the profiles on the website. With reverse image searching you can identify where images are found online. We use reverse image searching in order to find out where these profile pictures of attractive females were taken from. We have included the links of some of the profiles below. These are fake profiles and their pictures have been stolen from adult image sites.

(Screenshot of a artificial profile using a stolen picture found on various adult image and social network sites.)

  • https://i.pinimg.com/564x/e6/0e/5a/e60e5a29f0fb92731ea9603dca14adfe.jpg
  • https://www.bullesociale.fr/bscdn/foozine/images/panneaux_picdump/26878/46.jpg
  • http://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2014/12/12/548b1be68f561.jpg
  • https://78.media.tumblr.com/e8ddbe42bfcc887e49ab3e92b9e7d72f/tumblr_n27lnymwlc1tumumpo1_500.jpg
  • https://s1d3.turboimg.net/t/2325626_036.jpg

(Screenshot of a fictitious profile using a photo of an escort. )

  • https://img.adultsearch.com/classifieds/901297_lpChsi5k1b7sxHAenSF.jpg

(Screenshot of a fake profile page using an image from another website.)

  • http://content.fuegodevida.com/content/users/1198/1198896/b00f32d623_s.jpg

(Screenshot of an amateur porn stars photo that was stolen and then used to create a bogus profile on FindMyFling.com.)

  • http://img28.imagetwist.com/th/14559/716v5i9ze5wk.jpg
  • http://img163.imagetwist.com/th/17545/hmdtoewwoy65.jpg
  • http://img16.imagevenue.com/loc230/th_44474_DH7034_Digitalhotties.net_00056_123_230lo.jpg

637 Emails Were Sent To Us!

In the first part of this investigation we included as evidence a screenshot from the homepage of the website stating that the "website includes fantasy profiles that are created by the site that may communicate with you." This exact this is exactly why we received 637 emails and counting. All of these messages are sent through the fantasy profiles. These aren't regular women sending us emails who want to hook up with us. Using a form of artificial intelligence called computer bots they can send as many emails as they want to anyone who's a registered member on their website. The emails even look real. But there is a very sinister plan behind them sending us 637 email messages.

The plan is as follows. First you join the website then the artificial bot software starts generating emails and sending those to you. Their goal is to get you to try and reply to the email messages. Once you try to reply to the emails you will see that you can't communicate with anyone on the dating site unless you have purchased credits on the website. And for us to respond to the 637 messages it will cost us roughly £637,00. Imagine if we didn't realize this website was fake and then we contacted every single girl that contacted us, we would be broke!

(Screenshot showing you that we receive 637 email messages from computer box, not real female members.)

Below we've included two examples of phony email messages. The first subject line in the first email states "I'm waiting for you naked on the bed so you can penetrate and fill me up immediately with your hard juicy unit". Here's the thing you guys need to understand we've never contacted this girl before so why would she talk in such a erotic manner. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever until you all understand that this is just a computer-generated message. There is no women sending us these type of emails. This is just a computer software program sending us computer-generated email messages.

(Screenshot of a subject line proving even more how phony these email messages we get are.)

This email subject line is from "Karina" and she states "that she would like to invite us over on a date this Saturday afternoon, where is your favorite restaurant". Once again we've never spoken to this person and this is not a regular method of conversing. Why would she want to meet someone she's never even talked to in her life? Of course the answer is that it's a computer bot and "Karina" isn't even a real person.

(Screenshot of a subject line proving even more how phony these email messages we get are.)

We Received 70 Flirts But They're All Fake!

So far we receive 70 flirts from women on the site. The flirts work the same as the email messages. They're all phony, and they're all being sent from computer programs. These flirts are not coming from real women that are interested in us. All of this is a facade to trick us into trying to communicate to these women at which time we will need to purchase credits.

(Screenshot of 70 fake flirts we received.)

We Have A Blank Profile

This is the icing on the cake that brings our whole investigation together. Did you know that when we started this investigation and created an account on FindMyFling.com we made certain not to upload any pictures into our profile, and we also made certain not to fill out any personal information. But as we've already stated even with a blank profile, with no pictures and no info we still got bombarded with over 600 emails and over 50 flirts. Can anyone explain how that's possible? Why would we receive so many messages when these women have no clue as to what we look like. Of course the answer is these are not real women contacting us but computer software bots and that's why they emailed us. They don't care if we have a picture in our profile or not, since it's a computer and not legitimate female members.

(This is a screenshot of our empty profile page.)

The Terms And Conditions Explains Exactly How They Lie & Scam All Of Us

The last piece of evidence we like to bring forward is found on their own website on their terms page. In the terms in section 8.4 they tell us that "it's not their goal to bring physical contact between members". They also tell us that they use fictive profiles that are self-created. They go on to state that "physical contact with these fictitious profiles isn't possible". This proves without any doubt that this site is completely phony! Read the paragraph taken from the terms page below.

  • 8.4 This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.9

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Midsummer Online B.V.: Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH in Deventer, The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • email them at [email protected] if you have copyright issues (someone using your photo on their site without your permission).
  • A warning that any charges made on your credit card will appear under "Pay.nl * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD".
  • Web Page: Contact Page

Final Decision:

We've given you all the facts, all the evidence and everything we could to prove to you that FindMyFling is massively fake, a scam and a total fraud!! no

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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    • Peter says:

      I very much appreciate your valuable feedback regarding Findingmyflings.com. Your input decidedly made me delete my account immediately. They weren't paid a penny from me.

      Can you please advice if a legitamate dating and/or hook-up site actually exists? That would be great to know. Many thanks once again.

  • Aaron says:

    would you be able to to a search if i send a photo.

  • Roy says:

    I have been caught so be ware of girls not giving out contact details or wanting to date. They probably work for of get comission from this company

  • Yes a total scam ripped me off

  • gary t says:

    thanks for ointing this out to me.i knew when to many women were apearing and luckily i found your page that exposes them.i was about to buy but needed more imformation and thank you again. they sure use many nude pics there and the messages they leave sure are very convincing ,even make i t like there in the same city and had read your profile.but 1side of youknows something  

  • Chris says:

    I figured it out on my own. The messages seem to be written by the same person or persons. Also,not many women really talk that way. I figure there are a group of guys or girls sending these messages for pay. They probably get off on writing these horny messages. They might even have templates they work from. Everytime I pressed to meet in person the messages ended. I stopped buying credits for more messages and yet I still keep getting new messages with nude photos. Keep the photos coming boys. 

  • tommy says:

    they took my money and i can not relpy to any one i want too

  • Leonard Goldberg says:

    Thank God for all your information. I only gave the registration fee of $10.00

    But what I noticed is that these bots always text with the "Am"  word using it as I am, I will, I can, etc.etc. it always seems fishy to me when the "women" use that lingo. Because how could they all know it, and yet I don't.  I just think it's a scam through and through.  Write back if you agree or have the same instincts. 

  • Andy Moderator says:

    hello, I was one of the moderators on that site and I just would like to correct a few points. I was hired by a certain online company in our country to be one of the moderators for http://www.findmyflings.com. I was handling US, AU and UK accounts. The process was, we moderators will pose as those women you were talking to you in that site and we are paid ONLY A CENT per message while they are ripping the members with so much money. To cut the chase, all members will be talking to poser women in that site but unlike what you posted here that it is a bot, well, only the 1st message is but after that it is us, real women, but using a fake account. I am responding here because I don’t want to be part of their fiasco that was the reason I resigned from the company. I can’t take it any longer being employed in a scamming company. I feel guilty every time I read all the messages of honest men on that site who are looking for good women to be part of their lives. I hope other members there will read your review and will know the reality in it. I would like to help so that the website will be stopped in scamming members. You can email me at [email protected] if you have questions about that website. Thank you.

  • Roy says:

    lies and deceit along with utter rudeness site should be taken down and never allowed to operate .

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