Fetoo.com Review Uncovers A Massive Scam Targeting Thousands Of Lonely Men

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This review is going to discuss a website called Fetoo.com This is a fetish type hookup website and the reason for this review is just to show you all of the evidence pointing to this website being fraudulent and not a real place to meet local women.

On The Homepage They Admit To Using Fake Profiles:

On the on the bottom part of the home page in the footer section it says the following:

“You will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world,  real meetings with them or not possible.”

What does that sentence mean? it means that you can chat with fake profiles. When something is virtual it means it’s fictitious signifying that you cannot have a real life encounter with the women on Fetoo.

They even specify that real meetings with these virtual online profiles are not possible. Everything is only virtual aka online, if you’re looking to take things offline and have a real life relationship this is where the problems start happening. This is not a real dating service where you find real local women that you can meet in person for real life meet ups. This is just the first piece of evidence pointing to Fetoo.com being fictitious.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake fictitious virtual profiles and you cannot physically meet these profiles in person.)

Evidence Of Fraud From The Terms & Conditions Page

In the terms and conditions page in section 11.e they state the following:

“xsmobile uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal.”

What are professional animators and operators? This is the terminology used by the website to identify employees and third-party contracters that operator the fake profiles on the site. And you don’t know which profiles are run by operators and which are real female profiles. But the truth is all of the profiles on the website are operated by these paid employees and third-party contractors. You’re not interacting with any real women on the website, they’re telling you that right here. And they go on to state that real meetings are not possible with these operators. You cannot have a real life encounter with any of the profiles on the website because they’re all run by either employees of the website or third-party contractors.

The paid employees and operators make money by lying to you. They act as if they’re interested in you and will say anything to you. Their goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible on their fake dating service. These employees and contractors are the ones that mislead you into spending money.

Then they state that users can only send them messages because of course you can’t meet them in person, all you can do is hang out on this website (Fetoo) and chat with the fake profiles that are that are being controlled by employees who work on behalf of the website. This is all a trap to string you along for as long as possible because the end goal here is for them to make as much money as they possibly can off of you.

Inundated With Bogus Messages

We received 82 messages. All the messages are fictitious and they’re not coming from real people. This is how the scam works, you will be inundated with (chat messages that appear to be coming from real women.  The reason they do this is because they want you to reply back to the messages because of course you will need to purchase coins. You need to purchase coins in order to interact and communicate with anyone on the website, the more messages you reply to the more money it will cost you and in return the more money that the owners of Fetoo.com will make by manipulating you into buying coins. That’s exactly how the scam works so do not fall for messages because you just going to waste money and you’re going to get very disappointed because you will not meet any of these women in person.

All of the messages are either computer-generated or sent from third-party contractors or employees who work for the website. Nothing is real, all the messages have been fabricated to mislead you. You can never meet any of the women on Fetoo in person because the profiles are bogus and are run by operators.

All The Profiles Are Phony

All the profiles are not legitimate, every single female profile is fake. Everything is fake on the website, the images of attractive looking women have been either stolen, copied from other sites or purchased. And the images of women are then used to create hundreds of fake female profiles that then litter the members area and make you believe that tons of women are looking for fetish encounters.

Everything on Fetoo.com is bogus, nothing is real and the profiles are fake from start to finish. Everything in the profiles is phony. The pictures are taken from other sources, and all the information including, the age, the location, the interests and so is all an illusion and a trap to get you to purchase coins to interact with the non-existent women.

It’s Not Free To Contact The Fake Profiles

Messaging the women on Fetoo.com is not free. You need to buy coins to communicate with anyone on the website. The various packages range from $7.50 for the cheapest package all the way up to $140 for the most expensive package on the website. But always remember that there are no real women on the website so even spending a single penny is a waste of your money.

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites

This site is operated by xsmobile SP Z.O.O and is associated with other bogus hookup sites such as MilfMe.com.

Final Decision

Fetoo is completely a waste of your money. This is not a legitimate website, the site is completely illegitimate. There are not real females, all of the profiles are fabricated and everything is a lie. Stay away from this website.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: none
Online Form: https://www.fetoo.com/en-CA/app/support/contact-form/
Address: none
Customer Phone Number: none

Watch the video review on Fetoo below

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 Comments 3 comments

  • Fuck Fetoo says:

    I fd myself for not actually taking the time to read the reviews and let me just say I normally don’t write reviews for any site. Not this time! This site is the absolute worst I’ve ever tried! It’s completely fake and yes my dumb ass spent 30 bucks to get the coins which gets eaten up with every damn message! Soon as I realized each pic was fake I asked for a refund and they refused to give it to me! Saying that I already used the coins which is bs! Horrible horrible business, DO NOT waste your money on them! It’s filled with bots, scammers, and thiefs. Even fling is better at least I actually met someone from there. I’ve tried adult friend finder too, it has its cons but overall not too bad. I’ll never use this damn site again!!!!!

  • Joseph Racz says:

    Fake members and profiles. Wasted money on buying coins. Responses erase you on to continue chatting with buying coins. REAL SCAM ARTISTS.

  • Colinh says:

    Biggest scam going never had one meet from many contacts

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