Review: Is Bogus & Is Masquerading As A Real Milf Hookup Site

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We Unravel The Scam Piece By Piece In This Analysis

If you want to know if is a good place to meet older women then take the time to read this detailed and comprehensive review. There is also video included in the lower section of this report. uses all kinds of dirty tricks to lure people into paying for a completely useless membership to their fake dating site. This site is not legitimate, but it looks like a real dating service. You can look at profiles, pictures, and you can interact and send messages to people but none of the people (female members) are real. This is the big problem with Milf Me.

Proof On The Front Page

On the front page of the website at the very bottom it’s states the following:

“You will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world, although real meetings with them are not possible.”

They are admitting that they have fake profiles and that you cannot have real life encounters with them.

In the members area of the website there are lots of attractive older women but unfortunantely they’re all phony.

This website just like thousands of other dating websites are fake. Online scammers have figured out a way to rip people off by creating thousands of bogus dating sites over the last 10 years that we’ve uncovered.

They bought the domain name, then created a website that appears to be a real dating service. From there they have software than can send flirty messages to male members. The male mebers then have to pay to reply to the messages, that’s the scam in a nutshell. They’re running a criminal operation online that is operating in plainview.

 Over 60 Emails From Bogus Milfs

We’ve gotten over 60 messages from attractive older women but none of the messages are real. The messages make it seem as if all these cougars and older females want to hook up but it’s all a facade. What’s actually going on is bots are sending automated messages to all male members on this phony site to dupe them.

They want male members to buy coins to interact with the women but there’s no point even paying one penny if you can’t talk to real females..

The Terms Page Admit Their Deceits

The terms and conditions page explains what’s really going. In section 11 it says:

“XSmobile uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the users who are not identified separately in the system. Real meetings aren’t possible  with these operators, use uses can only send them messages within the portal.”

This website company has paid operators that are employed and receive money  to chat with people who join Milf Me. These operators job is to entice and lure you to spend as much money as possible on their service. There goal is to mislead you so they can profit off of your ignorance.

On the terms page they specifically state that “real meetings are not possible” and that “users can only send the messages within the website” You can’t meet them in person and it’s basically it’s a scam to to get you to talk to them but you can never meet them outside the website.

If you like sitting behind your computer screen chatting with people and paying for that then site is for you. If however you actually want the opportunity to meet real older women then this is not the website for you.

Why Would Women On MilfMe Contact A Male Member With No Photos?

The profile page that we created for this investigation was completely empty. There isn’t even a single photograph on the profile but miraculously we were able to receive 66 different email messages from 66 different women.

(screenshot of the empty profile page used for this investigation.)

Why would women contact a male member who doesn’t have any information or photos on his profile? The answer is because it’s all fake. The profiles are phony and they’re sending me messages to lure men into spending money.

Paid employees aka animators and software programs called bots are sending us faux messages to lure us into spending money on this website. Why else would so many different women contact a person who doesn’t have any pictures in his profile?

If the shoe was on the other foot would you be contacting women who didn’t have pictures or information in their profile?

* is connected to many other bogus hookup sites including If you have any comments or questions or a review leave your comment below.

*We’ve included a link to an archived web capture of MilfMe.comhomepage and also screenshot of the term page incase they try to get rid of the evidence.

How To Contact Them To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Address: xsmobile SP Z.O.O., Ul.- Naramowicka, nr 217B, 61-611 Poznan, Poland

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