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  • $34.95 for a recurring monthly membership to the web site.
  • $69.00 for a recurring monthly membership to the web site.


  • Who's Online: You can check who is online right now.
  • Find Members: You can find members through this section.
  • Buddies: You can see who is on your buddy list.
  • Live Cams: You can see nude women live on their web cams.
  • Live Chat: You can send and receive chat messages from other members on this site.

Overview is another nasty dating site that's run by the people behind,, and which have all been identified and proven to be scams.

Real Women Here?

The easiest way to get men to subscribe to a dating service is to have beautiful women as members of the site. This site goes to the extreme by using thousands of fake dating profiles to get men to sign up for a free membership on the site. Almost all of the women on this site are fake and are called "Online Cupids". Hopefully you didn't put purchase a paid membership on this site yet. This site is one big scam and any dating profile that has the word "Online Cupids" on it are fictitious dating profiles that has been fabricated by Milfs Hookup. Unfortunately many men fall prey to these type of dating scams for the simple reason that they are lonely and looking for companionship and of course sex. This site has been created one reason and that reason is to lure man into purchasing a paid membership. If you see the words "Online Cupids" under or above any dating profile or any emails you receive be warnedbecause that means the female portrayed in that specific profile is completely fake. See the evidence below of some of the fake dating profiles that we found while searching on the site.

online cupids

Email Messages

We received 12 emails and upon closer examination all of these emails were sent from "Online Cupids" .This means that all the emails were a complete waste of time to read. None of the women sending out the emails are real. In order for you to reply to any of the women sending you messages you need to pull out your credit card and subscribe to the dating site by paying a monthly membership fee. Unfortunately there's no point in purchasing a monthly subscription because once again these women are not real, they are completely fake and you have no chance of meeting them in person because they simply do not exist on the site. If you are already a free member of the site take a look at any emails that you received, do you see the words "Online Cupids" on any of the emails? If so then now you know that you have been receiving emails from fake women like we have.

emails from fake girl emails_from_fake_girl_2

Paid To Chat With You

And the last part of the scam is that they even pay people to chat with you! Yes you heard correctly they actually employ people to interact with you on the site. Once again it all boils down to money. If they use real people to chat with you then you're much more willing to purchase a paid monthly membership. So what they do is they have employees that get paid to string you along and keep you paying your monthly membership for as long as possible. Of course you will never ever meet these women in person because of course they are employees of the site and their job is to basically to keep you paying the monthly membership as long as possible.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 6777 EMBARCADERO DR SUITE #3 STOCKTON CA 95219 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

All the evidence above speaks for itself. This site is clearly involved in fraud, they admit to it and they discuss it clearly in their terms and conditions. Do not do any sort of business with this service unless you're willing to waste money on something that is completely useless.

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 Comments 17 comments

  • Don says:

    You are correct.  Total crap.  Site is also full of the 'Ghana' brigade; some of whom can be persistent to the point of severely irritating.  Like most of the other scams, the details are what trips em up; 'Hornyasian' is neither Asian nor apparently horny!  'Slenderblonde' is fat ugly and brunette.  And then there's all the BS about putting email addresses in responses: yet a lot of the 'Basic Members' – whatever the fuck that means have 'Contact me at Yahoo…' etc plastered across the picture.  What a load of BS .  It takes the 'On Line Cupids' days to respond to anything.  Finally there's the 'come into my chat room' crap – its all money spinning – not a scerric of reality at all.  Don't bother.  Buy an inflatable!

  • Pete says:

    Total crap.  One strategy I use on sites like this is put in a pretty much blank (or bare minimum) profile, and see how many responses I get.  I've gotten tons from this site, both friend requests and "emails".  Totally bogus, don't waste your money.

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  • […] – All the evidence above speaks for itself. This site is clearly involved in fraud, they admit to it and they discuss it clearly in their terms and conditions. Do not do any sort of business with this service unless you're willing to waste money on something that is completely useless. […]

  • Calvin says:

    This site has no real women it's all a big scam it says you will meet someone to screw yes your hand cause you screwed yourself and no Vaseline  What a horrible joke

  • Jerry says:

    Jerry says:

    Thanks, I can't afford bullshit. I guess this saved me a bit of cash, saved me a great deal of time. Keep up the goreat work, exposing this type of crap.

    Glad I decided to check out the review…W.T.F.

    Thanks again… and also for athe possibility of joining a real dating site.

  • Jerry D says:

    This is Jerry again:

    Look, if this site is a fraud.. very important "fraud". Pay them with a check… better Western Union Money Order or better, Postal Money Order. Send with return reciept. If they are truly a fraud, they will have commited mail fraud.  Uncle Sam will shut then  down and confiscate all their assets, and very possibly lock them up for a good many years.

    • Joey says:

      Can't expect Uncle sam to do shit…. the con site is operated outside of the US….. Cyprus (Greece) I think is the address. 

    • Joey says:

      Naw Jerry. Don't send them check or wire them anything. Can't expect Uncle Sam to do jack…. the con site is operated outside of the US….. Cyprus (Greece) I think is the address. 

  • V.G. Bond says:

    These sites are protected and allowed to operate by the US Government!  Google allows the servers to do this because combined with the Feds, they form the biggest crime syndicate on the planet.  If it says powered by google, it will steal from you without prosecution regardless of the location.  Many are within the borders of the US, Pheonix, Atlanta etc.  They are responsible also for over 80% of ID theft also.  There is no one in the US that will do anything because the government is broke and coddling whores, criminals and faggots is a trillion dollar enterprise and it is the sole purpose of the Federal Governments existance as it is Luciferian.  The phones also.  How many security companies from New Jersey or Florida call you claiming to give you a free system and even quote the FBI statistics with bogus numbers and computer generated info and anyone who trusts the FBI or any LE angency in the US, unless of course you are a criminal should seek mental health evaluation ASAP.  Another good one is automated Social Security BS that wants your number.  The majority of these whore scams are either from Bangledash, Cypruss or the Bahamas although the UK and Russia are trying now to steal their share.  Soon though the will be operating in public libraries across the US with their main targets being white males because that's where the money is and most white males do have two brains…trust no one and when it's all over, there will be stacks of heads because folks are getting tired of it….good day

  • David says:

    Sadly to say I joined MILFSHOOKUP and I knew something was fishy. I'm going to canel my membership. I wish I found this out earlier. Are there any good websites out there? 

  • Fritz says:

    I found out about MilfsHookUp through a link on Plenty Of Fish, they should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such trash. A few years ago P.O.F had their own casual encounters section much like craigslist, not that I met anyone through it but at least you could message real people, sometimes. MilfsHookUp is everything everyone else said on here, full of fake accounts called "Online Cupids", who start sending you messages within hours of you joining with a "Basic Free" account. The one thing I will say is that you can look around the site somewhat with the basic account, though if you want to watch videos, or view pictures, up goes the pay wall. I can't really understand why since thee isn't really anything there that you couldn't find for free on Xhamster or Tumblr. In any event once I knew about the "Online Cupids" a search revealed that there really wasn't anyone local on there, and only about two or three in the next town down the highway, hardly worth the membership cost.

  • steve says:

    Thanks for your warning. You saved a lot of people a lot of time and money. Nobody is doing shit about anything. When you give them your card willingly they have actually not committed any crimes. 

    Thanks again and keep up the good work,

    • Clyde says:

      I just found out Milf is also an acronym for, Moto Islamic liberation front.  ….just a heads up where the money they collect goes.

    • clyde says:

      Actually maybe they are. I just found out another acronym for milf is Moto Islamic liberation front., Just to let yally know where the money may be going

  • Joseph M. Krush, Ph. D. says:

    Why can’t anybody get any authorities in any country to put these people in JAIL? That’s the only REAL solution. Hopefully, they can’t run the site from behind bars…

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