All The Evidence Points To Being A Scam

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits is $14.99 with a cost of $1.49 per message.
  • 25 credits is $34.99 with a cost of $1.39 per message.
  • 50 credits is $64.99 with a cost of $1.29 per message.
  • 100 credits is $119.99 with a cost of $1.19 per message.
  • 200 credits is $199.99 with a cost of $1.99 per message.


Today we’re looking at through a microscope. In this investigation we’re going to give you a lot of different evidence that will show you piece by piece exactly why this website probably should not be trusted. We registered on the site and have documented everything that you need so you can make the right decision. If you want to know if this site is real or fake this review going to give you more than enough evidence so you can make the right choice.

Connections To A List Of Phony Hookup Sites

MyPrivateFling is connected to numerous other sites such as, ,,,, and The reason we’re pointing this out is because all of these different websites are essentially the same website, the only thing that’s different is the domain name and a few graphics. All of these websites are owned by the same corporation called Meteor Interactive which is located in the Netherlands

The Site Acknowledges That They Create Fake Profiles

We’ve investigated and dealt with other websites owned by the same people that are operating this website, so we know exactly what we’re looking for. It’s easy for us to spot the scams and document them in this investigation. The first piece of evidence we like to bring forward is a screenshot showing that the site is responsible for creating fictional profiles. If you take a look at the screenshot below circled in read it says “profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.”

This means that the website is creating fake profiles and they’re telling us “physically meeting with these fake profiles isn’t possible” since of course they’re not real members.

 ***FYI: Every single page has this information located at the bottom of it, “profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.”

(A screenshot proving the website is creating fake fictitious profiles.)

Why Is The Website Creating Fake Profiles?

There are many different reasons why MyPrivateFling is fabricating pretend profiles on their own platform. The first reason is because there aren’t enough real females joining their website. It’s 2019 and the first adult hook-up site was created 20 years ago in 1999. That first real adult dating site has made billions of dollars in revenue. All the newcomers to the game creating dating sites nowadays are 99% fake. Why? It’s because they’re late to the game. The legitimate dating sites have all the real women joining them. These are websites that have been proven to be authentic because back in the beginning of the internet there was absolutely no reason for a dating site to create fake profiles. The older legitimate hookup sites have a stranglehold on their competition, they already have millions and millions of real users (men and women). So, If you wanted to create a dating site today it’s much more difficult. You need to pay big money for all the advertising to get millions of millions of women to join your website. So all these newer dating sites are taking it upon themselves to fabricate fake profiles. This makes it seem like their site has thousands of horny women when in fact all those profiles are fictional and all these personals have been fabricated by the website to pull the wool over your eyes.

The Site Confesses To Creating Bogus Profiles

Since the website openly admits that they are responsible for fabricating the dating profiles we wanted to give you all the proof and examples of fake profiles that they have made. Below we’ve included screenshots of just a few (of the possibly thousands) of fake profiles on this website. Below each fake profile we’ve included links to where the profile photograph was stolen from. Obviously they’re using pictures of real women it’s just that these women haven’t joined MyPrivateFling. All that’s occurring is that this website is stealing images of attractive looking females and then building fake personal ads with the stolen photos.

How It All Works:

  • They used some sort of software program to grab images from adult image sites and social media sites.
  • From there they built bogus dating personals.
  • Then they upload them to their website making it appear like the site has thousands of real horny women when in reality all the profiles are not real at all.

(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page)


(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page)


(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page)


(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page)


(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page)


Fake Emails Used To Trick Their Members Into Purchasing Credits

Below we’ve included a screenshot showing a very small sample of the over 100 different emails that we got from all different women. We’re going to get right to the point. These emails are not legitimate. These emails have been fabricated using some kind of artificial intelligence that automatically sends email messages out to people. It’s all a scam used to mislead and entice you into purchasing credits so you can reply back to the emails.

(this is a screenshot showing the 772 phony emails sent to us!)

Proof Of Our Empty Profile Page

Below we’ve included a screenshot of the profile page that were using for the specific investigation. The reason we’re including this is to show you even more so that this website should not be trusted. Circle in red you will see a grey icon. This signifies that we haven’t uploaded a photograph to our dating profile. Why then would we receive over 100 messages? It’s not very logical that so many different women would go out of their way to contact a man who doesn’t even have a picture of himself on his dating profile.

The reason so many different women are contacting me is because their profiles are not real. An automated chat bot is the one sending us fake emails to trick us into purchasing credits like we’ve already explained.

(Screenshot of the profile we used for this investigation.)

The Terms And Conditions Has More Proof Of The Fraud

In the terms and conditions page in the very first paragraph they state that their website is a “fantasy entertainment service”. This means it is not a real dating site. When something’s a fantasy it means it’s not real. Then they go on to state that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators akak employees (not real female members ). This means that they actually have employees who operate behind the scenes. They operate the fake profiles. If you receive a message from an attractive looking blonde that you think lives a mile away from you think again. That dating profile and thousands of other profiles are operated by employees pretending to be the women in the profiles. It’s all one big scam! Click this link to visit the terms page.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision: is a rigged dating platform. This website has not been created with good honest intentions. From day one the website has been created for one reason and that is to mislead you, deceive you and lure you into purchasing credits. There are no real women on the website as we pointed out numerous times.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 46 comments

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  • william mauck says:

    yes i have been riped off by for more thenj 200 dollars take the site down its a dam sham to let it on the internet

    • Lee says:

      I got ripped off MANY and MANY of times with this 14.99 and I will never go back that Web Site again and ALL of the Females seem to me like that this website is paying these females ONLY to keep men on here so they say pay and pay as long as they can keep men IN THIS website. So far ALL of the females that I have contacted would NOT give me their phone numbers because ALL of their excuses was ” OH I FEEL SAFE IN HERE” bull shit so don`t feel bad Steve at least I got all of my money back and you do the same

      • Krista says:

        May I ask what you did to get your money back? I recently discovered my just turned 18 year old son has spent over $100 on this site. I need to shut this thing down now.

      • LES says:


    • LES says:


  • Steve says:

    I am ashamed to admit I I bought over $ 400 of credits with the understasnding that the women were real…my bad at not reading the fine print…should I be worried about my bank account now ??? they shpuld be shut down asap

  • Dave says:

    I think there should be a classaction law suit to reimburse all that money that they riped off.

  • Rob says:

    Like the previous Comments I GOT SCAMMED as well. I sent them $35.00 for 25 messages the website said it accepted my payment but then when I went to check to see if my Credits were applied it STILL SAID ZERO.



  • Ted says:

    Unfortunately, I fell into the same trap as the rest of these gentlemen. I conversed with, what I thought was a real woman, and I could never get her to tell me her name. Answers to questions were nebulous and vague. That's when my suspicions went through the roof. Luckily I didn't get hit for over about 75 bucks.. Where is the FBI and commerce dept. This is plain and simple fraud, which both should investigate.

  • James Gregory Lirette says:

    I was charged 5 times for a total of 160 dollars,  and then they posted my card was not excepted but I still showed were the money went and never received any credit for charges ya'll should be sued and shut down your site's 

  • Ronnie Thomas says:

    The site should be banned

  • Richard Engle says:

    Yes, my first time on a dating site, spent over $300. for credits just to get pussed off , they hook you saying they live in your town or close by and want to meet you "TONIGHT" you spend credits texting them and when you you want to set a place and time to meet then the excuses start. Nobody talks "Let's Shag" or "I want to fuck a Bloke like you"  That should give you sign they AIN'T from your town. In what countries do they talk "Shag & Bloke" ?Australia? Netherlands ? Alot of times you can read the profile description they write and it doesn't seem the march with the picture, if you understand my meaning.

    • Admin says:


      Sorry to hear you lost $300 but thanks for sharing your story to warn and help others. Guys stay away from My Private Fling.

      • Kurt says:

        So why don’t someone shut theses sites down. But there are nice looking pictures. I look but didn’t play into there games. It’s funny to read the messages . Don’t think there’s no real site to hook up with women. Now Las Vegas yes.

  • Darren White says:

    Igot ripped $34.99 twice and $64

  • Carey says:

    Yup, I got ripped too. The sister site, Finding My Flings, owned by Meteor Interactive got me for $64.99 and I never recieved the credits. When I complained, they just deactivated my access to the site and told me to read the terms of agreement again. Also, I must have texted 20 women and was always put off when it was suggested to meet personnally. These people are crooks. Don't bother, you will not find what you expect and they are expensive.

  • jeff says:


    another new one for you   same company

    i  paid 35.00 no credits. i would join any class action.

    maybe go after the companies hosting the sites

    i miss spelled my home town name, intersting how they are all in that wrong name.

    now get emails directly from "girls" trying to get me to join other sites.

    so they gave out my email address

  • Tom Young says:

    need to contact MTR INT. and cannot find a way beside calling international number to find out what site is charging my card. Is there another way to get contact on internet? Making it impossible to cancel services! Sombody please help ASAP.

  • Thomas Stanley says:

    Hi i to have fallen to this svam and now my credit card is being charged auto 14.90 and 29.90 every couple weeks can i get this to stop and can i get my money back

  • Lena says:

    Those that got their money back, how did you get the bank to do it? the BF tried and the bank denied him. Saying he was responsible. Of course he denies being on any site but i do know better. Repeated charges for several different amounts. Took over $700!

  • Rolf Dahlborn says:

    Thanks datingbusters for beiing here.

    I live in Sweden and let me tell you that if or when you dont have the right connections one is burnt on the dating market.

    Look what happened to Julian Assange. This chique was inviting Julian home and eventually they ended up in bed. As Julian was taken as a supposively hot shot from Australia, another lady stole or lured Julian into going to bed together. Now the First Lady became rabid with the issue and goes filing a rape with Law Enforcement to get back at him. The rest well you all know the history.

    I was brought to my intention of the Swedish version of fling called kryddigasnack which translated would be spiced up talks. I registered and was soon triggered to go buying credits in order to proceed. And soon a conversation could be ongoing on and on. Yet new messages soon appeared of beautiful ladies of all ages. I could not resist until I finally started to question the whole thing as I tried to repeatedly make meeting appointments. Now there where always excuses although most messages where initially indicating a meeting for the weekend or the evening. Suddenly there was a change and although they where telling me how much they wanted to meet going dining or having sex. And what more having explained something to a profile an hour later this person hasn’t perceived my explanation and goes repeating the same question.

    Here in our country we don’t have consumer officers we can report to. There are consumer guides in the city councils however they are politically put there so one need use the right words and language talking to them and again it depends who you are.

    So please file law suite this corporate from the Netherlands.

    Most probably I have spent well over 700 USD from my credit card on this scam. I would very much indeed like a refund.

  • Bob says:

    Can someone give a bit of advice? I found these charges on my credit card and am wondering if they are virtual chat rooms or are they webcams that you and the other person, whom your paying, actually interact and have some sexual encounter? Also are these women local to you?

  • Martin says:

    The above comments are all about the truth, is a deceptive website. Fortunately, I found out in time and lost 35 dollars. This is a lesson. However, men are always unable to withstand the temptation.

  • chris says:

    I tried to purchase some credits with my debit card my bank called me up and told me they were suspected of fraud because it came from the Netherlands. Anyways I keep looking through the profiles and on their pictures I would see in the background a picture of an electrical outlet that would be European style 230v instead of a 120v, right then I knew they are fake profiles.

  • Joe says:

    Well I can tell you that I have not received any real hook ups like what they averting it’s a total game

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  • Brian Weaver says:

    I tried both myprivatefling and mylocalfing, both site are owned by the same company, I figured I spent about 500$ before I caught on. It’s interesting that if you change your city/state info in your profile within 30 sec you get messaged. I had at one time over 115 messages over a 24 hr period. No profile pic, no information other than age. I’m not sure anything can be done however because they covered their ass by saying their profiles are mostly fictitious.

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