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If you're looking for a review of, please follow this link. We have already done a full review of which is owned by the exact same company. Both dating sites are exactly the same. To make a long story short both sites operate in the same manner. Many times dating sites will use the exact same site design but under a new domain name. This is exactly what has happened in this case.

We signed up on which is the exact same as and the site asked for our credit card info claiming they needed to verify we were over 18 years old. Please read the complete detailed review here.

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  • Stephen Bacon says:

    Retired and bored allowed myself to be taken in by a couple of these sites example Black Cr-sh and Jada P-rks are similar in makeup and bullshit to,Thanx for exposing these sites and keep up the great work !

  • Roger Stephen Roth says:

    As a former member of this site i can tell you straight forward yes this site is a scam. The same goes with all adult dating sites which are suckering guys out there. You won't get laid here at all. It is better to go to a bar or meet some girls in college or trying the traditional way of getting laid. Most likely these sites will go out of business if they don't clean up their act because they have really bad reputations. You may be able to find some girls online but not through these shitty sites. Don't waste your time and money as these sites are total shit. They offer you the free membership right? But if you want to message or contact other members then you have to pay the 24.99 for 6 months. Now here is the kicker to the scam. You know the girls who messaged you to hook up in your e-mail box when you were not a paid official member? None of them will actually meet up with you. This site even has the audacity to claim if you don't get laid they will let you use it for an additional 6 months for free. Well i e-mailed these assholes after my membership was done and i had cancelled it and i told them that i did not get any pussy. Instead they gave me nothing and i was not offered a continuation on the site. All these sex sites are bullshit and nothing but fantasy so don't waste your money.

  • Graham McNamee says:

    Yep as above. It Is definitely a SCAM and as such should be repoprted as such. Thay toomk over R560 from me FOR NOTHING, Graham

  • CL says:

    It's amazing how people get suckered in to these sites, and while I suspect that these sites will gladly accept the funds of women who are interested hooking up rather quickly, there are several things to look for if someone is real: they don't send out 15 different emails about how different you are and how they want ro hookup The instant you log on. Any email from a site via an anonymous remailer remailer that will not communicate with you directly, but wants you to go through another site is bullshit. Any site that where the woman who are just dying to fuck you but have had less than ten partners are not real. The math doesn't add up. Don't fall for the I work too much and don't have time to meet people. How many hot women do you know that can walk into a bar and not go ho,e with any guy who is there without a woman? I suspect this is only s problem with men.  

    Although I can suggest how to make a woman fall head over heal in love with you on any dating site, and I don't have any web site  to join, and I'm not going to ask you to watch any video for money.or sign up for a newsletter. I absolutely don't want any contact.   I'm going to spill all the goods right here and now. Literally every woman, who I can drag into a conversation, I'm not saying will fuck me, but will become enthralled.

    First of all, if you're looking for a woman who is intelligent, this even works more effectively, but the twits can be dragged in as well. First, write correctly and use the proper grammar for the intelligent woman. She may not even completely do that herself, but she knows stupid better than we do. And Women love poetry and love to have little personal epithets by Shakespeare or romantic poets like Byron or poets like Robert Frost quoted to them, saying this reminds me of you. Two of my favorites are Byron's She Walks In Beauty  or Robert Frost's The Rose Family which the line: you remind me of this poem by Byron or by Rober Frost & for the woman of average intellect you may have to dumb it down. But say these words: you remind me of this poem by Byron:

    she waks in beauty like the night, of cloudless climes & starry skies 

    and all the best of dark & bright, meet in her aspect & her eyes

    one ray the more, one shade the less, would half impair her nameless grace

    where thoughts serenely sweet express, how dear , how pure their  dwelling place. 


    Now I've left out a few lines that are not needed but for those of you that don't like poetry and say, "what's it good for?"  Well in today's rap & hip hop world, it'll get you laid.  More intelligent woman love this Frost poem The Rose Family (which if they ask you, everything mentioned is from the family Roscaseae  & the last two lines make them yours):

    A Rose is a rose

    but the story now goes

    that the apple's a rose

    & the pear is and so's

    the plum I suppose.

    My dear only knows

    what will next prove a rose.

    You, of course, are a rose,

    but were always a rose

    Ok so now you've. got 2 that will melt their heart.  Then there is one Shakespeare Sonnet, number  116 which will get the harder sells and I'm even going to just say the parts that you need:

    Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds or bends with the remover to remove. No,  it is an ever fix-ed mark that looks on tempests & is not shaken…Love's not time's fool, though rosy lips & cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come….

    So you've just won the few hold outs. I am an average looking guy. I do have above average intelligence & am a physician, but I don't mention that because gold diggers latch on like hyena on a wildebeest's nuts. But it will win over both the woman wanting something serious & women who aren't. And I will say this, while I can't always get a response, if I do, I never been on a dating site, where and I'm talking, eHarmony and zoosk, where I have been told the moment we get together, how the first thing we are going to do is go fuck, I've flown to Kansas and Texas, and gone straight to a hotel room to fuck before even getting dinner and it was their idea.  In fact, within a few face time conversations, I can get the 9 of 10 girls to masturbate with me via face time before they've even met me in person. This takes a little work but let me say it involves poetry.  I even did it on QuizUp in the chat session.  Start slow and complement them with things like: what man wouldn't be enthralled by your beauty, and then  compliment their intelligence.  Most women have been thought of a stupid for a long time, especially blondes and th poetry and compliments about their intelligence  just get to melt for you, even if your just average looking or a few pounds overweight. 

    Secondly, beware of hookup sites that have lots of positive reviews or have a hyperlink to them.

     And finally, if they're really are women that want to just randomly come out and fuck you without knowing you on those sites, I can guarantee they get high. So the I drink socially, I don't smoke, and I don't do drugs, but are looking for a man who doesn't use drugs but it doesn't matter how much the person they seek drinks or smokes, is fake. Women that fuck around like that have lots of partners, get wasted, and get high. They may not smoke cigarettes but they probably smoke pot and drink regularly. Smoking cigarettes in today's world is ostracized a lot so they may not smoke cigarettes.  

    Enjoy this his advice and I hope if you're looking for true love, you find it and this advice takes you over he edge to their heart, or if you're not the world's best looking stud-the studs don't need my help to get laid, this is a way into her pants. You will probably be much happier with the love of friendship hookups, but getting laid is easy with that advice.  Of course, you need to make them come back.  But this isn't about how to please a woman, just how to give you fair footing. 

    Good luck, and don't break their heart too badly.  I sometimes feel a little guilty but I have literally had every girl I have dragged into a conversation tell me they were in love with me by the 3rd phone call.  I'm not guaranteeing that, but you can get laid. 


    • passiveoppressive atthegmail says:

      CL, you are a god amongst men. Seriously. Brilliant stuff.

    • a grateful reader says:


      Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I wish the women you'll drag into conversations will be of the highest quality and that you may find true love too if that is what you are looking for.

    • BethB says:

      CL, seriously? What kind of woman is so insecure that she has to have a doctor (or any man) constantly compliment her looks and intelligence?  Don't answer that….. Many are. When these women build self esteem and rely on themselves, not some hornball who doesn't give a SHIT about the average woman to bang that's when they will find true happiness. 

      I have docs in my family do it doesn't impress me, esp since you fuck just about anything it seems. Ugh. That's just nasty. 



  • david radosevich says:

    scam, scam, scam… do not give your information to these criminals…

  • Reaper says:

    This website is based in South Africa. …nuff said.

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  • Ben says:

    Don't waste your money it's sure enuff a scam ,plus once they get your credit card number several other sits will charge your card   I had 5 other charges from 5 Web sites they run  ,billing co. Out of Washington won't tell who they are an you can not contact them , fraud charges have been made  by card co. Had to shut of credit card too, as I was on with card company another charge came in !! From another co.thru  Same billing co.,   plus the responses you get are computer generated response to you !!

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