Scamming 1000s Of People With “Virtual Profiles” (Fake Women)

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We already did a written review on In the review we explain why the site is deceiving and  misleading and essentially a full-blown fraud. We don't say those words lightly, we investigated the site and have all the evidence to back up our claims that the site is not a legitimate place to meet real women. It wasn't rocket science for us to figure this out because all the evidence is on the website, most of the evidence is either found on the front page of the website or in the terms and conditions page. There's no question about it AdultCrush isn't legitimate.

We've included a video below that outlines and explains the main reasons why this dating site is a scam. Click the video play button below and get up to speed. It's a short 2-minute video that you can share online.

We really need your help in exposing all these frauds that we come across on a daily basis. If you could please share this information on your Facebook account, your Twitter account and any other social media account it helps us to get the word out about these scams. The government isn't doing anything, these people are operating with complete immunity. No one is stopping them, they're making millions of dollars using phony girls to con lonely men into purchasing $30 monthly memberships. Not only on Adult Crush but hundreds and even thousands of other phony dating services that we continue to come across every single day.

If you want to get the full gist of what's going on click on this link to read our full written review here.

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 Comments 4 comments

  • Dave says:

    How do you cancel premium subscription?

    • vern anderson says:

      this is a scam site. i will go to the better business bureau if my $29.95 is not returned immediately!

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