Caution: Is A Colossal Scam As Proven In Our Investigation

 Aug, 31 - 2017   no comments   ReviewsScams

A couple of weeks ago we did a review on In that investigation we did a very long analysis of why Looking4Hotties isn't real legitimate dating service. We backed up our allegations with lots of proof including screenshot showing you exactly why this site is illegitimate.

With this quick article we're just trying to shine a light on the site and we're begging you you guys to share it on social media and help us get the word out about this fake dating service. There are thousands of sites just like this one making literally millions of dollars conning people all across the world. We need your help to get the word out about every single review that we publish so we can stop these fake dating services from infiltrating the online dating scene. It's wreaking havoc and Looking 4 Hotties is another dating site that everyone should stay as far away from as they possibly can. If you want to read our full analysis on this phony hookup click here to read the review now.

Looking4Hotties uses all types of dirty tactics to get people to pay for credits on their pretend site. If you ended up buying a membership here and you're looking to get your money back you should get ahold of your financial institution / your credit card company and file a complaint and get those charges reversed.

You can watch the video below where we explain why this "dating site" should never be trusted.

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