A Warning About InstaSext.com To Those Thinking Of Joining It

 Apr, 21 - 2016   4 comments   ReviewsScams

From those people who need to be reminded once again that Instasext.com is in no way legitimate. We did a review on it last month that you can read here. Guys please take our warnings seriously unless you like wasting you hard earned money on non existant women that send you automated chat messages.

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 Comments 4 comments

  • Dave says:

    Plus there so stupid they don't even have a login for exsiting members it's defintly a scam

  • Dont matter says:

    I got on there to see what's goin on with it and there is nobody on there guys or girls that live in my town who said they do I know everyone here this site is total bullshit…so for those who are thinking abt hooking up with sumone on this site..stick to tradition,go out and find you sumone

  • John muir says:

    Cheers all. Hey you guys dont put your reviws on for nothing thanks for saveing me some waisted time thanks john

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