Why Is LocalMilf.com A Scam? Our Video Details It All

 Dec, 15 - 2016   5 comments   ReviewsScams

We did a review on LocalMilf.com way back in September and that review is still relevant today. Today we shot a video discussing why it's important to share this news. Unfortunately these kind of fake dating sites can make millions of dollars for the people running these type of operations. So to cut into their profits so they will stop their fraud we need your help in spreading the word across social media. The government won't do its job so we have to fight back using any means necessary. In this day in age that the best way to spread information is through the internet so here are links, post them to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. You can click on the link here to be taken directly to our extensive review of LocalMilf.com.

 Comments 5 comments

  • wayne j pflasterer says:

    joined xpickup.com 2 days ago and have not received any replies to my messages.  I think this is a ripoff and would not have anything good to say about this website

  • Charlie Shinn says:

    Localmilf has slipped to using bots/contractorsto post as standard members now. Caught one a couple days ago. Call it out and it ignores being called a fake. No human would. What a rip. Standard members are the ones you susposedly have a shot at meeting but alas they are fake too. Outright deceiving. 

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