We Prove That MyHotBook.com Promotes Dating Scams In This Investigation

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Today we are shining the light on a site called MyHotBook.com. This website has popped up numerous times on our screen and we decided to dig deeper and see if this was a legitimate dating service or yet another one of the fake dating scams that we have been exposing for years. For our investigation we visited the site and started digging around, what we found out is detailed in this investigation. You can read our full review below.

Why Is MyHotBook.com Fake?

As soon as we visited the homepage of MyHotBook.com we noticed that every single girl was from our geographical location.  We thought that was a bit strange. How could so many hot girls live so close to us. Then what we did for this investigation is we changed our location using a proxy server. A proxy service enables you to make it seem like you're anywhere in the world and hides your ip address. And the funny thing was it didn't matter where we changed our location to those exact same women on the home page of MyHotBook.com we're showing up! If we changed our location to appear to be from New York, the women from were from New York. If we changed our location to Chicago the women appeared to be from Chicago. This is all fake! The people behind my My Hot Book are using very sophisticated computer software that can find out your IP address and your location and with that information then they display that information on the screen. They use software programs called geolocation plugins and scripts. One company where you can purchase geo location computer software scripts for your web site is from MaxMind.com. With this software you can make it appear as if the women are located near your area. This software can identify through your IP address what city you are located in. With that info they can put your city location on the webpage just like they are doing on My Hot Book.

Other things on the homepage of MyHotBook.com that screams fraud includes the amount of people located in our city. It doesn't matter where your location is the number of people located in your town will never change, it will always be 65,497. This is just more proof that the site isn't a real dating service. All this is a con to trick you, manipulate you and entice you to click on the join now for free orange button.

Bogus Webcam Chat

The women that seem to be broadcasting their webcams to you on My Hot Book are all phony as well. These are pre-recorded videos, not live webcam chats. If you watch the video long enough you will see that will it will loop back to beginning and continuously play over and over again. The girls are not live on their webcam. This is just another marketing gimmick to get you to try and click on the link to join the site. Don't fall for these ridiculous cons, you are being played for a fool at every corner of this website.

Hot Girls Or Fake Profile Photos?

The thing you need to realize is that on the homepage of My Hot Book every girl is a 10 out of 10. Does that seem realistic to you? When you walk out onto a city street does every female look like that? And secondly do you actually think that these type of women need to be on a hook-up site like My Hot Book in order to meet guys? Obviously the answer is no to both to those questions. The profiles are fake using photographs that have been copied or stolen from other websites, mainly amateur porn sites. And secondly these type of women have no problem hooking up with guys. The women in the photos don't need to join a hookup site in order to get laid. It's all a massive deception. None of these females are real and one look at their profile photographs should tell you that.

MyHotBook.com fake profiles
(Fake profiles, these aren't real girls looking to get laid.)

How The Whole Con Operates

When you click on any of the female images, or the join now button you are then redirecting to another site. In our particular situation we were we were directed to FreeLifetimeFuckFinder.com, which is a massive scam that we reviewed back in February 2016 .

Free Lifetime Fuck Finder is 100% completely fake. In fact all the sites connected with My Hot Book are illegitimate fake dating services. MyHotBook.com is not a dating site. All they do is send web users to phony dating services where they try to trick you into buying useless monthly memberships. For every person who registers on the dating site that they are promoting the people who own MyHotBook receive financial compensation. They get paid for every new user that joins whatever dating site they are pushing at that time.

Unfortunately from our investigation all the dating sites they promote are dating scams. None of them have real women on them. All of the ladies are just fictitious female profile pages, they also use automated computer bot systems to send you phony emails in an effort to get you to try and communicate back at which time you will be asked to purchase a paid subscription to this site.

** Learn how to spot fake dating profiles read this tutorial.

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Final Decision:

We suggest you not register on MyHotBook.com. There's more than enough proof that this website isn't legit. From the geolocation scripts that try to trick you into believing girls are located in your community, to the fake profiles, and also the pre-recorded fake webcam chats nothing about this website is real. If you could please spread the word about MyHotBook.com by sharing this review and helping to inform others about this fraud we would really appreciate it.

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