We Investigated GetNaughty.com For A 2nd Time, To Learn If Anything Has Changed

 Apr, 10 - 2017   1 comment   ReviewsScams

GetNaughty.com is a very popular hookup dating site that we reviewed back in May of 2014. Today we reinvestigated GetNaughty.com, from our investigation it looks like absolutely nothing has changed with this website. They are still attracting millions of visitors per year but their shady business model has not changed at all.

This website is still unfortunately duping people. If you are one of those unlucky people who purchased a membership on this website you should contact your bank immediately and try to get those charges reversed.

A quick look at Google reveals that many review sites are pointing at GetNaughty.com for being fake just like we have. It's overwhelming if you look at all the negative reviews and the bad publicity that GetNaughty.com has and rightfully so. They offer little to no value for people looking to find one another. Their website is built on the premise of misleading people. It's all about trickery and deception and nothing more than that.

Please also leave a comment below with your experiences with getting already. Leave a comment below so we can help and save other consumers from having the same fate as you.

 Read our original review of GetNaughty.com here. We have tons of comments on our review, we welcome any info you have on this site. Help us shine the light on the shysters in the online dating world. We need to protect consumers for fake dating sites. Many people have complained about getting scammed but the site is still up and open for business like nothing has ever happened.  Where are the consumer protection agencies that have been created to protect consumers from bad businesses including shady dating sites. Why have they have never stepped in to stop GetNaughty.com? In any case we are here to help the best that we can.

* You can watch our short review about Get Naughty below by clicking on the image to start the video.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • steve says:


    Mostly fake/paid profiles and prostitutes

    I joined for a 3 day trial a couple of days ago.
    It is a nicely done website full of fake and paid profiles. But they also enable solicitation of prostitution for the very few real profiles from hookers.
    They make it almost impossible for you to leave and they will also try to auto renew your subscription without your agreement. And they make it impossible to delete your account. You would have to call a number first to delete the unwanted auto renewal. But that number is not real.
    I am still trying to get my account removed.

    Stay away from them

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