We Investigated FuckRealSluts.com And Our Review Has Uncovered Fraud

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FuckRealSluts.com was registered on August 8, 2015. Some of the scam sites that we have reviewed include MilfsConnection.com and LocalMilfSelfies.com. Please take the time to read the full investigation below to understand how these type of web sites make their money and how they operate to send traffic to illegitimate dating sites.

How Does The Con Work?

You might be wondering how this whole con works? The first part of the equation is to buy a domain name. In this particular case the domain name is FuckRealSluts.com. From there the people who own FuckRealSluts.com purchase banner ad space on adult video sites. So you as a user on go on these adult video sites and see the banner ads, when you click the banner ad you get sent to fFuckRealSluts.com. Once on FuckRealSluts.com yu are met with a questionnaire that you need to answer. You get congratulated and you get access to whatever dating site they are promoting at the time.

In our particular case after we filled out the questionnaire we were sent to MilfsConnection.com. We know Milfs Connection all too well, because we did  a review on them in May of 2015.

The Scam Broken Down In Detail

When we claim that a dating site is a scam we don't say so lightly. We back up our findings with clear evidence of fraud and deception, which is the case with the partnership with FuckRealSluts.com and MilfsConnection.com.

This site from all the evidence we have gathered uses fabricated fictitious female profiles and then pawns them off as real members to unsuspecting users of their dating service. On top of that they also use computer bots which have been created exclusively to trick free members into thinking they are interacting with real women. As crazy as it may sound it's all verifiable fact that can be found in the terms and condition of MilfsConnection.com.

On top of that they also admit to hiring paid contractors to chat with you, send you emails and interact with you as part of their employment. These people are actually paid to pretend to be interested in free members!

Probably the most ridiculous thing is that the owners of MilfsConnection.com actually have terminology for the scams they use on their members. They call their program "Online Cupids". Online Cupids" is the terminology they use regarding the fake profiles they create, the paid contractors and also all the automated software program they use to send people communications.

The end goal from all this deception is to get you to purchase a monthly membership on MilfsConnection.com. It all strives from money and people's greed to obtain it.

Examples Of "Online Cupids"

Below we took screenshots of just 2 fake emails from "Online Cupids". These are just 2 emails of  128 emails that we receive that were all "Online Cupids" (fake members). These emails are 100% automated, there are no real girls sending us these messages. Once again it all a trick to get you to upgrade so you can interact with these women.

And not only do they use automated emails, another very popular practice is to use instant messages that are completely automated but look and appear to be coming from female members interested in getting to know you better.

Automated emails
(screen shot of 128 emails from "Online Cupids" we received in 9 months of being on the site)




 Fake email
(Automated email from "Online Cupid".)

(Automated email from "Online Cupid".)

Examples Of "Online Cupids"

As more proof that this is a fraudulent dating service you can read the terms and conditions where they admit to everything in crystal clear detail. Click this link to be taken to Mills connection.com Terms and Conditions page. Go to section of 9 and read the part about fantasy profiles called "Online Cupid".There you can read for yourself everything we detailed in this investigation. This will prove without a shadow of a doubt exactly what this site is all about. It also proves the site is indeed a full fledge scam.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 8010 Woodland Center Blvd, Suite 700, Tampa, FL, 33614, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information For MilfsConnection.com:

  • Phone: 1-888-649-9178
  • Address: Dositheou, 42\nStrovolos, P.C. 2028, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

After you read the terms and conditions of MilfsConnection.com it becomes very evident that you're not dealing with a legit dating service. And since FuckRealSluts.com has chosen to partner with them to promote their dating scam they should be avoided at all costs as well!

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