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Website Details:

AdultSwipe.com home page


  • Gold

  • $6.98 for a 2 day paid trial subscription.
  • $14.04 for a 7 day paid trial subscription.
  • $49.30 for a 1 month paid subscription.
  • $98.68 for a 6 month paid subscription.
  • $169.21 for an 18 month paid subscription.


  • Home: The home page shows who's online right now, members on video chat, featured members and who has viewed your profile.
  • Chat: Talk to women and see females on the site through their video chat system.
  • Online Now: Check to see who is online now.
  • Trending Now: The "trending now" section shows you the most popular photos and videos, as well as premium content.
  • Live Girls:  Watch girls who are naked and perform for you for a price.
  • Search: Search for people according to the search parameters that you want that are listed below.
  • Advanced Search: Use the advanced search to find people based on the choices listed below.
  1. Sexual Preference: Search for women based on what their sexual preference is.
  2. Gender: Find people based on their gender.
  3. Age: Search for members based on their age.
  4. Location: Search according to where other members live (country, city etc…).
  5. Appearance: Find people based on eye color, height, hair color, comparability, interests and much more.
  6. Profession: Find people according to their profession (doctor, accountant, lawyer etc…).
  7. Income: Search for people based on their level of income.


AdultSwipe.com is the focus of today's review. Just like every web site we investigate, we created a profile on this site to see exactly how the site operates. We dig deep to see if this site is legitimate or a scam. All of our findings are available for everyone to read below.

Women Contacting Us In A Matter Of Minutes

A few things we noticed right off the bat was that we started getting messages popping up from our screen from all types of different females. Some of the messages asked us to "add more photos" to our profile and other messages wanting "to see our pics".

From what we've been able to determine these messages are not being sent by the members of the site instead they are completely automated messages. When something is automated it means that it has no human involvement. So that means no one is actually sending us those messages except for software bots (a software application that runs automated tasks ).

We are not saying that there aren't real members on the site but the messages we personally are receiving are from automated bots used by the site to send messages on behalf of their members. If you thought someone was actually emailing you to ask for your photos then that's a wrong assumption. What's actually happening is automated bots are sending you communications on behalf of certain members of the site.

We have done over 220 reviews of various dating services and what we found in our experience is that many times the automated software are used by deceptive dating sites to get you to upgrade and purchase a membership so you have the ability to communicate back with the women supposedly sending you email messages. Let's be clear we're not saying that's what's happening in this case we're pointing out our experience with other sites. In previous reviews the dating sites used bots disguised as real women as a marketing scheme to direct you to a payment page to upgrade so you can communicate with those women. The only problem being that the females sending out the emails were always fake members of the site. Once again we're not stating that's what's happening here, we are just pointing out facts from other cases we have investigated. We have no proof that this website is creating fake profiles, in fact they adamantly state that they do not create "service profiles" AKA virtual members. Below you can see just a few of the automated messages we received that entice us to start chatting with the female members.

(Automated messages that we received.)

Automated "Ice Breakers" Used To Send Us Emails

The automated messages we received are referred to as "Ice Breakers" according to their own documents. According to the site the members have requested that they send "Ice Breakers" on their behalf because we have matched one of their preferences. All the automated message we received were "Ice Breakers". When we tried to reply to the "Ice Breakers" link we got sent to a secondary page to upgrade our free membership to a paid membership.

automated icebreaker emails
(Screen shot showing an "Ice Breaker" message that we received.)

We Have An Empty Profile But We Still Receive Messages From Women Interested In Us

As proof we took a screenshot of our dating profile. As you can see circled in red our profile is completely empty, we finished 0 of the 13 steps and we have no photographs in our profile at all. But that didn't stop us from receiving countless messages from a variety of different girls on the site. All the "Ice Breakers" were sent to us even though our profile was completely void of any type of information. According to their own documents "Ice Breakers" are sent to people that have "matched the preference of the person" sending us the automated "Ice Breaker". We're not sure how we matched anyone's preference since our profile is empty (except for our location) and that would be the only thing that we would have in common with any of the women sending us "Ice Breakers" . We're just stating the facts here, you can make your own judgment. We're not saying the site is a scam at all, we just point out facts that we see while investigating this dating service.

Empty Profile
(Screen shot of our empty profile showing we have no photos.)

According To The Site They Don't Use "Service Created Profiles"

In the terms and conditions of Adults Swipe they stated they do not create fake profiles. They state that there competitors do this but they are not involved and do not use profiles created by their site. We have no proof to prove that Adult Swipe uses fictitious females as a marketing tool to lure men into buying upgraded monthly memberships.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 709 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.monikerdns.net, ns2.monikerdns.net, ns3.monikerdns.net, ns4.monikerdns.net

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-949-250-7340
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Email: [email protected] or use the online form
  • If your membership was paid through Epoch.com: 1-(800)-893-8871 if in the USA, (310)-664-5810 outside the USA and 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • [email protected] (Email)
  • www.epoch.com (Live Chat)
  • Checking Account Billing Support: 1-(800)-975-3502

Final Decision:

We need your help! We need you to provide us with comments about your experiences with Adult Swipe. Did you meet anyone on the site? Did the site live up to your expectations? We are here to provide a valuable open dialogue so people can get true information about all sorts of dating sites. If you joined AdultSwipe.com and had positive or negative experiences with it please leave a comment below so you can help others find honest information.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 3 comments

  • STEVEN COHN says:

    i wanted only the one week 9.95 offer. or so i thought. when i called the site support number to cancel after the one week.

    i found out i didn't pay for only one week of service but one month at 34.99. so i was scammed out of 25 dollars. and i have yet to meet anyone. i had two people contact me but they only wanted me to use my credit card to pay more into their employers site to get me to pay more than what i already was paying just to supposedly make contact on ADULTSWIPE.COM. SO I AM VERY UPSET AND WANT TO REMOVE MY PROFILE IMMEDIATELY EVEN IF I STILL HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT OF SERVICE.

  • Hepz says:

    As above I wanted the 3 day trial my problem i pushed upgrade by mistake as so close and on iphone it sent a chain of events emails spams random BS emails?  have contacted them or tried, and even right this minute cannot cancel or stop automatis subscription I see my charges NZ $59 the only thing I can think of is Cancel my Credit Card to stop further Billing? Any help anywhere? this is scary?


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