We Have Tons Of Proof That SensualSeekers.com Is As Fake As Silicone Breasts

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits will enable you to send 10 messages that will cost you $23,99 (+ $ 0,80) $2,39 / message.
  • 25 credits will enable you to send 25 messages that will cost you $54,99 (+ $ 0,80) $2,20 / message.
  • 50 credits will enable you to send 50 messages that will cost you $98,99 (+ $ 0,80) $1,98 / message.
  • 100 credits will enable you to send messages that will cost you $179,99 (+ $ 0,80) $1,80 / message.
  • 200 credits will enable you to send messages that will cost you $349,99 (+ $ 0,80) $1,75 / message.


  • Mailbox: The mailbox link lets you read emails from other members. Be warned that it cost credits to reply to email messages on the website.
  • Credits: Buy credits to use cetain parts of the site.
  • Members: The members section shows you members of the site.
  • My Profile: The my profile link lets you adjust your personal information and upload photos to your profile page. The credit section lets you buy credits.
  • Match Game:  The match game shows you different women you are then matched with.
  • My Matches: My matches shows women that you've been matched with. The length link shows you women that you have like.
  • Liked Me: The like me link shows you women that like your profile.
  • My Favorites: The my favorites link shows women that you've added to your favorites page.


There are dating sites that are legitimate sources to find real people, then there are websites that look like legitimate dating sites but have been intentionally built to deceive, manipulate, and rip people off. The big question we have is if SensualSeekers.com is a dating site or website that appears to be a dating site.

There is a huge difference between a site that looks like a dating site and an actual dating site. You can read our full investigation into Sensual Seekers and you can judge for yourself if it's legit or fake.

This Site Uses Fake "Fantasy Profiles" To Lie & Deceive You

Take a look at the screenshot below, this was taken from the homepage of SensualSeekers. Circle in red it's says "I acknowledge that the website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the website that may communicate with you for promotional and other purposes. I acknowledge that the individuals appearing in photos on the landing page or in fantasy profiles might not be actual members."

In order to gain access to SensualSeekers.com you need to agree that you understand this statement. Obviously 99% of the people who visit the site never bother reading the fine print, they click on "I agree" immediately. The website is counting on you not paying attention and not reading the fine print. But this is proof positive and our first piece of evidence showing you that this website is clearly involved in fabricating fictitious profiles on their website.

(This is a screenshot from the homepage of the website showing that the administrators are involved in creating phony profiles.)

"Fantasy Members" Litter The Site

In the terms and conditions of SensualSeekers.com they openly admit that they're responsible for using fantasy profiles for a variety of different reasons including what they call "stimulating interaction and conversations between users" (duping people into upgrading). They call the fictitious profiles that they create 'Fantasy Members", they use these phony profiles to con their members into purchasing expensive credits.

On the terms page they even go on to admit that the information, photographs and all the text in these 'Fantasy Member" profiles doesn't pertain to any actual member. Then they mention the fake fantasy profiles are included "strictly for entertainment purposes and nothing in these profiles is intended to resemble any real person". What does that tell you? It tells you that these profiles are totally fake and the website is behind all of it.!  angry The fantasy profile pages are everywhere, we have to assume that over 95% of the profiles of women on the site are in fact bogus.

We've done hundreds and hundreds of reviews of dating services. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand when you're being duped. If you see a dating site where all the women look like pornstars then something just doesn't add up. A light should go off in your brain warning you that it's a fraud. You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below. We're asking you, do you think these are real members of Sensual Seekers? Every single girl on there is at least an 8 out of 10 on the scoreboard. Why would there be so many hot women joining this site to meet guys? It's ridiculous until you realize that these profiles are 'Fantasy Members", not legitimate females looking to hook up with anyone.

(This is a screenshot of what we would have to assume our fantasy member fictitious profiles.)

We Received 640 Emails Too Bad They're All Fake

Below we've included a screenshot that we've taken of 640 emails that are in our email mailbox sent from artifical females on SensualSeekers. This astounding number of emails is utterly ridiculous. How is it possible to get 640 emails from porn star looking females? These aren't just a few emails, these are 640 emails!! Obviously something isn't right so we decided to read the terms and conditions page even further and we found some astonishing evidence. In Section 8.2 of the terms page they admit that "initial email messages are sent using their "Fantasy Member" service and the emails are automatically generated with no human involvement". They also go on to state that third-party contractors hired by them might be used to write and reply to email messages after that point. What that tells us is that anyway you look at it the emails are fake. Either the emails are sent to us from a computer program or there's a paid contractor who is pretending to be interested in us sending us fictitious email messages. And THE BIG KICKER  is that if you want to read those emails or reply to them we need to purchase credits.angry

Something else to note is that replying to 640 email messages is not cheap, quite the opposite. It would cost a small fortune to reply to all those bogus simulated emails.

(Below is a screenshot of the 640 computer-generated bogus email messages that we have received.)

Why Are Women Emailing Our Empty Profile Page?

The profile that we created for this investigation was left empty. We never uploaded any photos and we didn't fill out any of the personal information purposely. The reason being is we wanted to see if we would still get emails even though our profile was empty. And guess what the fake girls on SensualSeekers.com never let us down. As we already pointed out we were inundated with 640 email messages even though our profile is empty. This is just even more evidence showing that this website is 101% fake. The fact that we got 640 emails even though these 640 women don't even know what the hell we look like is insane. It's preposterous and ridiculous and only goes to prove even further that this is a total scam. You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided you below proving that our profile is blank.

(This is a screenshot of her empty profile page as you can see circled and read it says "no profile picture".)

We Got Like 66 Likes Even Though Our Dating Profile Is Empty, Why?

And here's another ridiculous thing, we receive 66 different likes to our profile. Why? Why would anyone like our profile when it's empty? Obviously it's an automated bot liking our profile and NOT 66 women. This is yet another deception used to mislead people into purchasing worthless credits that end up costing you a fortune!

(This is a screenshot showing the 66 different likes that we received on her empty profile page.)

The Terms And Conditions Explains Exactly How They Lie & Scam All Of Us

The people that operate SensualSeekers.com are some of the dumbest criminals we've ever come across, well maybe not the dumbest but they're still very stupid. In the terms page as we've already mentioned they describe in detail every single fraud that they have perpetrated against their own members (thanks for all the evidence). They confessed to using fantasy fake profiles. They confessed that they use computer-generated messages and that they hire paid actors that are paid to chat with you. And they also admit that all the information in the profiles that they create are of course phony. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or you can click on this link (read section #8) to read it on their website.

  • We use fantasy profiles to stimulate interaction and conversations among users.

  • 2.3.c) You acknowledge that some of the profiles on the Website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible…

  • We use fictitious profiles for testing and behavioral/social studies. Some of the user profiles posted on the Website are fictitious, and are associated with our “Fantasy Member” (FM) service. Our FM service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all the Website’s services, including the posting of additional information or pictures to our users’ profiles.

  • (8.2.a) Initial messages from our FM service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence from then on. The FM service is also intended to proactively monitor user activities and communications to ensure compliance with these terms.

  • (8.2.b) You acknowledge that the information, text, and pictures contained in the FM service profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included for entertainment purposes only. Nothing contained in any FM service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person—living or dead. Any similarity between FM user profile descriptions and any person is purely coincidental.
    (8.2.c) A single FM may be associated with more than one profile on the Website.

  • 8.3.a) On one or more occasions, FM profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activity. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same time.
    (8.3.b) You acknowledge that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and the individuals providing our FM service and that the exchange of messages between you and the FM is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activities. We do not guarantee that you will receive a response to any message you send to a FM or any other user.
    (8.3.c) Nothing contained in this section 8 will create any right to, or expectation of, interaction between users and FM profiles or the individuals creating FM profiles.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS01.IS.NL, NS02.IS.NL, NS03.IS.NL

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +31 85 4000803
  • Addresses:  Advanced Digital Services BV, Lange Dreef 11, 4131 NJ Vianen, The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Is your photo being used without your consent then email them at abuse@sensualseekers.com.
  • If you bought a membership and want to cancel your account contact billing@sensualseekers.com.
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • A warning that any charges made on your credit card will appear under "Pay.nl *Advanced Digi +31854000803 NLD".

Final Decision:

Sensual Seekers is a joke! Unfortunately this joke of a dating site is ripping people off making real money at your expense. They're scamming people left and right with their bogus hookup site. You have all the proof.

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If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 3 comments

  • Anthony Bruce, Avoca, Victoria, Australia. post code 3467. says:

    I recently established a contact with Sensual Seekers and RegionFlirts. Hving realized now that they are scams at which I did not disclose my credit card number or any other banking details, thank God! however it aopears that the contact cannot be UNSUBSCRIBED can it or do I need to have a computer expert clean my laptop to get rid of them?

  • stephen james says:

    i understand that some of the profiles r fake on this website, i get that, some r like james bond girls., yes, But i do get many msgs from just ordinary women, divorcees, in thier late 50s and 60s, 70s, even 80s, many widows, many of whom r just ordinary people, some very plain, fat, even ugly, many just very lonely women who want male company. They send me decent msgs, some very desperate for companionship, and sex.. Some r young teens, who just seem besotted in older guys, but i only reply usually to older women, or women who r plain and not gorgeous, not all profiles could be fake on this site otherwise the site would not be able to function, it would collapse, as nobody could ever contact anybody, correct ?

  • Shorty says:

    I believe I’ve been ripped off too woman that apparently lived close to me asked my contact details and she wanted sex straight away as site was costing her heaps of credits so I sent my contact details to her then she said she would like to stay through site to get to know me better I suggested she read her first txt she replied again saying her phone was broken which I replied that I have also given you my email address . Question can I get back my money off this bogus site

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