Warning: FlirtSpot.co.uk Is Hoodwinking People With Pretend Profiles & Other Lies

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  • 10 credits costs you £15,00 which enables you to send 10 messages.
  • 25 credits costs you £ 35,00 which enables you to send 25 messages.
  • 50 credits costs you £65,00 which enables you to send 50 messages.
  • 100 credits costs you £120,00 which enables you to send 100 messages.
  • 200 credits costs you £200,00 which enables you to send 200 messages.


  • Members: Search for members by location, age, gender, and more options.
  • My Profile: You can edit your profile including your age, upload pictures, city, height, hair color, eye color, body type, etc.
  • Messages: Read emails from other members.
  • Flirts: See who sent you a "Flirt".
  • Favorites: Members that you add to your favorites list end up in this section of the site.
  • Settings: Adjust your settings in this section.Control the emails you receive


Today we registered on FlirtSpot.co.uk to provide proof of what's going on behind the scenes that you're probably were not aware of. There are so many dating sites out there doing the same type of garbage it will make your head spin. Thousands of sites vying for your attention. And they all scream that they're the number one place to meet women and so on. But from our reviews over the past few years if you've been watching you've seen that many dating sites are fake. FlirtSpot.co.uk is our focus today, we went incognito and registered a free account on the site to see what we could dig up. Our findings and proof are available below in our special report. 

Our Profile Is Empty Why Are We Getting Emails?

Don't you think it's a little strange to suddenly start getting large amounts of email messages even when your profile page is empty? For all of our investigations we do for dating sites we always make sure that when we register on the dating site that we're investigating to leave the profile empty. We never upload any photographs and we don't put in any personal information in the web profile. The reason we do that it's because then we can report back to you what's really going on. Let us explain. When you join a dating service one of the first things you're going to do is search for women who want the same thing you do. As soon as a search results pop up on your screen then going to want and click on the various pictures and from there possibly send an email to the girls to get the ball rolling. But what happens if they didn't have any pictures in their profile and there wasn't any personal information, would you still email them or contact them? Probably not! Then why are we getting emails when we have an empty profile page, it  doesn't make any sense.

The blank profile is just one piece of the puzzle that will help us to prove and show you why FlirtSpot.co.uk is not a real place to meet legitimate women. You can take a look at the evidence below circled in red showing that our profile is empty.

FlirtSpot.co.uk Blank profile
(Screen shot of our blank profile page.)

411 Fictitious Emails Were Sent To Us

We took a screenshot of the incredible amount of emails we received thus far. 411 email messages! This is unbelievable and not in a good way, because all of this is fake. How is it even possible that we received 411 emails when the profile page used in the special investigation is empty? Are there really that many horny girls on Flirt Spot? The answer is no. These email messages aren't real. The emails might look real on the surface but all you need to do is take a quick look at the terms and conditions page of Flirt Spot and it will hit you like a ton of bricks. The administrator of FlirtSpot confess the email messages are being sent from fake profiles that they create. What that means is that any emails that we got on the site have a 99% probability of being phony. Why they do this is because there's website is based on purchasing credits. If you want to reply to any email messages from female members you need to purchase credits. Credits can be as expensive as a £1,50 to send one email messages. You can see how expensive it would be to reply to 422 email messages. It would cost you £633!

Do you understand how easy it is to get scammed from these emails. Taking a look at the emails you're probably thinking how could all of these be fake? They're fake because these aren't real girls interested in you. The emails are sent using computer artificial intelligence software programming. These programs are used by the site's administrators to send anyone who registers with a free account email messages. They start blasting you with these fake messages within minutes of you joining their site.

The software already has pre-written email messages that has been inputted by a real person who controls the software. That's one of the main reasons it's very hard to detect if these emails are real or not. The email messages have been written in advance and then inputted into the computer system and then used to send bogus messages to thousands of people who join Flirt Spot. It's a very sophisticated and elaborate scheme but at the end of it it's all a scam.

411 Fictitious Emails
(Screenshot of the 422 emails we got on Flirt Spot.)

Email scam
(Screenshot showing that it costs £1,50 to send one message.)

An Avalanche Of Virtual Women

FlirtSpot.co.uk has admitted that they use fictitious profiles. Once again going back to the terms and conditions page and reading that they state that they use fictitious profiles for online entertainment purposes. So it's not a question of if the site is using fake profiles because they're doing it. The question we have is why. Why are they making fake profiles and disguising them as real people? And just like every other site that we've investigated the answer is because they don't have real women on their dating service. FlirtSpot doesn't have legitimate female members. They have more than enough male members joining on a regular basis but the amount of  real girls who want to register on their site is very low. You need to remember that this website is a sex dating site, these kind of sites usually attract a much larger audience of men compared to women.

Pretend Profiles Using Stolen Photos Linked And Found On Other Sites

For men who join Flirt Spot and see that there are not many real women chances are you're going to jump ship and check out other dating sites. The owners of FlirtSpot.co.uk knows this so what they do is make up fake profiles. Hundreds of fake female profiles on FlirtSpot make you believe that their site has hundreds of real women on it. It's all a mirage, nothing is real. Any profile you view on this site is most likely going to be bogus. The women of these profiles did not register and create an account for themselves. Instead what's happening is employees are the ones behind creating the female profiles.

Something else we also wondered was where these pictures were being copied from. The photographs are real even though the profile pages on FlirtSpot.co.uk are made up. Where were these picture been being taken from? Using sophisticated reverse image software which helps us to spot fake profiles we have provided proof of four profiles (of possibly hundreds) that are bogus on this site.

We even provide links that list the various websites that these fake profile pictures are found on. Reverse image software programs are essential in identifying sham profiles. They list all the links and show you the sites were the exact same profile photo is being used for the phony profile-ages. Nine times out of ten these profile photos are usually stolen from amateur porno websites.

You can take a look at the evidence below where we have provided links that you can check out that only validates our point even further, that all the profiles on this website are contrived.

FlirtSpot.co.uk fake profile

This is a profile photo that has been taken from other sites then used to build a phony profile page. You can see all the sites it's listed on here: https://tineye.com/search/0f8e63cb8f2de8b9f48853e77a5b85562bcae99d/


She may be a pretty blonde but this isn't a girl who joined Flirt Spot. Her photo was copied from other sites then used to create an artificial profile. You can see all the sites it's listed on here: https://tineye.com/search/5dd149e81b3df61a6d2f745ed72d2d4df4efb2c8/


This particular photo was found on numerous porn sites only proving it's all phony. Click the link below to see all the sites that have this exact same image that is being used on a fake profile on Flirt Spot. https://tineye.com/search/3891671dd49d68c6d0b35423bad02b5674e854fa/

(Screenshot of stolen photo used to build a sham profile page on FlirtSpot.)

This profile picture was found on 27 other sites listed on Tineye.com. The chances of this being a legit profile are slim to none. This photograph was found in all types of sites including porn sites, amateur image sites

Phony Flirts Used To Trick & Mislead People Into Upgrading

Other deceptive tricks they use besides the pseudo email messages and made up pages is the fake flirts. We got 27 flirts while being a member of Flirt Spot. Rest assured all 27 of these flirts are completely automated. Just like the email messages that we got the 27 flirts are simulated and simply used as a mechanism to get you interested in wanting to communicate with the women who have flirted with you. It's a trick that makes you want to upgrade so you can chat with other people on the site.

(A screen shot providing proof of the 27 Flirts we got.)

All The Proof Is In The Terms & Conditions

We mentioned the terms and conditions page a few times in this investigative report and for good reason. The terms and conditions many times will highlight the deceptive marketing tricks that a dating site is up to. Flirt Spot confesses that it's not their goal to bring people together. They also confess that their website uses fake profiles for "online adult entertainment purposes". And they also state that they send their members messages from their self-created fictitious profile pages. On top of that they confess that physical contact with these fake profiles is impossible. All of this proves once and for all that their intent for their own website is a deceptive one. They didn't build this website with the intention of offering a real dating service. The sites main goal was always to deceive and trick people so they would pay for a monthly subscription to the site. They never had the intention of offering a legitimate place to interact with one another. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or  click on this link (read section 8.4) to be taken directly to their terms page.

This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.ropot.net, ns2.ropot.net

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-800-868-5182
  • Addresses: Pondering Geeks B.V. Tingietersweg 14-16 2031 ES Haarlem The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • If you bought a membership and want to cancel your account contact [email protected].
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • Any charges made on your credit card will appear under: "SecureSafePay", so watch out for it.

Final Decision:

FlirtSpot.co.uk has used every trick they can to make men want to upgrade. Unfortunately every trick they use is deceptive. We provided you ample evidence of the wrong doings and fraudulent business tactics going on behind the scenes of flirt spot. There isn't really much else to say at this point. It is strongly suggested that you avoid doing any business with this phony dating service.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Peter Facey says:

    I have spent over  £4000 since November on over 6000 hits.

    For what?  50+ NO SHOW DATES  !!!

    What an idiot. I am a vulnerable old man

  • Nathan daniel says:

    That's is the gospel truth, flirtspot.com is completely scamers   if you want to know, go to your profile and right down your email address or phone number, they will automatically delete it from your there system, so that you don't have any contact with someone outside the site, I managed to get a real friend who sent me her phone number for us to communicate, but they entered my inbox and deleted some numbers 🔢 from the message,, here is my real contact ello dear nice to meet you here, I'm Nathan, a single, looking forward to see a serious woman in a relationship, +2348086016245.add me on whatsapp, or send me a direct mel on gmail, or yahoo mail, it is difficult to know when someone is online here, [email protected], or [email protected]

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