Warning: FilipinoCupid.com Is Either Full Or Romance Scammers OR The Site Is Trying To Scam Us

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Website Details:


  • 1 month costs $39.99.
  • 3 months costs $79.98.
  • 12 months costs $149.99.


FilipinoCupid.com is supposed to be a dating service where you can connect with Filipino women, the key word is supposed to be. If it's actually a legitimate dating service is what we're here to inform you about. As part of our undercover investigation we registered as a free member on their website documenting everything that we saw. We took screenshots and provided all the proof of any wrongdoing below. Read the full investigation so you understand what Filipino Cupid is truly all about.

Over 119 Emails That Are All Fake!

The first piece of evidence we'd like to bring forward is a screenshot (see screenshot evidence below) that shows we received 119 email messages in less than 4 days of being a member of this website. Circled in red you can see it says "you are cute" signifying that the women sending us email messages think that our profile photo is cute.

The first thing we like to discuss is the 119 email messages that we received while being a member on this site. This is completely absurd! Not only is it a slap in the face to anyone who has any form of intelligence because this is all fake. How is it possible to get 119 email messages in such a short time frame?

To receive 119 email messages is usually a telltale sign of a scam. For the record we've done hundreds of reviews on dating services posted on this website, so we have experience with how dating sites operate. We also have a lot of experience with how dating scams operate and one of the first methods used by fictitious dating services is to send people large amounts of computer generated  email messages that look like they're coming from real women. Novice users have no idea that they're being scammed. They just think that they must have joined a great dating service after getting so much traction in the short time frame.

The truth of the matter is that the email messages are either being sent from romance scammers or being sent by the dating site itself.

Romance scammers are people who joined the site and create fake dating profiles using stolen photos of Filipino women and from there they start sending as many people as possible email messages all in an effort to build trust with you, string you along and eventually start asking you for money so they can steal from you.

The next scenario is the dating site could very well be using high tech computer software bot systems to send their own members automated email messages. We're not sure if the romance scammers are responsible or if it's the dating site but regardless of that fact is that either way this website is worthless! If the website is overrun by scammers there's no point in purchasing a paid membership. If the website itself is trying to scam people once again purchasing a membership is a total waste of time and money.

(Screenshot of the 113 emails received.)

Our Profile Is Empty But We Get Emails Telling Us Our Profile Is Cute?

The second piece of evidence we'd like to bring forward is our own profile page that we created for this review. As you can see we've only completed 13% of our profile (see screenshot evidence below) and we haven't even uploaded a picture to our profile page. This is important to point out because logically we shouldn't be getting any email messages, never mind getting over 100 messages. It really makes absolutely no sense that all these Filipino women are emailing us when they have absolutely no idea what we look like. And the funny thing is many of the emails that we received were telling us that we "are cute" (see screenshot above). How is it possible to know if someone is cute when you haven't even seen a picture of them? This goes to show even further that something is not right with FilipinoCupid. Either romance scammers or the website is trying to rip us off.angry

(Screenshot of our profile that has no photo in it.)

Real Reviews From Angry Web Users

As part of our investigation we scoured the internet looking for reviews from other people who have joined FilipinoCupid.com. Below you will see just a few of many angry web users who have taken to the internet to write negative reviews about this website.

 The first review says the site has "too many fakes and scammers". He said that he "signed up for a 12-month membership and those fake profiles that he reported asked for money or they try to ask him to join another dating site". This is probably the work of romance scammers.

(Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.com.)

This reviewer says it's "all fake". He goes on to say that "it's all fake created fake profile no picture but received over 100 responses and one day. Several said you're cute do not pay for this obvious scam". That's the exact same response we personally received from women saying that we were cute even though we never had a single picture on our profile page

(Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.com.)

This next review says "don't use Filipino Cupid. These profiles of Filipino women are faker than Caitlyn Jenner's gender. All are fake or want money."

(Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.com.)

This angry web user says he "has not found one person who is legitimate and looking for a partner. It's a total waste of time. Many fake profiles appear in your email inbox and appear to be computer generated."

(Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.com.)

 This reviewer states that is a "fraud and a scam stay away! He says stay away from this website. As long as you have a free account you will be hit with messages from fake profiles in the style of I seen your picture and like you even though you haven't even posted a picture yet. All of you suppose women interested women or fake and are scammers". Once again this is exactly what we've mentioned stating that we've gotten over 100 email messages even though we don't even have a single picture in our profile page!

(Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.com.)

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Support Phone Numbers According To Country:
    US and Canadian Customers (toll-free): 1-800-787-0838
    UK / European Customers: 00 61 7 5571 1181
    International Customers: +61 7 5571 1181
    Australian Customers: (07) 5571 1181
    Fax: +61 7 3103 4000
  • Addresses: FilipinoCupid.com, Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726, Australia
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Web Page: Contact Page

Final Decision:

From what we've seen being a free member on FilipinoCupid.com we don't trust the site at all. We're still not sure if romance scammers are joining the site or the website is sending people computer-generated messages or if it's both! But it really doesn't matter, what matters is the ability to meet real people, and we don't think this website offers anyone that opportunity. no

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 13 comments

  • Danny says:

    You ever do a review of Pinalove.com?

  • Dave says:

    Not all fake, just the ones with one photo or photos of a professional swimsuit model.

  • Phil says:

    I’m a very Intelligent American man and after having been on match, our time and a co UK ple others I was on cupid about 4 months, skype-talking to a 49 year old woman ( Josephine Valencia in Bayugan, Philippines), along with 2 of her 3 adult kids.

    I had bought a round trip flight on Orbitz to go see her, but on November 24th, 2018 her youngest daughter (Feewee) told me on Skype video that mom didn’t even own her house, that the older daughter does, and that Josepihine is $8700 in debt, which would prevent her from getting a U S spouse or fiance visa!!!

    I immediately cancelled my flight and motel and was out about $500. Because of her dishonesty?/stupidity?

    I’m still looking but I’m done with Filipino cupid and all the scammers and morons that are on it.

    The ONLY way I would spend my time on I one of those bogus dating sites again would be if the woman came to me using HER money.

  • Steven says:

    It's embarrassing but I want to level some truths. 

    Did i meet beautiful girls ? Yes

    Did they ask for money ? No

    But if your membership lapses, you get a crazy ammount of messages. Which you cant read or reply until you pay for a new membership. My thinking, is they pay girls on the site to message free members inciting them to buy a membership. 

    Its unnecessary as I have met a few amazing girls there. I wouldnt reccommend pinalove for many reasons.

    Good luck guys

  • Dave says:

    Site is mostly scam particularly under 40… I’m sure there a few genuine girls but outdone by the constant requests for money. Videos are rarely them

  • Pius Milano says:

    I am a current member of FilipinoCupid.com (Male / Single / ID: 15343935).

    I joined in May 2021 and I will not renew my 30 day membership.

    I am shocked because at least 50% of the registered females I encountered are biological men (ladyboys) dressing up and posing as females. I reported many of these profiles to the FilipinoCupid.com management team because it violates their written policy and it is not fair for all the paying members (men seeking females) and for sure not fair for the biological females seeking a man. However, the FC management team will not do anything about this because half their ‘female’ memberships will be gone. If you are a man seeking a biological female then FilipinoCupid.com is not for you. Many of the profiles of course are baits/fake for advertisement (models in bikinis) and half are really ladyboys – so lucky if even 25% are real female accounts. It is such a shame that FC allows this to continue.

  • jim says:

    thanks for the info I was about to make a 2800.00 mistake

  • Ning says:

    I had been a member of this dating site but I rarely open my account. I just enjoyed reading profiles of men searching for there better half. I noticed that most men in their 60s are looking for ladies in their 20s. No wonder they will really get scammed. Also, some men there are scammers too! If you request for video call they have so many alibis. The best advice I can give is to verify first whom you are talking to and the most important is do not send money regardless of whatever dramas they will tell you!

  • Annie says:

    Yeah someone is trying to scam me he said he is from Florida and he came here to see me but I need to help him open a bank account asking for 25,000 pesos.His name is Bobby and his Skype name is GCON50

  • Elsie says:

    Not all scammer is woman , I was chatting to a man he said he work in the rig somewhere in palawan, of course he can’t video call coz of security reason and he said that his contract about to finish will go home to texas but he can detour here with me in Scotland he even send me a flight itinerary but before he can do that he need money to pay his office for something he broke before they give him his pay ha ha meaning he block n reported used name william lucas

    • Asel says:

      You have a picture. I am talking to a person same as that. So far he didnt ask me yet. Im going to meet him in tha philippines. Will see

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