Is Running The Same Scam & Hasn’t Changed A Thing

 Oct, 27 - 2017   1 comment   ReviewsScams is a phony dating site that's targeting all of you guys in the United Kingdom. If you're looking for information that discusses the legitimacy of this website we've done all the homework for you. We registered on UK fornication as a free member and we have documented and written down everything about this website. Our investigation has proved that this is not any kind of real place to meet real women in the UK.

Some of the things we found out about UK Fornication include that they are building an army of fake profiles that are disguised to look like legitimate members. On top of that they also use computer software programs to send people automated email messages that again appear to be sent from real women. They want you to purchase credits to interact with these fake profiles and computer-generated email messages that they are responsible for sending to you. In essence UKFornication from start to finish is one massive fraud.

Find out everything you need to know about this site by clicking on this link (it takes you to our review). If you find this information useful please share on social media. Also if you have experience with using please leave a comment on our review site.

Read the full UKFornication review here.

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  • Kieran Oakes says:

    i Understand that this website has now been taken down, how does one make a complaint against this fraudulent company

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