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See Exactly How The Fraud Works


Today we’re doing a deep investigation into a website called ( The sole purpose of this investigation is to breakdown piece by piece how this credit card siphoning operation works. isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill bogus hook-up dating scam. This particular website takes it to the next level. When we typed in the URL we were automatically redirected to another URL Instead of seeing a dating service full of images, we saw an age verification scam staring at us.

What Is The Age Verification Scam?

On the front page of the website they’re asking us to verify that we’re over 18, “$0, no charge”. They say it’s no charge but is this the truth or is it just another scam? Of course this is one of the most blatant and ridiculously obvious frauds we’ve ever seen in our lives. Anytime a “dating site” ask for your credit card information before they even allow you access into their members area it’s a complete fraud. On they want your credit card information even before you gain access to the website, even before you start getting messages from women on their web site. This site is next level deception.

They tell us the reason they need our credit card is for “secure age verification”. They’re trying to give us the impression that they need our credit card information to prove that we are over the age of 18 years old (that’s what they say). But, what they say and what they really want are two different things. It’s all lies to trick you into handing over your credit card information to them.

Once you’ve given them your card info then all hell breaks loose. You end up getting  all kinds of credit card charges being added to your credit card statement (without your consent) shortly thereafter.

They say there’s absolutely no cost for signing up for the free access membership, but it’s all lies! You actually only get one day free and then you are upgraded to a platinum VIP membership for $49.95 per month until you cancel. See the screenshot below for the evidence.

49.95 age verification dating scam

(screenshot of the charges that will appear on your credit card statement.)

FYI, It’s very important to always read the fine print because these type of scammy websites will always reveal exactly what they’re doing on in the fine print.

Then you also get another one-day trial to premium VIP membership which will bill your credit card at $49.95 per month unless you cancel it. And the last charge is a “one-time $1.25 profile setup fee”. See the screenshot below for the evidence.

credit card age verification scam

(screenshot of the charges that will appear on your credit card statement.)

What Are Online Emissaries?

It gives a long page definition of what an “online emissary” is here:

“ utilizes virtual profiles that do not correspond to actual member”

They’re admitting that they use fake virtual profiles and that they’re not actually real members of the website!

An ONLINE EMISSARY program may be a digital actor, an avatar, or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated “person” or “character”).

An online emissary is a fake profile, not a real person and also it says:

“an online emissary may be employed by Tonights Bang or a third-party to enhance your online experience.”

You might think you’re actually interacting with real women on the site but actually either it’s a bot, a fake virtual profile or it could be a real person who gets a paycheck to mislead you, trick and deceive you!

What they don’t tell you is the person you’re chit-chatting with is probably working in some kind of boiler room in a third third world location. It could be a guy or a girl but it definitely isn’t the girl you see in the photograph on the dating profile. It’s all a scam!

They also want you to acknowledge that some of the profiles are not actual members of the website.They openly admit that the profiles on their website aren’t actual members. This is no surprise, everything about this site is fabricated.

Another thing they admit to is correspondence on the site is targeting free and paid users with their online Emissary program AKA fake female profiles.

“You understand that online emissaries may contact free and paid subscribers via text Communications either within the site or via email.

Free members and paid members will be contacted by fake women who don’t exist is what they really should say.

Then they want you to fully understand that messages you’re getting are fake.

“You acknowledge and agree that any response are exchanged between the online emmisary program and you is solely for entertainment purposes and will not result in a physical meeting between the online Emissary program and you.”

Once again they just want to play head games with you making you think that all these hot women are contacting you. All you need to do is upgrade, subscribe and start replying to all these women. You can chat with them all day long but you can never meet them in person because of course they’re paid employees, bots or fake profiles.

Final Decision

Tonights Bang is probably one of the worst and most blatant scams we’ve ever come across in all of our years of doing investigations. This site has the impression of a legitimate dating service but it’s missing one key factor and that is real women. Without real women a dating site is simply not a dating site, it’s a scam.

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites is associated with other fictitious hookup sites including,

Charges To Your Credit Card

The charge that will show up on your credit card statement is 8445157242Putus Ltd., 15c Victoria Street, Gillingham, England, ME7 1ED, UK

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: [email protected]
Address: White Mountain Online Solutions B.V. Stormsweg 2-E 2921LZ Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherlands CC: 71059997
Customer Phone Number:
Support page & online form:

Watch the video review on Tonights Bang below

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