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Are you looking for honest information on well you've come to the right place. We've done a very deep investigation of Yo Lovers which shows you that it's in fact a scam and fake and we can prove it all to you in our review that you can find by clicking this link. It basically goes into detail about why the website's fake backed up by evidence. One thing you need to understand is just because of dating site looks legit doesn't mean it is. Never judge a book by its cover.

YoLovers has been operating since at least early 2017 (almost a year-and-a-half) without any type of issues from law enforcement officials including the Federal Trade Commission or the FBI. Scams come in all shapes and sizes and after doing hundreds and hundreds of reviews we can safely say to you to always keep your guard up online. You never know where the next scam is going to come from.

The quick low-down about YoLovers is this, they create phony profile pages and they use high tech computer bots to send you fake emails and all of this is done because they want you to buy a membership on their website. They perfected the art of scamming people while giving the impression of offering a legitimate dating service. It's a well-organized mastercrafted scheme that must likely take in millions of dollars per year. This is just a summarized version if you want to read our full investigation which is shocking and very informative just click this link. Don't be one of the suckers get informed before it's too late!

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  • Stacey Lash says:

    Thank you for that information

  • Dave Gander (investigations) says:

    Having read the reviews of Yolovers I decided to do my own investigation. Main finding being that I set up an account with an address in a small town, and waited. Within a few hours 2 profiles contacted me, both claiming to be nearby and both were in town at a hotel on holiday.  Neither would provide proof of being there (I was suspicious obviously) I told both that they had a colleague staying. Both denied being false both. Both demanded I get verified on their special site. Told one I'd followed site guidance and done it another way she was furious. Pulled both stories apart and told them they had been said who cares so I told her the European Cybercrime Centre does. Total silence then a barrage of emails threatening major credit card charges and being reported to the FBI.  I've only just stopped laughing at them, they still refuse to accept they've been caught despite a colleague of mine doing the same test and getting the same emails almost word for word that I got.  

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