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See Exactly How The Fraud Works


Today we’re investigating a website called The purpose of this review is to explain why this website isn’t a real dating site to find real local mature women seeking casual hookups.

How The Deception Works is used to funnel web users to a variety of different scam websites such as (, and Before they send you to the scam they to ask a bunch of different questions as part of their marketing gimick. It doesn’t really matter how you answer these questions you will still get access to the website they are promoting.

What they’re doing here is trying to entice you and make you believe that you’re special if you gain access to whatever dating scam they are pushing at the time.

In this particular situation we were sent to a website called (a scam). is an age verification scam. On their webpage they say it’s free and they need your credit card info just to “verify you know you’re over 18” nothing else. But of course in the fine print they admit to billing your credit card.

The big problems with age verification scams is that people don’t even realize their credit card has been charged unless they look at their credit card statements every month. If you don’t look at your statement every month you may not see the charges from these fake dating sites until many months later which can result in large financial losses in the hundreds possibly sometimes thousands of dollars.

And what they admit to is that your credit card will be charged $39.99 per month and will recur continuously every month until you cancel that subscription. You’re subscribed to a website called Find My Forever Mate (, without your consent.

After doing another test we were redirected to ( They tried to pull the same stunt on trying to get our credit card information as part of their age verification scam. If I would have given them my credit card information I would have been charged $39.99 per month, exactly the same as the other age verification website.

In this particular situation I was redirected to ( This is a different website using the same “free age verification” template. But it’s all fraudulent, and they will charge your credit card $39.99 monthly until you cancel.

Final Decision

FreeLocalMatures is a fraud that has been created exclusively to trick you into giving them your credit card information so they can make money off of you. Now you know the truth, stay as far away as possible from this website.

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites is associated with other fictitious hookup sites including,

Charges To Your Credit Card

The charge that will show up on your credit card statement is “ (855) 452-4641”, operated by Glondon Limited, an eCommerce Merchant located in Cyprus.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: [email protected]
Customer Phone Number: (877)367-0680
Support page & online form:

Watch the video review on FreeLocalMatures below

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