The Truth Is Is Not A Legit As It Appears To Be

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  1. Overview
  2. What We Uncovered
  3. Screenshot Of Our Profile Page
  4. Examples Of Fake Profiles
  5. Other People Have Complained About
  6. Our Final Decision
  7. Video (Recap Of The Writen Review)


In this review we will break down all the reasons why isn't real. When we say something isn't real we mean it's fake. This isn't a legitimate dating service where you can interact and search for real women for casual hookups. There are a multitude of different factors that go into determining if a website's not legitimate. If you want to read the full scope of why this dating site is fictitious read the full investigation below.

What Did We Uncover?

So what exactly did we uncover? Did the website end up being a scam or was it real? From what we've been able to gather this website is indeed a fraud. The first clue and first piece of evidence that let us to believe that wasn't legitimate was the fact that we were getting emails right after logging into the members area. 

So far we've accumulated 28 email messages. This might not seem like a large amount of messages to receive but it's significant enough for us to include it in this investigation. The emails we received are being sent from women who have profile pictures of themselves nude. Some of the women look like amateur adult film stars etc. The bottom line is they don't look like regular women.

Below we've included a screenshot showing that we have received 28 email messages. All of these messages are not real and they're used to trick us into trying to communicate back to the women.

All fake hookup websites charge a fee in order for you to communicate with other people. That's not saying that every website is fake just because you have to pay to email people but there are fake websites that use fictitious profiles and computer generated fake emails to mislead you and trick you into purchasing credits. This is their bread and butter, they need you to purchase credits because that's how they make their money!

Computer generated emails are messages that have been created by a computer program. This is one of the most popular tricks used by phony hookup sites

(Screenshot showing the 28 emails we received.)

Screenshot Of Our Empty Profile Page

We've also included a screenshot of our profile page. As you can see circled in red we haven't uploaded a single photograph to our profile. That's why it doesn't really make much sense when 28 different women are sending us email messages. Their dating profiles show them as topless etc. The only logical conclusion is that all this is fake. And since we've been in the game of doing dating reviews for over 5 years we know what we're talking about.

When you're on a dating site do you go out of your way to contact women who don't have any pictures on their profile page? No of course you don't, then why the hell would 28 different women want to contact a guy who doesn't have any photographs on his profile? It's ridiculous and it's all a sham to trick us into buying credits and nothing more.

(Screenshot of the blank profile page that we created.)

Real Examples Of Fake Profiles Being Used On The Site

We've included even more evidence that the profiles are fake. Using a software called we can identify fake profiles a mile away. What constitutes a fake profile? A bogus dating profile is a profile using photographs of women who have not actually joined the website. When fictitious profiles are created they use pictures of random women. These photographs that they use on the bogus profile pages are taken from other websites (many times adult image sites as well as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter). Below we've included 4 different bogus profiles that are using images taken from other websites. 

The number one reason that dating sites use fake profiles is because there aren't enough real females joining their dating service. So they need to make fake profiles so it appears the site is full of horny women looking for sex when in reality this is the farthest thing from the truth.

(This is an amateur adult star. Do you really think that she registered on to meet guys?)


(Amateur porn star who is on a fetish site who really believes that she joined



(This fake profile is using a photograph found on an adult image site.)


Other People Complaining About This Site

 We're not the only ones that consider a scam. Many people are complaining about this fraud all over the internet.

  • One person said "it was a total and utter scam. These dating sites need to get a live little more clever, they all operate exactly in the same manor. You sign up and miraculously there are tons of girls located in your town who wants to get to know you all you need to do is upgrade and buy credits."
  • Another guy's says he "tried the website out and got loads of interest. Each message you reply to cost money and if you ask something about the town were they supposedly live in they can't answer after that conversation it stops."
  •  Another reviewer states "it's a deviously crafted fraud." He states that he "feels like an utter fool you get suckered into buying credits."
  •  This reviewer states "I agree with all the other people on here saying that is crap. It's a scam. The number of women messaging you is totally unrealistic. Their only purpose is to get you to buy credits and message the fake women back. This of course is so the company can make loads of profits off of the back of hardworking innocent people."
  • One guy gave 1/5 stars and he states that "I know a friend of mine who works for Shag and he is only there to reply to customer emails he pretends to be a female. My friend is male by the way. All sites where you have to pay is a rip-off."
  • Another reviewer says "do not waste your money! Total scam. It sucks you in. I honestly believe there are no genuine profiles of women on the site. You get sucked into spending loads of money buying credits to chat but you will get nowhere".

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157 boulevard 6-ti Septemvri. 1st floor, office-5 4000, Plovdiv, BG
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Final Decision:

Although we can't prove for certain that this website is responsible for fabricating fake profiles all you need to ask yourself is who benefits? Why would so many different attractive women be sending us messages, who benefits if we respond and buy credits to interact with these fake profiles? Obviously the website is the one who benefits and makes all the money if you buy credits. I rest my case!


Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 10 comments

  • Tom says:

    Hi, I stupidly joined this site for a casual hookup and quickly realised it was a scam, but unfortunately it’s too late by then, they have your money and as it’s an unregulated industry you have little or no rights to get your money back. I went a little further than most though to confirm it’s a scam. I am a coder, and I (won’t say how) got into the code for the site via my profile registration. They have so many security floors and backdoors in their site. I looked at the operational code for the site by accessing their live environment on the AWSdbs, they have a sandpit environment that is bridged for coding updates so it was quite easy. On review, they have a number of automail bots, and they are using a simple AI tool to auto respond to simple straight forward questions. They have users that are registered that pick up any questions or responses that the AI bot can’t understand and respond to. This is a AI failsafe function to maintain continuity in a conversation or message stream. This is how some people are fooled into thinking they are speaking to someone real as for that moment and response they are. The problem is that the person who is responding is Fat Barry from Doncaster, and not the sexy naked woman you have probably seen on the profile. The system has a simple function, answer a question with a question so you run out of credits and buy more. You will never get a date, an encounter, or steamy affair, and when you get to the end of your last batch of credit a provocative question will be made by either a user or a bot that will entice you to buy more credit. It’s a manipulative psychology praying on the very natural endorphins that control desire. 

  • Tom says:

    Fooled me as well what can I do about stopping them

  • Leslie Evans-flavell says:

    i have loads of problems with this site in october last year i stop my profile i had a reply to state that this profile had been march this year i received a notice from a debt to say that shags had pass on to them that i needed to pay 179pounds or they would take may thisi yet again email them to stop my profile they informed me this had been,then two weeks later they took out 44.90out of my account i informed my back who paid back the money and feud people took over.i then connected national freud who are taking on these people

  • Barrie says:

    Yes its completely fake!!!! i went here because its a highly rated site!!! search for top UK dating sites and its always there! with good reviews. I’m sorry to say i spent hundreds on this sight before the penny dropped, the girls never want to leave the site to go chat for free on a chat app like hangout or what’s app they will always always say they like staying on here for the security and safety of the site and will have had a bad experience before so wont leave the site forcing you to interact with them buy buying credits for messages. I eventually got suspicious and used a facial recognition site to search the net for some of the girls faces and sure enough the girls photos show up all over the net as soft porn models or actresses. Why would any of these girls be on a dating hookup site? The answer is they wouldn’t. I’m going to try and get my bank to return the payments but i doubt I’ll have any luck as i did agree to make the payments unlike some sites that just take from your account without permission. But it’s worth a try.

  • single says:

    Thank you guys you saved me

  • Icky patel says:

    Just found out that it’s fake

  • Anonymous says:

    I joined the website I did not buy any credit or upload any profile photo I received 38 messages from young girls in my area. I know they are all fake because this is not possible they don’t know what I look like I could be anybody it’s just a big scam to make you by the credit. None of these girls even matched what I was looking for they were far too young for me 18 to 24 Year olds. Using this to pray on men and women you will never meet any of the real women that are on me because they are all in conversation with fake men and vice a versa. This really should be reported to action fraud it is a cybercrime. Maybe you should report it as a business you can use a business profile to report it you do not need to give your private details if you report as a business reporting a crime. Because it is serious it’s not just a little crime think about the sort of people who may be looking for a date a hookup for a friend. A lot of the time they are lonely unhappy people may be in their marriage or maybe just in life in general they are praying on their feelings and using that against them to extort them out of money. It is a serious crime.

  • ManO says:

    Came so close to buying a package, this SH*G site is fairly good but as said their were some things that did not add up. Their T&C did not mention in brief the costs unlike some other sites but they did offer email or telephone to contact, as 1 other required a Printed Fax Form, Pain, so well done saved £50 + aggro.

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