The Truth About That They Don’t Want You To Know

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We already did a review of and we have blown there scam wide open. If you thought this was a legitimate dating website you are completely wrong! Luckily for you you found this information.  It's not even that much of a secret if you know where to find the information which in our case was found directly on the front page of their own website. It's really shocking at how bold and blatant some of these dating frauds are. In our review we give you more than enough evidence backed up by tons of proof as to why you should never trust United Kingdom Dates.

The first thing we realized while investigating the site is that it was never intended from day one to be a real place to meet real people. The website was a facade from the very start. Everything points to the fact that this site is used strictly to defraud as many people as possible in the U.K.

Some other tidbits we found out while researching this website was that it is connected to a long list of sites that we've already reviewed including,,,, and (to name a few).

Go head over to our written review, it explains much more detail than our video does. If you want to get up to speed why this site is a scam quickly read the review. And the information found in that review applies to almost all fake dating sites. All phony dating sites from our experience always create fake profiles and they always seem to send people phony email messages that dupe you into buying credits.

Read the full review by clicking here.

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  • Louis says:

    I didn't find your review until it was too late, they took my money and then deleted my account just when I was getting some decent responses from people, can't even access the website anymore and my pictures that I uploaded, what should I do? 

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