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Credit enable you to read and send emails to other members on the site.

  • 950 CREDITS $199.95
  • 710 Credits for $129.95
  • 710 CREDITS $129.95
  • 300 Credits for $99.95
  • 210 Credits for $49.95
  • 50 Credits for $19.95
  • 20 Credits for $9.95


  • My profile: Edit your profile through this section.
  • My messages: See messages from other messages here.
  • My gifts: This is the section where you can see gdts that you have received.
  • My friends: See who is on your friends list here.
  • My pictures: This where your uploaded videos are located.
  • My videos: This where your uploaded pictures are located.
  • My visitors: See who has visited your profile.
  • My settings: You can update your email address

Buying Credits Can Burn Through Your Money

We signed up to yesterday and by this morning we have received 9 messages from women interested in communicating with us. We were able to reply back to a couple of messages but any messages after the first two were not able to be sent unless we upgraded and purchase credits from the site. Every email message you send requires you to purchase a credit package. The smallest credit package you can buy is 20 credits at $9.95. Now if you do the math you need 2 credits for every email message you send. So every time you send an email message to a girl it will cost you $1. This is a little different than purchasing a monthly membership where you can send and reply to as many email messages that you want. This site operates on a credit system so you can burn through money a lot quicker.

The problem we have with this site is that our dating profile once again is completely empty. There would be absolutely no reason for any females to communicate or send us any form of the email messages. So the reason that we are receiving email messages is because this site is using automated computer systems in order to get us to purchase credits. With these credits we will spend about $1 for every email message we send out. We received 9 email messages, we would have to spent $9 or just on those messages and then if then we receive other email messages we will continue paying $1 per email message indefinitely. This is nothing but a money grab from the site, so be aware of this.

Beautiful Women But Are They Real?

With the help of reverse image search software we were able to identify quite a few of the image profiles being used on various different websites. This concerns us for a number of reasons, the first reason being is that these profiles are probably not legitimate dating profiles. The women portrayed in those LuvCircle dating profiles are probably not genuine members looking to meet men.

This is just one example of using reverse image search and finding dating profile images located on other websites (see evidence below). We are not sure if is creating fake dating profiles and using these images to attract men into trying to communicate do these women. But we do know that these dating profiles are fake we're just not sure who created them, romance scammers or the dating site itself? in any case I really doesn't matter but you do need to be aware of the great possibility that the girl in the profile is not the person you are actually sending emails to. Please scroll down to see the same image used in the profile below on other sites. fake profile

Some of the sites that this exact image can be found on:

Romance Scammers

Using reverse image search software we were able to identify a number of the dating profile images that were located on different sites. The dating profile circled in red below was one of the images that we found on a romance scammer website. You can click on the link and see that same image shown below on a romance scammer site (a site used to report scammers). These type of con artists are usually located in third world countries such as Nigeria and from there they create fake dating profiles, using images of attractive women. They start sending you emails and eventually after they build trust with you then they ask you to send the money so they can visit you in the United States or whatever other sob story they can come up with in order to get you to send them money. If you click on the link you can read all about this particular scammer's use of that photograph and how the scammers conned one man out of about $5000.

Please note that this scammer is not associated with The red flag of courses once they start asking for money is time for you to stop communicating with that person because its going to be a scam and you can easily lose thousands of dollars like a victim of this fraud. fake member

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 81 Nikola Petkov Blvd. Sofia, 1619 BG
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-877-597-3436 and 866-259-6047
  • Addresses: Ascot House 2 Woodberry Grove, N12 0FB, London United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Please be careful if you plan on using this service. There are many fake profiles on the site and since you need to pay on a credit system you can burn through lots of money if you don't watch it.

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