The Only Fling You’ll Find On Is With Bots NOT Women

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Website Details:


  • $3.18 to purchase a 3 day trial to this site.
  • $24.49 to purchase a one month membership.
  • $48.99 to purchase a 3 month membership.
  • $83.94 to purchase a 6 month membership.


  • Friends: You can see your friends requests, friends who already on your friends list
  • Activity: The activity page shows you who browsed your profile, who sent you a message, who viewed your profile and who sent you a wink.
  • Match Feed: The Match Feed shows you updates and news about your nearby matches.
  • Like Gallery: You can click and choose who is "Cute Or Not".


You probably found this review via Google looking for information on Is it a real dating site? Are the girls real? Is it a scam? We have all the answers you need in our investigation. Please read the whole review it will make you understand just how deceptive some dating sites can be. You can read the full review below.

Staff Created & Operated Profiles

When you join and first go into the members area start searching for local women in your community don't get too excited. From our investigative research we found out that this website's administrators are creating user profiles that are used by customer support representatives on their website. These customer support reps use the fictitious profile pages to act as if they're interested in you.

There's no way for you to identify what profiles are legitimate and which ones are phony. There's no special logo, so spotting a phony profile on this site is near impossible to do. The terms and conditions of the site clearly admit that they do create user profiles, now you know the truth.

Automated Notifications Are Not From Women But From Bots

What is going on here? 31 messages in under a couple of hours, is this real? No, it's not! You probably really want to believe that all these girls are contacting you but guys don't fall victim to the scam. You need to understand your being played for a sucker.

This website uses something called automated notifications. The notifications come in the form of women supposedly "browsing your profile" or "winking" at you. We're here to tell you all of this is a facade. It's not real and the owners of Fling Hub have devised a very intricate deception using computer bots. If you don't know what a computer bot is it's a simple software program that acts like a real web user. These computer bots do things such as browse profiles and send you "winks", then you will get a notification saying a female browsed your profile or winked at you. This is all lies, there aren't real female members looking at your profile. We understand it's easy to get duped when you don't have any experience with dating scams and that's why it's great that you found this information (hopefully before you got ripped off). You can now know the truth about how they can trick you. It sounds ridiculous but trust us this is really happening and this is not the only dating site to deploy these kind of shady business tactics. All of this is used to get you to try and reply back to the women winking at you and browsing your profile. If you try to communicate with the phony women you will see a statement telling you that you need to upgrade your membership and buy a monthly subscription to their site. You can see all the evidence below of the phony notifications we received.

(Screenshot of the notifications we got.)

Contrived Emails Sent To Us From Automated Computer Bots

Any email messages you receive are also artificial. Don't get too hyped up if you start getting lots and lots of messages. Looking at the message you can't tell the if it's written by a computer program or by a real human being. The computer programmers have designed their software to act as real as possible. They have perfected the art of sending deceptive email messages to pull a fast one on you

We received a bunch of emails and every time we tried to read or reply to the email messages guess what we were sent to an upgrade payment page. Even though the emails are phony it doesn't matter they want you to pay for it. What they're trying to do is make you believe that real girls are sending you legitimate email messages. If you think a real girl is emailing you obviously you have no problem paying to communicate with them but unfortunately you're communicating with computer bots not real people. Many men fall victim to this particular con so watch out.

(Screen shot of the fake emails we got.)

Fictitious Instant Messages Sent By Computer Bots To Deceive You So You Will Upgrade

We got a ton of instant messages from computer bots. If you register on the site you will see the same thing. When you try to read the instant messages you can't unless you have an upgraded membership just the same as if you try to read emails. It's all a mind game. Their goal is to trick you into believing that countless women are ready to hook up with you all you need to do is give them your credit card information and you're good to go. Many people find out after the fact that it's a all a scam. You can see the evidence circled in red that we received 20 chat messages (all bogus of course).

(Screenshot of the 20 fictitious instant messages that we sent to us from bots.)

How Does A 78 Year Old With No Photos Get So Many Messages?

How does a 70 year old man with no photographs in his profile receive so many messages? it's easy. Since this website is run by automated bots even if you don't have any pictures in your profile and you list yourself as a 78 years old it still doesn't matter because bots will continuously send you emails and instant messages.  The male members getting these messages are absolutely clueless to the fact that the messages they're receiving are from computer bots not real people.

As you can see below we've taken a screenshot of our profile page proving and showing you that our profile is listed as 78 years old and we haven't uploaded any pictures to the profile. This is just more proof showing you how fake this site is.

(Screen shot of our profile.)

Here Are Where The Fake Profiles Get Their Photographs From

A fake profile page isn't complete without a picture of a hot looking girl. We've seen it time and time again, you join a dating site and start checking out profiles and it's usually a very attractive looking girl. Where do these photos come from? We have the answer! Below we've taken screenshots of two faux profile pages that we found on with the corresponding links where these photos have being taken from. Using Google reverse image search we were able to identify where the phony profile pictures were copied from.

Using this nifty little piece of software you can easily search and find out if the women you're chatting with are real or fictitious in just a few seconds. You can visit this link to read our tutorial that shows you how to identify fake profiles using Google image search and other websites.

By the way the terms and conditions of discuss in detail and admit that they use fictitious profile pages that they have created. We will provide all the proof shows that they create the profiles further down in this investigation.

This profile photo is actually an escort not a real person who registered on the site and uploaded a photo of herself. She's a prostitute and someone created a phony profile page using a stolen profile. This person has no idea that her picture is being used on FlingHub. You can follow the links below to see the same photo on escort sites as well as other websites.


(Screenshot of a bogus profile using a stolen picture.)

Employees Pretending To Be Members Of The Site

Paid staff members who work on behalf of the website are paid to chat with you. These employees pretend to be interested in you by conversing with you. Acting as if they like you is all a marketing strategy used to make you upgrade and purchase a paid subscription to the website.All of this is admitted to in the terms and conditions page.

Incriminating Evidence Found On The Terms And Conditions Page

As part of our reviewing process we always read the terms and conditions page of every dating site that we are looking at. We've included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page that clearly state that they do deceptive tricks such as creating user profiles and sending computer-generated automated emails and instant messages. This is the best proof we can give you that proves without any shadow of a doubt that this website is deliberately trying to scam their own users. You can click on this link to read the terms and conditions on their site or read it below.

  1. We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing, improvement of the Service, and in order for our Registered Users to experience the type of communications that they can expect as paying Members.

  2. Our customer support representatives are encouraged to speak with our members and also to stimulate conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations or just to chat with Users, for entertainment purposes. Additionally, the Website utilizes automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience.

  3. Both our live and automated user profiles, allow us to collect messages, instant chat and/or replies from individuals or programs for market research and/or customer experience and/or quality control and/or compliance purposes.

  4. You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious. The purpose of our creating these profiles is to provide our Registered Users with entertainment, to allow Registered Users to explore our Service and to promote greater participation in our Service.

  5. The messages they send are computer generated. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members.

  6. The user profiles we create are not intended to resemble or mimic any actual persons. We may create several different user profiles that we attach to a given picture. You understand and acknowledge that we create these profiles and that these profiles are not based on or associated with any Registered User or Member of our Service or any other real person. You also acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in such profiles are provided primarily for your amusement and to assist you navigate and learn about our Website.

  7. We will, send automatic electronic communications to Users to ask how our members are using certain aspects of the Service and/or to stimulate conversation between members. Additionally, we will utilize our automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

You're probably wondering how is it possible that dating sites such as can continue to operate years and years without any intervention from law enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission, FBI cyber crime division or any any one of the other government institutions that have been put in place to protect consumers. We don't have the answer to that and some of these sites that we've reviewed continue to deceive people years and years after we've exposed them for fraud and deceptive business practices. All you can do is take matters into your own hands, use common sense and you should be okay. If you did end up purchasing a membership on Fling Hub we really suggest contacting your bank in order to get the funds that you've been stolen reversed and back into your pocket.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • charles Nowlin says:

    I figured this out because I planted questions that were loaded and the reply I eceived had nothing to o with the reply I made. Having some omputer training in the military it was easy to spot the phony after a few test questions. Keep publishing your results. Those who are a glutton for punishment will continue to spend money on a hopeful chance of scoring.

  • g says:

    I noticed about 4hours into being a member on the cite when the responses were slightly off probpts, Every girll wanted to TEXT and not use the perfectly fine messaging part of the cite. I would CALL THE PHONE #’s they’d be using and end up with a GMAIL account or TEXT-MAIL SUBSCRIPTION, I live in CA. And they would be like hey I’m located In CA. too I want to fuck you WHICH IS A VERY BROAD AREA!!!, so then I deleted all my photos and tried to look very ugly and 10/10 girls who an attractive surfer guy with an 8pac. still couldent normally get!!!!

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