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Website Details:


  • 7 messages costs £9,99.
  • 20 messages costs £24,99.
  • 45 messages costs £45,99.
  • 90 messages costs £79,99.


  • Search: You can search for mature women using the search options which include searching by location and age.
  • Most Recently Active: The Most Recently Active link shows you the women on the website who have most recently being on.
  • My Messages: The My Messages section of the website shows you your email messages.
  • Viewed Me:  Viewed Me means and shows you which members have used your profile.
  • View Edit Account: If you want to edit your account click on the "View Edit Account" link. From there you can edit your dating profile, including uploading photographs.


If you're looking to meet older women and are wondering if is legitimate you need to read our investigative report that we've written. This report has taken us hours and hours to write including taking the time to join their dating service and document everything we've come across. We have all the proof and evidence that will show you hands down why GrannyLover isn't a legitimate mature dating site. Read the review and look at the evidence we provided. is associated with all kinds of different dating sites many of which we've already reviewed and concluded to be scams. These web sites include,,,, and

All of those web sites listed above and many more are actually owned by the same corrupt dating network. This is a company that pumps out fake dating site after fake dating site constantly. It's like playing whack-a-mole to expose and uncover these dating frauds. One by one they are being outed but as we out one scam a new one pops up. It's a never-ending battle and today we look behind the curtain of GrannyLover read the full review below.

60 Email Messages Sent To Us From A Computer Bot NOT A Real Person

This isn't the first time we've come across this situation and it won't be the last. What we're talking about is when you join a dating service and it seems like every single girl on the site is emailing you. What's going on, are you really that good-looking? Or, is something more sinister happening behind the scenes that you're not aware of?

Like thousands of other fictitious dating sites Granny Lover is in the business of deceiving, lying and cheating people. Their primary method for this is to send people email after email after email until the person getting the email messages ends up buying credits so he can reply back to the women. This is the main strategy used by phony dating services to ensnare you into upgrading and purchasing credits on their fake dating sites. GrannyLover is doing that exact scenario with us. As you can see from the screenshot below circled in red we received 60 messages while being a member on their bogus hookup site. We didn't get 60 messages from 60 different mature women, we received 60 fake messages from a computer software program that's called a bot which is an abbreviation for robot. This robot software is used to send people computer-generated messages that look real but are sent from a software program not from mature women looking to hook up with you.

The use of bots to send people fictitious messages is part of a very elaborate strategy to get you to pay for credits to chat with non-existent fake members. Continue reading as we exposed this whole scam piece by piece.

To give you even more proof that the website is responsible for sending fake emails and messages all you need to do is visit section I.6 of the terms and conditions page where they state that they generate and respond to communications (this includes emails and instant messages) by means of automated programs or computer scripts that simulate or attempt to stimulate that you're communicating with another human being though none really exist, any of the dialogue is generated by a computer programming. This is coming directly from the horse's mouth found on their own website on their own terms page check it out!

(Screenshot of the 60 computer generated phony emails that were sent to us.)

The Fictitious Profiles Are Being Created Directly By The Website

Another big shocker that you're probably most likely not aware of is that this website is filled to the brim with fake women. When you're sifting and searching through all the various female profiles what you're looking at is a mirage of women looking for sex. These are not real women who joined These dating profiles have been fabricated to make you think, and make you believe that there are thousands of mature females looking for sex on their website. It's all a scam and we direct you right back to the terms and conditions page in section I.6 where they state that they "post fictitious profiles" on Posting fictitious profiles means that they create phony dating profiles on their own website! angry

Fictitious Profiles Using Photos Stolen From Other Sites

Since the website openly confesses on their terms and conditions page that they are the ones solely responsible for creating and posting fictitious profiles we had another question, where were the pictures of these women coming from? Obviously the photographs are a real women it's just that the women in the photos haven't registered and are not actual members of GrannyLover. Their photographs are being used to create fake dating profiles. But, where are these pictures coming from? We're happy to tell you that we have proof as to where some of these dating profiles are coming from.

If you take a look at the evidence we've provided below we have included the corresponding links where those profile pictures have been taken from. In almost all cases the profile photos being used on Granny Lover are being taken from adult photo sites.

(Fake profile using a stolen photo found on adult image sites.)


(This fictitious profile is using photographs of a mature blond that we found on adult image websites.)


(Phony profile using a photo of a nude mature female found on an adult image site.)


(Fake profile of a mature female found on another website.)


Why Would We Get 60 Emails When Our Profile Has No Photos?

Below you can take a look at a screenshot that we provide and circled in red it says "has not yet uploaded any images". This means we haven't uploaded any photographs to our dating profile page. But somehow miraculously we've received 60 emails from 60 different mature women on the website. We're including this screenshot to prove to you even further how much of a fraud this website is. Why would so many different women want to contact a guy who has absolutely no photographs on his profile page? And obviously the answer is that there aren't any real women contacting us, only computer bots sending us automated messages to mislead and con us into upgrading and purchasing credits.

(Screenshot of the profile page we used for this review, circled in read it shows we haven't uploaded any photos to our profile page.)

An Army Of Employees Are Paid To Act Like They're Interested In You

Unfortunately not only is Granny Lover sending people fake messages and creating fake profiles but they have an army of paid the employees that are employed for one reason and that is to act as if they are interested in you. These paid employees chat with you, lie to you and string you along all in a massive push to get you to purchase an upgraded subscription by buying credits to their phony dating website. This has all been validated when we checked out section I.6 of the terms and conditions page where they state that they may employee or contract for the paid Services of real persons who interact with you as part of their compensated employment. These people are paid actors acting and playing a role. That role is to pretend that they like you and want to meet you.

The Terms And Conditions Blow The Fraud Wide Open!

The terms and conditions page is the best evidence we can give you to show you without any doubt this website is completely phony. On the terms page they tell us that some of the messages you will receive are sent by computer created profiles not by real people. They also tell us that they they write and reply to emails using automated computer programs that are not sent from real people. On top of that they even tell everyone that they hire and employ people who are paid to act as if they're interested in you. All of this information can be found in section i.6 of the terms and conditions page directly on their own website! Alternatively you can read the most important parts of the right below.

  1. You might meet actual people through our services, but we provide no guarantee in that respect whatsoever. Some of the messages you may receive, will be sent by computer generated profiles, i.e. not by a real person. 

  2. In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of GRANNYLOVER.CO.UK, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment. While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities. While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. Sometimes, we may use these techniques or others like them for other business purposes, too, including, but not limited to those cases in which we monitor and/or investigate into operations, including but not limited to allegations that you or others have violated this Agreement.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Media Group EU, who's registered office is Mauritskade 55c, 1092AD, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Media Group EU
  • Web Page:
  • Any charges made on your credit card will appear under: " VTSUP.COM*CRITERIA I.", so watch out for it.

Final Decision:

Now that you know the truth about Granny Lover please share this information with others via social media on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can post it. Let's help stop these fraudsters before they con any more people! angry

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • A. Scott says:

    I can confirm this is correct. My friend actually works for this company that own Granny Lover and many other similar hook up sites. She is paid 15p per message that she replies to. When the women log in to a special portal they are sent messages they have to answer, within 10 minutes or the message gets sent to someone else to answer. The men never get a woman's phone number or email, and they certainly will never get to meet anyone on these sites. Every message that he receives from one particular woman (let's call her Sue) is actually coming from a different woman every time. Sue's profile is completely made up, her photo, name, job etc. 'Sue' does not exist. These sites will drain your wallet and nothing else!

  • Norman Howard says:

    I was caught out by this scam and brought £79.99 TO WANTING SEX ON MY Tesco credit card.  I made one call and when I tried to call again I was told I had 0 CREDIT ON MY ACCOUNT.  I AM A BLOODY FALL AGED 80

  • […] exposed a bunch of different dating sites that are owned by the same people. These sites include,, and These are not the only dating sites that these people own […]

  • John says:

    It is a scam. I've seen the same photos of women on Xhamster and Pornhub. I put photos of myself on and had no reply or views, but when I had no photo, had lots of interest. So my old male modelling photos had no response, yet no photos and I get lots of response.?Site is a scam and joke but sussed it out for myself and didn't pay a penny. Odd, when you view a woman, they all view back very quick, even in middle of night. Obviously a robot

  • Harry Hickey says:

    If the women on the site are not aware that there image are being used, is this a version of identity theft.and can the organisation be prosecuted

  • Pete says:

    If casual sex is a scam, I presume sex with is also a scam site. Can anyone confirm this

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