The Best Alternatives To Using To Meet Women

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If you regularly spend time on looking for providers to meet then you should watch the video. This video discusses the best alternatives to spending all of your money on CityXGuide. On top of that we also explain the drawbacks to using providers on all the different escort sites. Some of the issues include bait-and-switch where women will use images in their ads of when they were much younger, more attractive and thinner to trick you into calling them. When you end up meeting them guess what they’re not the same girl that you thought you were going to meet. On top of that there’s a problem of law enforcement doing sting operations, you could easily find yourself arrrested and going in jail, then to court,eventually losing your job, losing your house and getting divorced. Another problem is getting robbed. You could find yourself getting robbed when you go into a hotel room and someone jumps out of the closet  and steals your money. You cannot do a single thing about it, you can’t call the police or any kind of law enforcement because you yourself are engaged in illegal activity.

What Are The Best Options Instead Of Using CityXGuide?

The options are to use online casual dating sites, not regular dating sites like eHarmony or but casual dating services where you can find regular women who are seeking casual sex hookups and one night stands just like you are. If that’s something that you’re interested in pursuing you can visit the link below. There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars, when you can meet local women online that will cost you nothing at all. These are just regular women looking for some fun, they’re not professionals, just ordinary females that have the same desires as you..

Search For Real Females

👉 If you want to search for real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

 Comments 23 comments

  • Brian Keck says:

    I had all of that happen to us,& that’s bullcrap

  • davie says:

    i have try date sit they did not work no real woman on them

  • Steven says:

    I have NEVER found a dating site work with the minor exception of AFF..other sites you get a ton of emails, winks, etc until you pay for it..and then bother..filled with “fantasy profiles”..very frustrating

  • Mike Hunt says:

    If you are smart you can figure out which one’s are real! Use you brain! Start by the obvious, only contact the ones that have a local area code! Has worked for me 3 out 3 times.

  • Terry says:

    No bs ready to smash

  • joe says:

    wantingfucks is the biggest BS site ther is. 100% fake prospects

  • Rick says:

    Most of these ladies want's a person to go thru screening what if a person don't have a credit card 

  • Sammi says:

    Im real

  • Aten Bachmann says:

    I have tried for years to find someone who will do what they say on various published internet sites, I am older and have spend a lot of money on these sites, but when it comes to meetings, the women all just disppear.. These ladies are hired by various companies to make money for them by promesing you the world. You should respond only to local girls that you can check out. before spending money.

  • Top hat says:

    They all fake profiles either to Rob you or come in take money and run .

  • izzy says:

    happen to me, girl keep moving to closed hotels in the area want $200.00 giftcard and would meet at the closed hotel that I had called earlier was told hotel did NOT have any guests. I did not go to meet did get a few pics but do not know if same girl.
    Think it was a scam so I do not trust any Cityxguide members.

  • Alan says:

    i dont think there is any legit site out there. been to all these sites. nothing but women scamming you out of money, or trying to. been to AFF and Ashley Madison. same deal there spend a monthly fee. for no contacts and if the do well its a scam. going back old school bars and grocery stores.

  • Robert says:

    City guide is down for good any suggestions of different sires

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