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If you’re using in the United States to find providers, or places to have a massage etc you probably realize now that you can’t do searches for any locations in the United States. They shut down search capabilities in the USA citing the “likelihood of legal challenges would fail to overturn a landmark package of federal sex trafficking laws passed by Congress a year or a year ago”.

This is going to keep happening because websites will continue to shut down. You’re going to have to keep jumping around from different classified ad sites, and escort and massage sites. The thing is there’s so many different drawbacks to using providers, one is bait and switch where  the provider uses photographs of when she was 20 years old when you meet her in person she’s actually 40 years old, 15 pounds heavier etc. Then you have trouble with law enforcement, you get apprehended, you can you lose your job, lose your family, lose your house , your reputation and also a criminal record. Is it really worth it? Then you have the problem of people pretending to be escorts that will blatantly rob you and guess what you can’t call the police because you’re involved in something illegal yourself!

The best alternate solution in my opinion is to use casual hookup dating sites, we’re not talking about regular dating sites. We’re talking about sex dating sites where you can search for real local women (not providers) who just want to get laid like you. If that is something that interests then click on the link. To get started just create a free basic account so you can start searching around and that’s about it.

Massage Republic is another one that bites the dust just like is gone, is gone etc. This is going to keep happening, it’s time to find better alternatives like hookup sites. Understand that all of these escort sites are coming to an end in one way or another. The best thing you can do is meet up with regular women, it’s going to be a lot more fun, you’re not going to spend thousands of dollars on providers and it’s easy.

Search For Real Females

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    Which sites are legit to post escort ads

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