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Website Details:


  • $1.00 for a 2 day trial that renews at $34.95 / monthly for a full paid membership.
  • $29.95 / monthly full paid membership.
  • $74.85 for a 3 month full paid membership.
  • $119.70 for a 6 month full paid membership.


  • My Profile: Self explanatory
  • My Friends: This your friends list.
  • My Favorites: You can add people you like to your favorites list.
  • Block Users: Self explanatory
  • Edit Profile: Add photos and change or update your profile data.
  • Account Settings: You can change your password, change your email, instant message settings and email preferences.
  • Browse Profiles: Self explanatory
  • Videos:
  • Online Members: See members who are online right now.
  • Live Cams: See live webcams

Overview sounds like a great name for a dating site but from our research it is anything but a place to get matched up. In fact from our investigation this website seems to be nothing more than a criminal operation to make money. Read our full review of below.

You Agree To "Fantasy Members" Which Are 100% Fake

The home page of the site is graphically striking, and the images of attractive looking woman definitely lure guys into registering on But on that same homepage you need to agree to the terms and conditions as well as the use of "Fantasy Members" which are made up phony profiles. These are fake female profiles and you need to agree to the use of them before you can create your account on this damn dating service (see screen shot evidence of registration form below).


How To Identify A "Fantasy Member"

"Fantasy Members" look like regular profiles. There's nothing different about them, you cannot tell that they are fake. Actually there is one way you can tell they are fake they have the words"Fantasy Member" written in the About section of the member profile . You can take a look at the evidence below circled in red where it says the words "Fantasy Member". If there is any girl that you are interested in double check to see if she has "Fantasy Member" on her profile.

Fantasy member

"Fantasy Members" Use Photos Taken From Other Sources

Another way we're able to identify fake profiles aka "Fantasy Members" is using our trusty software program call Tin Eye. We use this software program anytime we're unsure if we're dealing with legitimate profiles. It saves us lots of time and helps us with our investigations immensely. This software program is designed to scour and search the internet for the photograph you are interested investigating. We have included just a few fabricated dating profiles with photographs found on other sites. Many times they are actually copied from adult image sites and from there the staff of create fake "Fantasy Member" profiles with those copied images.

You can take a look at the evidence below, we have even included the corresponding links to where these photographs have been taken from to provide even more evidence.

(This profile photo was found on the link below)


(This profile photograph was found on the link below)


(This profile photograph was found on the link below)


Fake Instant Chat Messages Used To Get You To Upgrade

Did you receive any instant messages from hot girls on Sensual Matches?  We hate to break it to you but there is a 99% that they are fake. This site utilizes software programs called bots that are used to chat with free members. The chat messages and responses are generated by computer software programs not by a real person. All the responses have been programmed into the software. It looks real to people who don't have experience with these type of fake dating services. But once you understand how the whole scam operates it's easy to identify dating scams in 30 seconds. You can take a look at the evidence we have provided below circled in red it states you need to upgrade your membership to chat. And that is the reason websites like use automated chat programs. They want to make it seem like you're interacting with a real girl so you will have no problem paying for a monthly subscription to chat with them. When you pay for your monthly subscription the messages stop. That's because you're not interacting with real people on the site but with automated computer programs.

(Screen shot of fake chat message used to trick get men to buy a membership.)

Automated Profile Views From "Fantasy Members"

Look at all the women that viewed our personal profile. How lucky we are! But in actuality it's all fake. The same automated software bots that can send you messages and emails are also used to make it appear as if countless local females have viewed your profile. Why would they use automated bots to make it appear as if someone has viewed your member profile? It's because you get alerted when someone has viewed your profile. From there you will want to see who checked you out. If you see that an attractive local girl has viewed you then chances are you will want to try and communicate back to that person. When you do try to send an email to the girl who view your profile you will be asked to upgrade and purchase a paid monthly subscription. That's why they use automated bots to make it appear as if all these women are interested in you. It's all a scam to get you to buy a paid subscription to their dating fraud.

(Fake profile views by bots not real female members)

Automated  Web Cam Video Messages Are Fake

We receive a couple of messages from women trying to chat us up via webcam chat. The webcam chats are like Skyping with people. But in this instance it's totally fake. These are not real women who are live on their webcam chatting with us. It's all a very intricate scam that uses pre recorded videos that are then uploaded to their server and using automated bots and the pre recorded videos they make it appear as if you are receiving a live webcam chat from a girl interested in chatting with you. But as you can see from the evidence shown below circled in red you need to upgrade your membership to chat with other members. It's all about money and these people will go to any extreme to scam you and rip you off so they can drive around in Lamborghinis and Ferraris while you have to call your bank to cancel your credit card because of what these people have put you through.


Paid Contractors Are Used And Disguised As Real Members

Part of our investigation involves us reading the terms and conditions of the site. In this particular case we were quite astonished to find out that actually employs third-party paid contractors who interact with you and pretend to be members of the site. These paid contractors actually sit behind a computer screen and are paid to chit chat with you and to make believe they're interested in hooking up with you. Of course the end goal here is to get you to purchase a membership and to keep you paying a monthly subscription to this dating site as long as they possibly can. The longer they keep you paying a monthly membership obviously the more money they will make.

When You Buy A Subscription You Agree To The Use Of "Fantasy Members"

If you got duped into purchasing a membership on this site please note that even on the payment page you need to check off the box and agree to the terms and conditions and the use of "Fantasy Member" profiles. So once again they're telling you they're using fake profiles but many people seem to skip right past this. We took a screenshot of the billing page and circled in red you can see the evidence clearly.

membership page

The Terms And Conditions Explain The Whole Scam

The best part about this investigation is the ease at which we are able to identify this dating service as an utter and complete fraud. In the terms and conditions of (section 7) they describe in crystal clear detail everything you need to know about the fake profiles they call "Fantasy Members". We have included the most important parts of the terms and conditions below so you can read and understand exactly how this dating service runs their fraudulent business. And remember all of this was copied directly from their own web site. It's shocking to say the least but after doing so many reviews we have seen this same scenario over and over again of fake dating sites outlining how they run their dating sites in their terms and conditions and agreement page.

  • Some of the user profiles posted on this Website are fictitious, and are associated with our “Fantasy Member” (FM) service. We designate these profiles with a written “Fantasy Member” or “FM” on the profile details page.
  • If you do not want to use Fantasy Member (FM) Entertainment Service, you may disable this completely by visiting your account settings and unselect 'Enable FM'. It is on when you sign in default.
  • You can readily identify and distinguish Fantasy Member service profiles from member profiles by the “Fantasy Member” or “FM” appearing on each FM profile's about section or near username, and the absence of any “interests” other than chat or geographic “location” identifier contained in the FM profile.
  • You understand that the information, text, and pictures contained in the Fantasy Member (FM) service profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included for entertainment purposes only. Nothing contained in any Fantasy Member service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person—living or dead.
  • Initial messages from our Fantasy Member service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence after that.
  • On one or more occasions, Fantasy Member profiles may contact both members and subscribers through computer-generated instant messages or emails to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activity.
  • You understand that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and the individuals providing our FM service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor, Agoura, CA, 91301, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 1-877-814-4671
  • Addresses: 42 Dositheou, Strovolos, 2028 Nicosia, Cyprus, Ioanni Stylianou 6 Office, 202 Nicosia PC 2003 Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Be aware: You may cancel at any time by visiting their site: or contact their customer service 1-877-814-46710.

Final Decision:

The owners behind Sensual Matches (in their eyes) think they run a dating service but in the eyes of the law they are running a criminal operation. Although the law has not caught up to them yet eventually it will. Defrauding people by using fake profiles of attractive women, automated bots and fake webcam chats are all a crime. We should strongly suggest you stay clear of this web site.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Hermas says:

    So, when the girl leaves, how do you know that soenome else does not take over her profile? The truth is you don’t. You should make regular checks not just one. Do you guarantee that 100% of all girls follow this procedure? I do not think so. Your pals make positive comments but none of them have used your site.

  • william moke says:

    Forgot my password can you help

  • Rad says:

    This is a pure scam site. Girls are fake, descriptions are fake, photos are fake. It should be forbidden as it also used for collecting credit cards # and selling them. So never sign up to this site as their business model is just to stolle your money and sell your credit card number to similar sites.

  • HOWARD L. GIBSON says:

    If you can explain why I was billed five credits for responding to a customer 1 time, and if can’t refund the credits my bank will request that all of the credits purchased will be filled as unauthorized, purchases, however, I received a message today with the same message 3 times, however, I believe that you have a glitch in your system, and if this is not resolve ASAP, I will send this report to my bank NAVY FEDERAL CU, PLEASE ADVISE, you can check my history with responding or replying to a member is very consistent with never the same messages, however, I have noticed that when I have responded to one member it appear on a second customers profile, I also know that you block all phone numbers and emails.

  • Ben paul says:

    Suck it

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