Scam: Wants Us To Believe 161 Cougars Emailed Us, It’s A Lie!

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  • 8 credits are 13,92 AUD.
  • 25 credits are 42,49 AUD.
  • 50 credits are 79,95 AUD.
  • 100 credits are 154,95 AUD..
  • 300 credits are 437,95 AUD.

* The credits enable you to send messages.


  • Inbox: Read email messages and also reply to them from this area of the site.
  • Matches: You can view your matches in this area of the site.
  • Search: Use the search functions to find women according to what you like.
  • Favorites: See who's on your favorites list.
  • Hot Or Not: You can choose what members are "Hot Or Not".


We've already determined that is connected to a list of dating sites that we've already exposed for fraud. This list of sites includes,, and

All of those web sites are exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the domain name and a few graphics on the homepage. For this investigation we registered on the site disguised as a real member to see what kind of evidence we could come up with to prove that this website wasn't legitimate. Our findings and any evidence is included below in our investigation.

We Received 161 Emails (All From Bots, Not Real Women)

Go ahead and take a look at the screenshot that we have provided below. You will see circled in red 161 emails were sent to us. This is one of the most blatant scams that we've seen in a long time. 161 emails! You might be asking yourself what exactly is this scam here? Let us break it down for you. First of all we're not getting 161 emails from 161 real local women. Even though this is what the owners of want us to believe (we know this is not true). You need to understand that these emails are not being sent from 161 different women. The emails are coming from computer software programs called bots which is an abbreviation for robots.

The software bots are highly sophisticated and have been designed to send out hundreds of different email messages that are pre written. The email messages have been pre written and input into the software program by a computer programmer. Then what it does is it emails random messages that look like they've been written by a real human being.

Why Are They Using Bots To Send Fake Emails To People?

The reason they send out these automated emails is twofold. First of all the women on the site are almost non-existent. So, in reality we should have almost no emails coming in but since these are automated computer bots they are just sending us email after email to the point that we've gotten 161 emails waiting for us in our inbox.

Second fold is that if you want to read or send emails on MatureContactService you need to purchase credits. If we replied to every single of the 161 emails that could get very expensive. It's a scam, this company is charging you for the privilege of paying to email and interact with bots made to appear to be real members.

If we ended up replying to the 161 emails that would cost us hundreds of dollars and would result in no dates and no hookups. Only an empty bank account to show for the phony emails we replied to. This is not just our opinion. Their own terms and conditions even explain that they have phony profiles that are used only to exchange messages.

phony emails from computer bots
(screen shot of the 161 emails that we received from bots.)

"Self Created Profiles", Fake Profiles Made By The Site

We've established that the administrators of  are purposely sending their own members fictitious email messages. On top of that they also building phony profile pages that are scattered throughout their website.

The profile pages don't look any different from a legitimate profile. They have photographs, personal information and everything else you would see in a real profile. The only thing that's different is that these profiles have been created purposely to scam you. Looking at a real profile or fake profile you cannot tell the difference.

The reasoning behind the creation of fake profiles on is the following. First like many hook up sites there simply aren't enough women joining the site to make it a viable business for them. They know that no man is going to purchase credits if there's only 5 or 10 females that they can choose from. To level the playing field these fraudsters create their own female profiles and then upload them to their website.

The real problem is that 99% of the people who join Mature Contact Service never have a clue that the website is fabricating their own profile pages. A large portion of those people joining will end up purchasing credits to communicate with other members. Many of the members they are communicating with are fictitious. And their lies the fraud and deception that you need to be aware of. This website makes huge money from deceiving thousands of their male members who upgrade and purchase credits on the site thinking they can hook up with what whatever profile they are interested in communicating with.

Lots Of Evidence On The Terms & Conditions Page

We have claimed that  is fake and they make their own fake profiles it's important to back up our claims with as much evidence as possible. On the terms page they confess that they do create profiles and they reserve the right to do so. They also confess that they send emails on behalf of these profiles. And also admit that physical contact with the fictitious profiles that they create isn't possible. It may be hard to believe but all of this information is found directly on on website on their terms page. You can click on this link to read it on their site (section 5.2).

  1. Festivus Media BV explicitly reserves the right to create profiles on the Platform and to send messages to the User on behalf of these accounts. By accepting these Conditions of Use, the User understands and accepts that some of the profiles on the Platform are therefore fictitious and they have been created only to exchange Messages with; real-life meetings are not possible for such Accounts.

  2. This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. User is aware and agrees that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. Festivus Media BV expressly reserves the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. Festivus Media BV denies itself of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and assumes no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by the Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 165 Halsey Street, 5th Floor, Newark, NJ, 07102, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,,

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

The only evidence that we needed to prove that this website is fake is found in the terms and conditions page. Any evidence after that is just icing on the cake. Once you understand the website has been created only to defraud you then there's not much more to say. is a phony dating service built for one reason, to rip you off.

Search For Real Women

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites to meet mature women.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 5 comments

  • Graham Dalley says:

    Mature dating service seems to have scamed me 50 credits at a cost of 70 odd dollars.

  • Michael says:

    I just started to ask them if they were from East African Ghana as I started to smell a rat …as my attempt to get contacts to email me fell on what seemed to be computer bot responses….and then I googeled them and found u guys….Ive been fucked over again by maggots when will I bloody learn….can u guys tell me if my 79 dollar 50 credits will be recharged?….do I have to call my bank to stop any future ripp off paymenats?


  • Robert Jaygee says:

    Even more blatant, 1/2 the profile shots have watermarks from “””

    What a joke!!


  • My partner never sighned up they have most of his info on there the dead give away was his info was wrong like  date of birth eye colour and other details and not to mention a few other details how in the hell do they get the info worst of all they got his mobile number and his childs name weve emails them 3 times and still waiting for a respons 

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