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Website Details:


This site uses a credit based system combined with a monthly membership.

  • 20 credits (costs $0.15 cents per credit) that costs $2.99.
  • 160 credits (costs $0.60 cents per credit) that costs $96.00.
  • 1000 credits (costs $0.40 cents per credit) that costs $399.00.

Overview is the focus of our investigation today. This website makes it seem as if you can find women who would enjoy traveling with you but is that really the case? Or is there something more sinister and deceptive going on beneath the surface? We break it all down and expose the deceit and lies in our review that you can read below.

Fake Chat Messages Used To Trick You Into Buying Credits

This is what happened after we joined the site, registered as a free member, verified our email and then logged into the members area. The very first thing that happened was that we started getting chat requests from tons of different women, constantly, minute-by-minute the messages continued pouring in. It was absolutely overwhelming the amount of chat requests that we received on Your Travel Mates.

Then, we started to try to reply to the chat messages that we were receiving from all these different girls. We sent out a couple messages and the women started to reply back. At that point we couldn’t reply any longer because we needed to upgrade and purchase credits to continue chatting with these women. We’ve seen this scenario time and time again on many, many other fictitious dating sites that we’ve exposed for fraud. Although we can’t prove with certainty that the chat messages are fake it’s not rocket science to figure this out. First of all how does it make any sense that when you join a website within seconds you’re getting bombarded with messages left and right on a constant basis. If you’ve ever joined a real dating site that had real women on it it’s much harder for you to get any sort of attention with women unless you look like Brad Pitt. Men are the pursuers on real dating sites. But on fake dating sites the fictitious profiles send out phony chat messages to the male users. This is the number one way to identify if a dating site is illegitimate. This is not just our opinion, it’s common sense and from our experience with years and years of reviewing dating services we know a thing or two about how phony hookup sites and fake dating services operate.

 You can take a look at the screenshot below, circled in red you can see just a small amount of the automated fake chat messages that we received on

(Screenshot of the bogus chat messages that we received.)

Screenshot Showing Our Profile That Has No Profile Photo

Below you can see a screenshot. This is a screenshot of our profile page. Circled in red it says upload profile photo meaning that we haven’t uploaded any photo to our profile page that’s why it’s blank. Why then did we get so many chat messages from all these different girls when we don’t even have a photograph in our profile? And on top of that why did so many of these women contact a man who is 67 years old (many of the messages we received were from women in their 30s). It really doesn’t make any sense until you understand that all of this is a scam. There aren’t any real women interested in getting to know us. It’s all about money, it’s all about deceiving their male users into believing that real women are messaging them. All you need to do is purchase credits and then you can start chit-chatting to all the different women that are sending you chat messages. The only problem here is that the more messages that you reply to the more expensive it becomes. That’s the number one reason why they send so many fictitious instant chat messages because they want you to burn through the paid credits as quickly as possible so the website can make as much money as possible from your gullibility!
(Screenshot of the profile we created for this investigation.)

Reviews From Angry Users

As part of our investigative process we search online to see what other people are also saying about the website that we are reviewing. In this particular instance we were researching to find other reviews from real users who’ve joined YourTravelMates.  We found many users disgruntled and angry at the service. Below you can read authentic reviews from web users who joined the website.

The first review give the site a 1 out of 5 star rating. This user complains about receiving charges on his credit card even when he unsubscribed from the website. At the end of the review he goes on to state that had he had to change his credit card number because he was being charged even when he unsubscribed.
(Review from a user of

This user calls it a scam. He says “it’s a scam it’s not genuine they try to put push fake messages to you so you buy credits”. And that’s exactly what we’ve already told you.

(Review from a user of

This review states that “the site is a total scam giving it a rating of 1 out of 5 stars. He states that “the moment you login you get tons of messages from what seems to be bots with stolen pictures and if you want to read the messages from those people they ask you to upgrade your account to a paid subscription”. He goes on to state that “it’s totally not worth it.”

(Review from a user of

This review give the website of 1 out of 5 star rating as well. This user states “it’s a scam No Doubt! Long story short he says to make it short he signed on to the website. He says he got lots of emails and he talked to some of the women online only for a few minutes then he realized and figure out something didn’t add up. He said he checked his credit card and closed it straight away.” He goes on to state “they started charging my credit card without me knowing. Luckily I spent about $600 USD for only a few days.” So this user actually ended up spending $600 without even realizing it (until it was too late). Burning through credit out the credit chit chatting to fake nonexistent women or actually automated computer chat bots.

(Screenshot of our empty profile page.)

Do You Think These Are Real Female Members?

If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see four different women which is just a small sample of the females that you will come across on Why is it that every single girl looks as if she’s a model? Why would women like this need to join this website to meet men? Why would these women contact someone who doesn’t even have a photo on their profile page? Once again does this make sense to anyone? Of course not, but they want us to believe that it’s true. Don’t fall for it!
(Screenshot showing a small sample of the female profile on the site.)

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

If you’re looking for a real travel buddy there are many other sites. We don’t understand why this site gained popularity in the first place. But at the end of the day this isn’t a website to find travel friends or website to find women to date. This is a deceiving website used to trick you into purchasing credits. And that’s the honest truth!

File A Report

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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 Comments 6 comments

  • Michael Farrell says:

    The scams got to stop!!!!!

  • Mohammed says:

    Are all off the ladies on this site fake or is there some genuine lady’s who are really looking to hook up.
    I am at present talking to one and l asked her if she could send me a photo of her holding a bunch of flowers so that l can be reassured it is her .
    She said no because l am demanding of her and she does not like dominant men.
    What do you think?
    She replied back to one of my emails 3am Columbian time.Hummm

  • Roger says:

    I was about to register on your travel mates and thought of looking for some reviews of that site before I register. Google popped up reviews of 4.5 star plus and more for that site. BUT, your blog came as a nice deterrent from registering on it. The pricing system in itself is a kind of scam. I’d personally never register on a site that has credit systems. Those sites in itself are a scam. Thanks for this post , very helpful

  • Jean-Pierre Chambard says:

    Dear Investigators,

    Yes, you are right all the way, and I thank you for preventing naive gogos from falling into a dirty trap such as, which is 100% fraud. Myself, I must say I was interested by the idea of a site dedicated to finding a travel companion. But one soon finds out it's all fake, although the deluxe appearence of the shiny honey pot is perfectly set to attract bugs. All the girls are gorgeous indeed in their different ethnic styles, roughly enhanced with photo correcting applications, in order to fulfill men's stereotyped fantasy: Ukranian ladies have big bumper boobs, fluffy blond hair and work as engineers; Chinese beauties have long slim legs, made a fortune in real estate and travel in their private plane; and — of course — appealing latinas from Columbia have big balloon butts, lascivious lips and work as college administrator at 24 y.o., with plenty of free time!!! OMG, it's just a big joke! Who can believe that?

    Yet, the owners of are far from being stupid! And if you bother, Dear Investigators, to read their "Terms of Use Agreement", you could see how they hired top lawyers to protect themselves from any attack or suspicion. In a very subtle way, they kind of admitt that their "dating site" is a fake! In paragraph 5/f, members to be are warned this way: "You may not include in Your correspondence with other members any URLs, email addresses or telephone and fax numbers.", but this phrasing is hidden in tons of rules! So, it is obvious that you'll never be able to meet in real the virtual robots out there, and that spending thousands of dollars will never lead you to a dead end whatsoever!!


  • Patrick Fahy says:

    Great warning reviews,I was close to joining but didn't after looking here. A Chinese woman wanted me to email here on travel mates dating site after all my free messages where used to get her phone number,and that would mean payment by credit card. Also getting so many messages I couldn't keep pace with them all. Had to look in the mirror just to see if am really that attractive


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