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If you go to that website is no longer available. The owners of RubMaps have now switched their domain name from over to RubMaps. ch. They did this to try to get away from the long arm of the United States government. .Ch is the domain main extension for Switzerland, Rub Maps did the switch purposely because there is no jurisdiction for the United States government to seize their domain. They can't come after them and shut them down like they did to Backpage and other websites.

In this video I explain alternatives to using to find providers. There's so many different drawbacks to using providers on Rub Maps and sites like it. First of all you have the problem (like weve already talked about) about where the government comes and just shuts down the site. Then also you'll have sting operations where law enforcement will set up fake ads and then you reply to ads. Next you go to the actual place of business or hotel room or whatever and then you end up getting in the middle of a sting operation, you get arrested and charged with criminal offences. Then you also have the problem of bait and switch, this is where you'll see photographs of these providers and then when you visit the women they are completely different looking, they look 10 years younger, and 20 lbs lighter.  Another problem is that you can end up getting robbed by someone posing as a escort! Someone will post a fake ad, you go to the location and some guy jumps out of a closet and rips you off stealing all your money. You can't do a single thing because you're involved in something illegal yourself! There are many different drawbacks to using On top of that have you ever thought about how many different men these women have been with? It's kind of nasty when you sit there and think about it, there are much better alternative than using these types of different websites.

What Are The Alternatives?

Then it finally hit me like a ton of bricks, if you're looking to hookup with women why not use dating sites? I'm not talking about regular dating services like eHarmony or (those won't work). I'm talking about websites that have real regular women looking for casual hookups. This is the best way to meet regular females that are seeking the exact same thing you are (casual sex). You don't have to worry about getting ripped off, you don't have to worry about police arresting you, you don't have to worry about how many guys that girl has been with etc.

If you are interested in trying something different that will saving you 1000s and 1000s of dollars and having a much safer experience then go here

The benefits are you don't have to pay anything to these women who want to hook up with you because they're genuinely interested in you, it's safer and no problems from the cops.

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Search For Real Females

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