Review: Is Taking You For A Ride Or Are They Legit?

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Website Details:


  • $2.97 to buy a 3 day trial to this site.
  • $27.30 to buy a one month subscription package.
  • $48.99 to buy a 3 month subscription package.
  • $73.80 to buy a 6 month subscription package.


  • Friends: Any friends you add to your list will be on your friends list.
  • Activity: See who winked at you, emailed you, sent you instant messages etc.
  • Chat rooms: Chat with women on the site via the online chat rooms.
  • Live Cams: Watch women take their clothes off live on webcam.
  • Forum:
  • Like Gallery: Choose which female or male members you like by clicking the like button.

Overview is the focus of todays investigation. The whole point of investigating I Want Blacks is just to give you as much information as possible so you can make the right decision. You landed on this page looking for information to confirm suspicions you have of being a scam. Hopefully our investigation will give you more than enough evidence and proof pointing to why this is not an authentic dating site to meet legitimate black women for one night hookups. You can read the full review below.

Automated Pop Up Notification System Sends Out Automated Email Messages

We have been a member of for about 3 weeks. Usually if a dating site is a scam you'll start receiving email messages especially in a three-week time frame. We are reporting that we have not received one single email in that 3 week time frame. This part of the investigation shows us that they aren't sending automated email messages to us. Unlike hundreds of other dating sites that we reviewed which we have proven are. But a quick read of the terms and conditions page tells us otherwise. On the terms and conditions page they tell us that they use an automatic pop-up notification system to send email to your inbox. This is coming directly from the terms and conditions page on their website.So we have proven they're confessing that they use automated email messages but we personally haven't received any emails on this website at all. They could very well be using automated email messages on other people but we can honestly say we haven't got one single email message while being registered on their site. FYI this doesn't by no means suggest we trust If they were a truly legitimate dating service they wouldn't be admitted to using automatically generated messages to begin with!

The Automated Pop Up Notification System Is Also Used To Send Instant Chat Messages also confesses in their terms and conditions page that in conjunction with the automatic pop-up notification system they use it also to send people instant messages. Once again we have personally not received any automated instant messages or any messages at all while being registered on the site but on their own terms page they are admitting that they do in fact use automated messages that are sent to users on their website. You may have come across this while being a registered member of the site we personally have not. We're not saying it's not going on (because it is) we're just outlining the findings that we have seen in our investigation.

An Open Admission Of The Creation Of Pretend Profiles

IWantBlacks openly admits that they're creating profile pages that are fictitious. Once again the terms and conditions page has more than enough evidence showing all the dirty deeds they're up to. The admission of guilt on the terms page states that they "may from time-to-time create profiles which are created maintained and managed by their employees."

From past experience with bogus dating services we have seen fictitious profiles at about the 80 to 90% level. This means that 80 to 90% of the profile pages came back as being pretend. We're not sure if I Want Blacks is up to that level but it could very well be. We have no way to determine which profiles are legitimate and which ones are unauthentic.

Incriminating Evidence Found On The Terms And Conditions Page

Just to prove to you we weren't blowing hot air we've included parts of the terms and conditions page below. As you can see they do discuss that the create user profiles and they also admit that they use automated notifications to send you emails instant messages and activity alerts. You can click on this link check section #1 to read a directly on their website or read the most important parts of the terms page below.

  1. We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees ("Staff Profiles"). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services.

  2. To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.) we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you.

  3. and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Even though we never received automated instant messages or emails we still don't trust In their own writings they're telling us they did they do use automated communications including emails and instant messages. With that being said we don't trust them and we would never recommend them to anyone based on what they say on their terms page. Why would you risk joining a site that open admits that they use numerous dirty tricks against their own members?

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 17 comments

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  • Joe ladner says:

    The site is full of shit all types of messages until you get access and supposedly be able to see and respond to messages floods you email with women viewed your profile even though you don't have a photo of you or filled out profile 

  • Ossie Sexton says:

    I signed up to one of their of their web site and I end up being registered to several other. My details went to one site to the other and they are all bogus. They think they have right to abuse people just because they want use you to make money. I will start legal action against them.

  • Don’t use says:

    This site is a scam all flufff no action just scammed me out of 30$ however this site needs too be banned 

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  • milton says:

    This information was Great, I never register with some of these site until I could confirm this was not bogus.  They also advertise a lot of Russian and ukraine women as well.  Thanks again

  • Rutherford says:

    The information explaining this website, was pertinent 

    My intention to subscribed is now cancelled. Thanks for the fraudulent practices mention.

    Please note, as I am detailing my information , to subscribe the page actually was nearly blocked with twenty two messages, but then this occurred when I have not download who I am (my photo).

  • Rutherford James says:

    The information explaining this website, was pertinent 

    My intention to subscribed is now cancelled. Thanks for the fraudulent practices mention.

    Please note, as I am detailing my information , to subscribe the page actually was nearly blocked with twenty two messages, but then this occurred when I have not download who I am (my photo).

  • Allen King says:

    I’m getting messages and I have n photos or profile posted. You guys are phonier than most phony sites.

  • Sean says:

    I got roped into this through a gal messaging me on POF lol

  • Slave David says: is NOT a legitimate dating site in any way. It is a chat site where they want you to chat online with their paid phone sex operators. If a girl attempts to give you information on how to contact her offsite she is then labeled as a scam suspect. 

      I immediately got messages from dozens of women who had certainly no read my profile. They were generic cut and paste type messages like: Hey sexy. are you up for some naughty chat?

      Unless you like chatting online with women who are paid to chat online and have no interest in meeting or dating you, don't waste your time here.

  • Professorx2k says:

    Well it’s good to know I’m not the only one that got scammed by this site. I just set up for the one-week trial and on the first day, and less than the first 30 minutes. Some girl with the handle young honey tried to scam me for $30. Two days later I was chatted up 2 switch over to other site 4 paid video chats

  • RD says:

    Fake fake fake. Trying to sexy chat, no real connection, then when trying to cancel they will extent your trail membership in hopes you forget the new date and then charge you $40 after you forget. Don’t fall for this scam site.

  • Mike says:

    When I called to cancel they asked if I had deleted my profile, I had , so they couldn’t find my e mail , or credit card info name , they explained if you delete profile you’ve auto cancelled ? Anyone else had this happen ?

  • Red Pill Shinobi says:

    The site has a variety of scammers with fake profiles including pictures of porn stars and models they’ve stolen from social media accounts. If you see a number on picture in that individual’s profile, its a red flag meaning that individual is scammer from overseas. They demand you to send them money via gift card just for them to come and visit you. Believe me, this site is not meant for hooking up. The people who steal pictures and create fake profile is their way to swindle and hustle money from you.

  • Wild Bill says:

    Total scam site. I met ONE actual real-life ho on this site. She was local so we hooked up a few times. I would pay for this site for a week , leave , come back…rinse and repeat. All told I paid for 3 weeks and then just trolled site as an unpaid user. Didn’t take long to figure out 80% of profiles are “bots” lol. Avoid this clusterfuck.

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