Shocking Review: Wants You To Buy A Membership To Chat With Bots

 Jun, 04 - 2018   1 comment   ReviewsScams is a website we know very well. We did a review on the site about a month ago. You can click on this link to read the full investigation that we did. If you're thinking about joining that website we strongly suggest you read our investigation before you do so. I will save you a lot of grief, a lot of time and possibly money as well.

Unfortunately when there's money to be made there are people already to prey on you. These individuals will do anything they can to make money as we all know. The same can be said about online dating sites such as Entice Matures. There's money to be made in the online dating industry so be assured that shysters and scammers will infiltrate and do anything in their power to lie to you, to cheat you and to perceive suede you into giving them money.

In the written investigation we did we documented everything that we saw and included it as evidence. Do not even think about joining the site until you've taken to the time to read this investigation. It only take you a few minutes but it will save you a lifetime of grief.

Also something else to know is EnticeMatures is connected to many other what we consider fictitious dating services including,,, and many others.

Read the review we did now and spead this info on social media. Help us get the word out about this deceptive dating site.

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  • Marc moreau says:

    Je ne veut plus recevoir ce site.

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