Our Review Of LiveDatingClub.com Shows The Techniques They Use To Con You

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Website Details:



  • $1.87 for a 1 day trial that renews at $29.99 / monthly for a full paid membership.
  • $59.99 / for a 3 month membership at $29.99 / monthly for a full paid membership.


  • Home: See your activity, messages sent to you from other members, who's online, new members and lastly featured members.
  • Search: The search function lets you find and search for other members. Find people according to gender, age, location etc.
  • Messages: Read email messages in this area.
  • Activity: See activities such as views, flirts, friends requests etc.
  • Gallery: See photos of the most recent photos and most viewed photographs
  • Live Sex: This link redirects people to ImLive.com to watch nude girls live on their web cam for a fee.
  • Meet & Fuck: This link redirects people to AdultFriendFinder.com.


LiveDatingClub.com is the focus of today's examination. We joined the site to see how the service operates and to see if it's a scam or a real legitimate way to meet people. Doing these reviews takes hours of research and writing and with this particular review we had to read through their terms and conditions, as well use software to double check if the female profile photos were legitimate. Our research is now available for you read below.

Female Profiles Using Photos Taken From Other Places 

Without a doubt this website is using photographs taken from a variety of different online websites. The photographs are then used to create fake profiles. For this investigation we will only are showing you 3 profiles that we found with profile photos copied from other sources online. But there are many more fake profiles where these came from. It's a waste of our time to list every single fake profile because this would take us countless hours. Our point with this review is to make you understand that this dating site uses fake dating profiles as part of the process of luring you into upgrading to a paid membership.

You can take a look at the evidence below, there you will see the fake profile photos circled in red and we have also included the links where these fake profile photos are found elsewhere online.


  • http://www.newlook.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/taliashepard-5-150×150.jpg
  • View post on imgur.com

  • View post on imgur.com

  • https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-HX4EXMdduEc/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAABE/P9C-ertqpw4/s80-c-k-no/photo.jpg

(Talia Shepard is a Hustler model who does cam shows, she is not a member of LiveDatingClub.com)

  • http://www.nextdoortease.com/galleries/talia_shepard/talia_shepard_blue_lace/talia_shepard_blue_lace-5.jpg
  • http://www.nextdoortease.com/galleries/talia_shepard/talia_shepard_blue_lace/
  • http://www.ptclassic.com/tgpthumbs/28767.jpg
  • http://bellagals.com/taliashepard/072-blue-lace/tn_05.jpg
  • http://bellagals.com/taliashepard/072-blue-lace/


  • https://d267w4oc0y54w5.cloudfront.net/photos/3196286/medium_profile_jpg/1396363732.jpg?1396363732
  • http://www.howaboutwe.com/users/lonelydiva88
  • https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hprofile-xfp1/v/t1.0-1/c37.37.468.468/s200x200/74878_102189429854060_4950360_n.jpg?oh=5bb95ed020c493507f2f2245b586d24d&oe=5734C318
  • http://d4tkw3ysp08j4.cloudfront.net/foto/principal/13014079.jpg?updated=1413085059
  • http://multijoueur.jeux.fr/player/morireistodos/
  • http://datememateme.com/modules/boonex/photos/data/files/16/15323_m.jpg
  • http://datememateme.com/m/photos/view/ourvision-honest,caring.html
  • http://i1.wp.com/romancescamsnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/330907.jpg?resize=576%2C576
  • Christmas Gallery Of Scammers

  • http://www.anti-scam.org/scamers-pics/45/scamers_4548_1.jpg
  • http://wwww.delphifaq.com/faq/images/286693.jpg

Watch Out This Site Has Employees That Pretend To Be Real Members

If you take a look at the evidence below you will see our profile receive 36 views, 42 flirts, 42 friends requests and 28 people hot listed our profile and 28 people have rated us. This is all 100% BS. First off our profile for this investigation is empty (see evidence below). We didn't even upload a single photograph in our member profile. This is all a marketing gimmick. Once you're in the members area and you know that people are viewing your profile and host list you then you're going to be intrigued as to who is doing that. When you try to communicate back to anyone on the site you will be asked to upgrade and this is why we are receiving fake views and fake friends requests. It's all a fraud to get us to try and communicate to the people interested in us. Unfortunately it's all a con and no one is interested in us, no one is viewing our profile or sending us friends request or flirts. This is all a trick done by using automated software programs that can send fake friends requests, flirts and views.

(Our profile is empty but people are sending us friends requests and flirts?)

Livedatingclub.com automated bots

Watch Out This Site Has Employees That Pretend To Be Real Members

Do you know that this website has staff members that are paid to get you to upgrade to a paid subscription. That's not something that they advertise but if you read the terms and conditions of LiveDatingClub.com they admit that they employ staff to encourage member involvement and participation. It's hard for us to know exactly how they run their operation but they are admitting that they employ people to encourage member involvement. Usually what that entails is the sending of emails to free members and also chatting with them to entice them into purchasing a paid monthly subscription to their dating service.

The Terms And Conditions Admit They Use Employees To Get Member To Upgrade

Like we mentioned above in the terms and conditions they admit that they employ staff to encourage members to upgrade. We have included that phrase below so you can read it for yourself. This was taken directly from the Terms and Conditions page.

  • …from time to time the Service will employ livedatingclub.com staff to encourage member involvement, participation, and for entertainment purposes.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Strawinskylaan 601, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:  ns1.eurodns.com, ns2.eurodns.com, ns3.eurodns.com, ns4.eurodns.com

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

All the evidence speaks for itself. This site uses lots of dirty tricks to get you to buy a membership. You now know the truth. Our verdict on LiveDatingClub.com is that it's a fraud.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 17 comments

  • Leslie Kirby says:

    Ive been contacted by at least 1-3 women on each page.cant remember all their names.

    From livedating club,topface couple other sites dont remember which ones.i just ask them where they live an prove its them.they cant do it.I block them.

  • phillipthoms says:

    thats too bad there really is some good looking older women on there i would like to meet but no ever replies back on any site i get on

  • alimaakeem says:

    am here to look for a soulmate 

  • John says:

    In my "experience" with the website, they are all from Ghana. All want ot get married, start a family.

    Ask you for money, Presumably you're talking to a woman, but she's working an angle. 


    • R. DAVID OWENS says:

      I am going through this and this girl is not from GHANA, I paid $150 to spend 24hrs with her. I can not shake this girl and she does not want any money! This  has been going on for 2 weeks every night.

  • Jmaes Nielsen says:

    I've been getting emails from people on the site which I never signed up for!!! sayimg they got my email address from this site. and your link to t BBB doesen't work, so I can't make a complaint 

  • isra says:

    in my experience is that if they are in some other country and are madly in love with you within the next few days and want to marry you but they ask for money. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN they are SCAMMERS mostly from nigeria or some other place of africa they also can be from the uk or malasia. Please people if they ask for money and you dont know them in person its mostlikely a scam


  • Neil Nolan says:

    I caught scam on matures for fuck. I work for govt and scour internet looking for extremists I am not divulging as I am not involved in anything but hunches and following developments which I report. As a diversion I started on matures for fuck. I quickly noticed no matter who I texted with a verbal tic. Well written about four “different” women all wrote out “hun. ” short for honey. Never seen that by anyone anywhere. And all refused my number for different excuses. Final straw one slipped and said she would be doing a live show at http bit.do site. I said you work in the sex industry? She texted all the girls do these sites. And I thought my 30 year old daughter is in law enforcement and she doesn’t do sex shows on the internet.

  • Neil Nolan says:

    If monitor sites and find anything threatening to national security please contact the FBI. They will pay full attention. Thank you

  • Neil Nolan says:

    One comment. If men want to use these sites purchase a credit card with say $50, at your local store. The gift card type. Limit potential losses.

  • Neil Nolan says:

    Keep up the good work!

  • unclebuck001 says:

    Sometimes it's not even women texting you. In Ghana they broke up a scam. It was a gang of men. They had a insider working at the money transfer company.  I won't mention the company's name. But as soon as the money was transfered. Bam! They grabbed it before the person wised up.  

  • rhada white says:

    but i get i wife here from ghana then i send her money to come to florida and will happly married and have two kid’s now so don’t stop seaching for ghana women?

  • xteve tyler says:

    i joined years back and have chatted to a few girls but never even charged to stay a member, and the girls never asked me for anything other than love, but then i noticed identical sentences from all of them, thats bot driven, come on, the trouble is i am alone and really want this one girl, info was scarce from her but i slowly get a story about her big family and 3 sons, i suddenly get the error chatbot: im off line now try later or catbot: invalid mobile number try later… what from all 5 girls 4 were sort of penfriends one i fell for, now i feel broken, it hurts to admit my so called partner isnt there at all, a bot sometimes run by employees, ok if an employee i must have touched them cos i genuinely hade her laugh and i think there was some real affection there but 99% was bot driven and i guess 1% an employee took the fore, as comms changed in style now and then, but you cant hurt someones heart like this, i am a broken guy now feel foolish and hurt, 7 years i tried to be patient, as i say not one penny went their way not even membership fees but thats not the real cost is it.

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