Our Review Exposes BootyRush.com As A Scheme To Scam People

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Website Details:



  • $3.96 for a 3 day trial which renews at $39.95 monthly subscription.
  • $39.99 for a one month subscription.
  • $89.97 for a 3 month subscription.
  • $149.94 for a 6 month subscription.


  • Home: This area shows you the newest members.
  • Profile: The profile page gives you access to your profile. You can edit your profile, add photo and videos etc.
  • Upgrade: This is where you can upgrade your membership from free to a paid account.
  • Browse: Here you can search for people.
  • Chat: You can use voice and video chat through this area of the site.
  • Mail: You can read mail and send mail through this area of the site.
  • Flirt: This section shows you the "Top Flirts".


We went undercover and registered as a member on BootyRush.com. Our purpose of going undercover was so we could do a detailed investigation to see exactly what was going on when you register as a member on their website. Once we got into the members area we had more than enough evidence and proof of what was going on. You can read our full investigation into BootyRush.com below.

An Empty Profile Didn't Stop Us From Getting Tons Of Emails 

The first piece of evidence would like to include as evidence in this investigation is a screenshot of our empty profile page that you can see below. You can see circled in red that we have not uploaded any photographs on our profile page. The reason that's important is that from a logical point of view you wouldn't think that you wouldn't receive email messages, and instant messages from a large amount of women when there's no reason for them to contact you. They don't know what we look like since there's no photographs and no data in our personal profile. It makes absolutely no sense to receive email messages when you don't have a picture in your profile. The first thing most people do when on a dating site is to start looking through the profile pages to find a person that catches their eye. The only way to catch someone's eye is with a photograph! Since we don't have a picture in our profile why are they initiating conversations with us? From our experience with hundreds of other dating sites we know that they used computer software programming methods that are designed to send automated emails and instant messages as soon as you register on a dating site. We're not sure if what's happening with Booty Rush but it wouldn't seem very far-fetched. This is the exact scene being played out in front of our eyes while doing this investigation. It seems like the only logical reason. An automated computer bot doesn't know or care if you have a photograph in your profile, all they are programmed to do is send emails and instant messages to people who register on the site. We will explain why automated bots work so well and the main reasons they are used further down in this investigation.

Empty profile page
(Screen shot of their scam of trying to upgrade people to a VIP membership.)

Fake Emails Created To Lure You Into Buying An Upgraded Membership

We took a screenshot of the 8 different email messages that we have received while being members of Booty Rush. Remember that the profile we created for our investigation is empty, there are no photographs on our profile page. But, somehow we received 8 messages and some of the women in the profile pages are completely nude. This is all a facade. It's not actually real female members contacting us to hook up for casual sex. It's all scripted using as we have already mentioned above computer programming bots. These bots are created to send instant messages and emails to people who have a free membership on web sites such as this one. In order to read the emails you need to purchase a paid upgraded membership. From our experience we know it's all fraud and could very well be what's happening on this site. We can only assume that because what other reason would there be to receive 8 emails from women looking to hook up with us when they don't know anything about us. It's obvious to us that computer bots are sending us email messages to deceive us and manipulate us into paying for a monthly membership to this dating service. That's the only logical conclusion to this scenario.

(Screen shot of the email messages that we received with no profile photo. )

Phony "Winks" Used As A Marketing Tool

We received a few "winks" on this website. When someone clicks a button it sends you a little virtual "wink" to signify that they're interested in you. From our experience from the hundreds of reviews that we've done "winks" are almost always completely automated with no human involvement. There isn't a hot girl sitting on a computer flirting with you, it's just not happening as hard as you try to believe it it's not true. "Winks" are used as a marketing tool designed to get you to purchase a paid monthly membership to their dating site.

(Automated "winks")

Photos Of Amateur Porn Stars Being Used To Create Phony Female Profiles

We've already come to the assumption that this website has fake profiles on it. We're not sure if the website is creating these profiles or third-party romance scammers are behind them. We would assume that the dating site are behind the creation of the fake profiles since they are the ones to benefit the most from this. Since you need to upgrade to communicate with other members on their site they are the ones who will financially benefit from using bogus women on their site.

One question we had was where were these photographs of nude women being taken from? We know the profile pages are fictitious but the pictures are real but where were these photos coming from? We started using reverse image search software from Google images. This software enables you to upload a photograph click a button and then Google will tell you where that specific photo is located on websites across the internet, and list the links. This is great for doing online detective work such as identifying stolen pictures used in fictitious profiles. Below we have listed links from 2 pretend women who contacted us on BootyRush.com. Many times these photos are stolen from amateur porn sites and escort sites. You can take a look at the link and you'll see the exact same photo found on other sites. This just goes to prove even further that these profile pages are completely bogus and should not be trusted!

(Bogus profile page using a profile photograph found on other sites, many of which are porn sites.)

  • http://static.filhadaputa.xxx/media/photos/tmb/4482.jpg
  • http://filhadaputa.xxx/album/415/ninfeta-amadora-sexy-e-gostosa-de-mini-calcinha-branca
  • http://www.chastnoe.net/img/2015/5/5/2559_v_odnikh_trusikakh_na_svoejj_krovatke_girl_4.jpg
  • http://m.chastnoe.net/photo/2556-v_odnikh_trusikakh_na_svoejj_krovatke.html
  • http://x.fap.to/images/mini/50/164/1645757572.jpg
  • http://www.chastnoe.net/img/2015/5/5/2559_v_odnikh_trusikakh_na_svoejj_krovatke_big_4.jpg
  • http://thumbnails34.imagebam.com/10939/269934109382344.jpg

(Fictitious profile page using photo taken from porn sites.)

  • http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/40087/093511400862853.jpg
  • http://s1.picmir.nu/131/131177/141/141038/703ae5e1efef781d806a4d92e6507d99.jpg
  • http://img51.imagetwist.com/th/02741/3tsofstpwbst.jpg

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Baarerstrasse 21, Zug, CH-6300, CH, Switzerland
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

  • Fax: +44(0)1278501112
  • Phone: +41 445 802 054
    USA toll free number  855 642 8715
  • Addresses: The Exchange, Bristol Road, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA6 4RR, United Kingdom
    Baarerstrasse 21
    6300 Zug
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Support Page: Bootyrush.com/faq/

Final Decision:

BootyRush.com is a mind game. It's a massive scheme using all type of tricks to make you want to upgrade. Unfortunately all the little tricks that they use work very well and hopefully we can break the cycle with people finding this review. Although this dating service looks legitimate from our investigation it isn't.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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    sp dating? flirtwith.com? are they also NO GO?


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