Our Investigation Gives You A List Of Evidence Displaying Why ShagSlags.com Is A Fraud

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits is £15.00 that ends up costing you $2.40 per message.
  • 25 credits is £35.00 that ends up costing you $2.00 per message.
  • 50 credits is £65.00 that ends up costing you $1.98 per message.
  • 100 credits is £120.00 that ends up costing you $1.80 per message.
  • 200 credits is £200.00 that ends up costing you $1.65 per message.


ShagSlags.com is a popular site but that definitely doesn’t make it legit. We went undercover joining the website so we could see firsthand exactly what people would experience if they joined it. We are experts in uncovering dating frauds, that’s been our mission for over 5 years now and we continue investigating any new dating sites that we find. Shag Slags is the focus of today’s investigation and all the evidence including hard facts and proof are available for you in the review that we’ve written below.

ShagSlags Is A “Fantasy Service” According To Their Site

Before we joined this website, smack dab on the front of the homepage the website wants you to agree to the use of their fantasy service which includes the use of fake profiles (amongst other things). The owners of this website consider their dating service NOT a dating service but a “fantasy entertainment service”. This is much different from a dating service. ShagSlags.com is a fantasy entertainment service meaning it’s a website that provides fantasy entertainment, AKA entertaining you with things that are not real.  This site is not real, it’s a mirage, an illusion and definitely not a legitimate dating website.

(Screenshot that shows the website admitting to you using fantasy service AKA fictitious profiles.)

“Fantasy Profiles” Aren’t Actual Members Of The Site

Also found on the front page of the website they want you to understand that women that appear in photos on the website are what they call “fantasy profiles” AKA fake profiles might not be actual members of the website. They are telling you directly this website uses fake profiles. You need to understand everything in the profiles are phony. The photos are fake, all the information in the photo profile page is also fake. These dating profiles have been created by employees who work on behalf of the website. These are not real women who joined the website, created a dating profile hoping to meet a man to satisfy them. That’s not at all what’s going on here. What’s really going on like we said is the employees of ShagSlag are creating fake profiles to lure you into joining their website and purchasing credits with your credit card. In return they make a fortune off of your gullibility.

(Screenshot taking of the homepage where they admit that the website includes fantasy profiles that are not actual members of the website.)

The Terms Page Proves That Most Profiles Are Bogus

Even found in the terms and conditions page the website tells us that most of the profiles on ShagSlags.com are fake. They also explain that these fake profiles have been created only to exchange messages with users. The reason they are created  is because it costs money to reply to any messages sent from the fake dating profiles that the website is creating. It’s a very elaborate scheme that pulls in hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds per year!

(Screenshot shows that the site creates and utilizes fictitious phony profiles.)

Real Examples Of Bogus Profile Using Faux Profile Photos

All over the place they tell us that they are the ones responsible for the fabrication of made up untruthful profiles on their own platform. They admit that the profiles have pictures that are not connected to any person who actually joined their site. But we wanted to know where these photographs were coming from. These are real pictures it’s just that the women in the profiles haven’t created a dating profile on the site, employees of the website are using their pictures (probably without their commission) to create these pretend profile pages. Below we’ve included three fake profiles and also included links where you can find those exact same pictures on other websites. This is just more proof that this site is indeed a full-fledged scam operation.

  • https://thumbs3.imgbox. com/4a/c8/7CIci5DV_t.jpg
  • https://imgur. com/7RYNEGu

  • https://www.primecurves.com/bella-brewer-diary-boobs/smallimage6.jpg

  • https://thumb-p6.xhcdn.com/a/R4GqlaMilsZoyUhhAzz11w/000/232/322/166_1000.jpg

Messages Are Fake As Admitted To In The Terms Page

If you look at the screenshot below (circled in red) it will show that we have gotten 402 emails to our inbox.Unbelievable! But if you take a look at the terms and conditions page in section 2.3.c it states that profiles are fictitious and have been created only to exchange messages with users. Like we’ve already explained they’ve created virtual profiles that are used to send people pretend messages. The messages are completely fictitious and sent in the hopes that you try to communicate back. At that time you’ll be asked to upgrade and purchase credits. If we wanted to reply to the 402 messages that we received it would cost us a little over £400.00! Remember all these messages aren’t real, they are completely fake. We would have wasted £400.00 replying to non existing users and phony chat messages!

(this is a screenshot showing the 402 faux messages that we got.)

The Terms And Conditions Tell Us The Truth

 The terms and conditions page was a treasure trove of evidence. Everything is there in black and white for everybody to see if you want to take the time and read the terms and conditions page. They admit that they use fictitious profiles. They admit that they send messages that are automatically generated with no humans actually sending you those chat messages. They also admit that the profiles that they create including the information text and pictures isn’t connected to any actual person. They also admit that they use fake profiles to contact users with computer-generated messages. And lastly they also admit that you cannot physically meet with the fake profiles that they’re responsible for creating.

We’ve included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or you can click on this link and be taken directly to the terms page.

  • Yes, we use fictitious profiles for testing behavioral/social studies and for entertainment purposes. These user profiles posted on the Website are fictitious and are associated with our “Fantasy Entertainment” (FE) service. Our Fantasy Entertainment service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all the Website’s services, including the posting of additional information or pictures to our users’ profiles.
  • Initial messages from our FE service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence from then on.
  • You acknowledge that the information, text, and pictures contained in the FE service profiles do not pertain to any actual person but are included for entertainment purposes only. Nothing contained in any FE service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person-living or dead.
  • On one or more occasions, FE profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activity. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • You acknowledge that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and the individuals providing our FE service and that the exchange of messages between you and the FE is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activities.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Our final decision is a very easy one ShagSlags.com is fake. There are no real parts of this website. All the profiles are fake, all of messages are bogus and they want you to pay a fee to communicate with users that don’t even exist. If there ever was a scam this is it!

Search For Females:

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Jaypal_11 says:


  • Raymond trewhella says:

    So great full for this insite in to this site they had me for a while trouble is it won't even let me unsubscribe

  • Rex Batsford says:

    Like many,although I hate to say it, I feel I have been conned and I feel very foolishly into the bargain.I filled in the form to Cancel Registration and it came up” I’m not a robot.”Even though I tapped SEND it kept on  about a robot.The cridits last no time at all and before U know it £50 is gone.WHAT A RACKET and IT IS ABOUT TIME THE RIGHT BODY BROUGHT IT TO BOOK.

  • Michael Trundle says:

    This is a fake site. all the women on here are oviously paid to trick people into buying credits. It is a scam and, fortunately I have not bought any credits. Although the women on the site say that they are running out of credits, it is not the case. They are paid so to con you so they do not have to p-ay for anything at all. I will say that pics put on are good although they may not be genuine

  • J says:

    Wow you are telling me that dating websites are fake? Fucking genius, they all are

  • Charles says:

    Yes it is a real shame the site is fake 

    As I see no one reads your profile as I have my email posted  all I wanted was fuckbuddy 

  • karim says:

    Hi there was a question from your research team you spend a lot of time looking for this site why don't you do it because you know sites are fake? Can't we permanently block sites in Western Europe and They're still picking up people's hats, and you're not doing anything about it, whether we're doing it or just researching if it's blocked. Many people get comfortable if someone steals it. Take him to court even if the day's bread is the idea, but I steal these sites globally and the government does nothing


  • Admin says:

    Yes SlagShag.com is totally fake as we have documented in the review.

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